How to Solve Low Voltage Issues in Home Inverters?

We don’t normally use stabilizers with home inverters unless you face extreme power surges frequently. These are some ways to solve low voltage issues in home Inverters.

Home inverters usually come with a built-in safety setup such as an additional fuse and high voltage tripper to safeguard the internal components from accidental double voltage or lightning attacks.

A home inverter does not essentially work as a stabilizer but it can cut off the grid power supply during voltage fluctuation and bypass grid power with battery power.

These are some of the ways to Solve Low Voltage Issues in Home Inverters:

Solve Low Voltage Issues in Home Inverters

Does a Normal Inverter Function Well in Case of Extreme High Voltage?

In case you are facing a high voltage problem where the voltage goes over 300 volts, you need a voltage stabilizer for the home inverter. The stabilizer will bring the voltage down to normal i.e. 260-280 in which a home inverter functions perfectly without any automatic high voltage cut-off.

Some reasons due to which an inverter fails to get switched on:

  • When the inverter is tripped.
  • When the battery is disconnected from an inverter.
  • If the inverter has a weak battery.
  • When the inverter battery is discharged.
  • A battery having loose terminals.
  • If the terminals of the battery are reversed attached.

How to Ensure Perfect Operation of Home Inverter in Case of Low Voltage Problem?

If you are not getting enough voltage from the grid and it has dropped down to 150 to 160 volt, the inverter goes to low voltage auto cut-off mode and starts drawing power from the battery without you noticing. If you face low voltage problems quite often, it can reduce the battery life significantly. 

To tackle this issue, you need a double booster stabilizer with your home inverter. This stabilizer will allow you to charge the batteries with grid power by boosting voltage by 80v. The working range of the stabilizer will be 130v to 270v.

If you face extremely low voltage problems when the voltage from the grid drops to 100 -140 v quite often, you need to install a triple booster stabilizer for your home inverter

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