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A refrigerator is a need of every household in every part of the world. It keeps your food fit to eat for a long time. It is one of the most necessary home appliances. If you are looking for a new refrigerator to buy, we have compiled a list of the best refrigerators in Pakistan along with their reviews, features, and prices.

There are hundreds of brands and models of refrigerators available in bulks in Pakistan which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Today, refrigerators come with various useful features and enhanced performance. 

There are different types of fridges in the market including mini-fridge, double door fridge, single door fridge, room fridge, inverter fridge, small size fridge, dc fridge, solar fridge, no frost refrigerator, 12-volt refrigerator, etc.

You can choose a refrigerator according to your preferences of features, sizes, colors, technology, and shapes. To buy the right refrigerator, you have to know your requirements to make sure you choose the one that meets your needs. If you are buying a fridge for an apartment of one or two people, the smaller size will be suitable while a family needs a bigger fridge.

Checking out different models and doing a little research about them is the best way to find the refrigerator that is perfect for you. The same process can be very tedious and time-consuming if you go to the electronic stores and check out different products.

Best Refrigerators in Pakistan

There are many brands in Pakistan such as Dawlance, Pel, Kenwood, Panasonic, LG, and Haier that manufacture the best quality refrigerators that meet all your needs. Today, a kitchen is incomplete without an innovative, high tech, sleek and durable fridge.

A refrigerator with brilliant features and innovative technology is an important part of every kitchen. These days, refrigerators are installed with unique features such as touch-screen panels, WiFi connectivity, instant cube makers, and voice command control which take the refrigerators to a whole new level.

To help you find the best refrigerators in Pakistan, have a look at our top picks of refrigerator brands in Pakistan. 

Dawlance Refrigerator 9122 AD/FP, 7 CFT

Best Refrigerators in Pakistan

Dawlance refrigerators are always in high demand in Pakistan. This model is available in Gold and Green colors.  Its capacity is 6 cubic feet or 125 liters. It comes with a 12 years compressor warranty. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. Dawlance has a wide range of single door, French door, double door refrigerators.

It is installed with a Freezer Eutectic plate and ES technology that saves up to 23% energy. It has 10% excess usage capacity as compared to other refrigerators. Its dimensions are 490mm Width x 1231mm Height x 525mm Depth. Therefore they are one of the best refrigerator sellers. 

PEL Refrigerator 2000 Life TGD-TANGLE GOLD

10 Best Refrigerator Pakistan-PIP

PEL Refrigerator 2000 Life is one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. It is a top mount fridge with a capacity of 15 cu ft. It has mechanical temperature control and  99.9% pure copper condenser that bring your electricity bill substantially down. Pel refrigerator refrigerators are the most incredible ones.

This fridge has Crispo Tray and food-friendly plastic. It has 4x tougher shelves. It comes with a 10 years compressor warranty and a 3 years fridge. 

Kenwood KRF-480GD – Big Size Refrigerator – Extra Energy Saving Series

10 Best Refrigerator in Pakistan-PIP

It is one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. It has Energy Saver Technology that can save up to 40% Energy. IR Technology keeps the inside environment of the refrigerator healthy and hygienic. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. 

With this fridge, you don’t need to buy a separate stabilizer. It comes with a medicine box where you can store all the medicines.

Haier HRF-246 EPR – E-Star Series Top Mount Refrigerator Top – 8cu.ft./216L


It comes with a glass door, LED lights and gives the best cooling performance. This medium-sized refrigerator is highly durable. It is installed with direct cool cooling technology and conventional technology. The capacity is up to 250 liters which is suitable for small families.

It has a 10 years compressor warranty. It is the most affordable refrigerator in Pakistan. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. Haier has a wide range of stylish, efficient, and unique single, double and French door refrigerators, and it also has an easy to move mini-fridges. Haier refrigerator refrigerators are the most incredible ones.

Dawlance Dawlance Refrigerator – 91996WB NS – 525ltr – Inverter Series

Best Refrigerators-PIP

It saves up to 55% energy with inverter technology. It has an elegant stainless look. You can run it on solar energy, generators, and UPS. There are spill-proof tempered glass shelves that prevent any spill from falling on the lower shelves. It comes with a 12 years warranty and 1 year extended warranty. Therefore they are one of the best refrigerator sellers. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. 

LG New Model LG Double Door Refrigerator Mega capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser

10 Best Refrigerators-PIP

It is a double door refrigerator with a total capacity of 651. The capacity of the refrigerator is 424 litres and that of the freezer is 243lItres. Some of its worth mentioning features are BioShield, Hygiene fresh, Multi-Air Flow, Linear Compressor. It spreads cooling in the refrigerator evenly. It comes with white LED digital display and frost free cooling system.

