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TESCO stands for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. TESCO Bill Online, It distributes electricity in tribal areas and the surrounding areas in Pakistan. TESCO was incorporated in August 2004. It operates under the management of PEPCO and the Ministry of Energy Pakistan. Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO is a Distribution Company functioning under the administrative control of PEPCO and the Ministry of Energy (Power Division). It was established in August 2004. Its area of operation is in the erstwhile tribal Agencies and FRs. It is the only company providing electricity facilities to the customers of this area.

TESCO supplies electricity to the tribal areas and the FRs of Pakistan. TESCO is headquartered in Peshawar and it is responsible for supplying electricity to the tribal areas which include:

  • Bajaur Agency
  • Makin
  • Miran Shah
  • Ladha
  • Parachinar
  • Jandola
  • Wana 
  • Mir Ali Mirali
  • Razmak
  • Landi Kotal
  • Sadda
  • Lower Dir

TESCO Bill Online-Price in Pakistan

TESCO Online Bill

It is hard to find enough time to go to the nearest post office or bank to submit the bill Tesco in your busy schedule. Standing in long queues, waiting for your turn is the most tiresome and time-wasting activity. Sometimes, you don’t receive the bill on time and if you pay it after the due date, you have to pay extra charges.

Fortunately, TESCO now provides its consumers with a facility to check their monthly online. You simply need to enter your 14 digit reference number after a click on the “Get your TESCO Duplicate Bill” button below. 

Get your TESCO Duplicate Bill

You can download this bill and take a printout. Then you can pay it in the nearest bank or post office. Here, you can get a duplicate copy of your bill without having to visit the TESCO service center.

The reference number is simply a consumer id which is usually given in the top left corner of the bill. You can check your duplicate bill from anywhere and pay it through online banking apps and ATMs if you know your reference number.

TESCO Bill-Price in Pakistan

TESCO Bill Online Payment

Most of the power distributing companies allow their customers to pay their monthly bills online. You don’t have to stand in the queues in front of the banks or post offices to pay your bill. Online bill payment is an easy and convenient method with which you can pay your bill from anywhere, anytime.

Here are some online payment methods to pay your utility bills:

  • Your bank’s mobile app
  • Banks’ online platform
  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa

JazzCash App

TESCO Online-Price in Pakistan

JazzCash is a reliable technique for online bill payment. This amazing app is available for both Android and IOS mobile phones. Follow these steps to pay your bill online through JazzCash:

  • Download the JazzCash app on your phone
  • Open the app and tap on the “Bill Payments” option
  • Click on TESCO
  • Enter your 14 digits reference number
  • Tap on the payment
  • Your bill is submitted

Easypaisa App

TESCO Bill by Easypaisa-Price in Pakistan

EasyPaisa is also an easy technique to pay your bill online. Here are the steps to pay your TESCO bill 2021 with this app:

  • Download the EasyPaisa app on your phone
  • Open the app and tap on the “Bill Payments” option
  • Select TESCO
  • Enter your 14 digit reference number and click on the payment button
  • Your bill is paid

Moreover, just following these techniques you can pay your bills online in this COVID Situation. And for any query or question, you can also contact us.

Working Hours

The employees of TESCO are present from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. There is a two hours break on Friday for Jummah prayer.

Contact TESCO

The Address for TESCO Head Office: 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar, Pakistan

Timings: The office timing for TESCO offices are. Timings: 09 AM: 05 PM. Days: From Monday to Saturday. Friday Juma Prayer Break is for 02 hours. From 01 PM to 03 PM. On Sunday, the office remains closed

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 091-9212964

Website: www.tesco.gov.pk

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