Panasonic NR-BS60MS – Side by Side Refrigerator – 600L

10 Best Refrigerators Pakistan-PIP

This is a prototype of modern refrigerators. Its side-by-side style gives you ample space of 600L and improves the look of your kitchen. It has an electric control with LED display. Its multi-air flow design, supercooling and freezing functions makes it one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. 

Orient Ice 260 Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu Ft Hair-Line Silver

Refrigerators in Pakistan-PIP

It operates on low voltage and doesn’t require a stabilizer. It has an auto-defrost function, humidity controller, and copper condenser that give good performance with low energy consumption. It has a capacity of 9 cu ft and comes with a 10 years compressor warranty.

Samsung RSA1STMG1 – Side By Side Refrigerator

10 Refrigerators in Pakistan-PIP

This side-by-side refrigerator has a sleek look that will enhance the look of your big kitchen. It comes with no frost technology, a digital inverter compressor that is efficient, durable, and powerful. 

It has an LED digital display and multi-air flow which cools the entire refrigerator evenly. The fridge and freezer are further divided into 2 drawers so that you can put different kinds of food separately. 

Gree Refrigerator GR-340V-HC1 – 340 Litre Refrigerator

Best Refrigerators in Pakistan-PIP

It is one of the quietest refrigerators in the market in Pakistan. It is installed with European compressor and low voltage operation. It comes with glass shelves and an ice cube tray holder. It has a humidity controller that improves the performance and hygiene of the refrigerator.

Features to Looks for In the Best Refrigerators in Pakistan

There are some features that your refrigerators must have while other features are just a matter of your choice. Refrigerator brands in Pakistan are competing to include the best features in their models. Here are some of the features with which modern refrigerators come with and that are important to consider.

Refrigerator Size:

The size of the refrigerator is the major factor to consider while buying a refrigerator. It is usually measured in cubic feet or in liters. Refrigerators are available in different sizes in the market in Pakistan. You can make sure that the fridge you buy does not crowd your space nor should it be too small that it is inadequate for your needs.

Fridges with the size of 27 cubic feet are wide enough for big kitchens. They may have single or double doors. For the small to medium sized kitchen a 14 cubic feet refrigerator is the right choice.

Refrigerator Style:

Style of your fridge is another crucial factor to consider. Refrigerators come in a variety of styles such as base cooler, top cooler, French entryway and parallel cooler. The one that is suitable for you depends on what you are comfortable with.

The ones with the top cooler is a conventional refrigerator and are easily accessible and most favored. Some refrigerators have a base freezer and refrigerator at the top. These types of refrigerators have a superior cooling system and are more costly than the top conventional top cooler ones.

The double door refrigerator with freezer and fridge next to each other has two entryways. These types of refrigerators are more spacious and have a separate water container in the entryway. Their downside is that their compartments are thin.

The latest technology in the style of the refrigerator is the French style door refrigerator. They have a smart structure that consolidates the base freezer style with the fridge. They look stylish and make your kitchen look large.

Your Need:

Refrigerators are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles in the market in Pakistan. According to an estimate, a 12 cubic feet refrigerator in Pakistan is suitable for a family of four. If you buy food stuff in bulk or have guests over often, you will need a larger refrigerator. For one person or smaller families, a fridge of 10 cubic feet will be suitable.

Voltage Fluctuation

Voltage fluctuation is common in Pakistan, therefore, some brands have installed innovative systems that automatically adjust voltage during fluctuation. These models do not require a separate voltage stabilizer.

Inverter Compressor

Today, refrigerators are installed with improved inverter technology that reduces electricity consumption substantially. This inverter technology switches off the compressor automatically when the temperature reaches the desired temperature and turns on when the temperature starts to rise.

LED Light and Temperature Control Knob

Modern models are installed with LED light instead of traditional light bulbs. LED lights have better performance, consume less electricity, and result in less maintenance cost.

Upgraded fridges have a digital electronic knob that allows you to adjust the temperature setting through a keypad instead of the manual knob.

Automatic Defrosting and Spill-proof Shelves

Some brands have installed automatic defrosting functionality in their models. It cleans the refrigerator coils automatically and saves your time and effort. However, it consumes extra electricity to heat the coil for cleaning.

Spill-proof shelves prevent spills from falling on the lower shelves. They are made with high quality glass that doesn’t prevent cooling from passing through them.

Protective Coating and Alarm System

The refrigerators that have protective silver nano coating prevent harmful bacteria and germs from growing in the fridge to keep the food clean and fit to eat for a long time.

Modern refrigerators have an alarm system that buzzes to notify if the door isn’t closed properly. This feature is helpful if you have kids in your home. For more information click here.

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