Best Courier Services in Pakistan

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, reliability of courier services has become a more important issue now. The consumer wants their desired product delivered to their doorstep with maximum efficiency and security and the sellers want to make sure their product is delivered in a perfect condition to the end user. Couriers have taken an utmost importance in this whole process. 

Today, there are several courier services operating in Pakistan. Each one of them has a different price and delivery time. If you are looking for the best courier services in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. I have listed the top 10 courier companies in Pakistan so that you can send and deliver your products knowing that they will provide maximum security.

Best Courier Services in Pakistan:



TCS is one of the oldest, cheapest, reliable and most trusted courier services in Pakistan. It delivers locally as well as internationally covering over 220 countries with more than 3,500 destinations around the world. You can put your trust in TCS whether it is a business delivery or a gift to your loved ones. TCS will deliver anywhere, anytime, in and out of the country. The average delivery time with TCS is 1 day.

Leopards Courier:

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Leopards Courier is the second largest courier service in Pakistan. It is also one of the fastest growing courier services in the country with more than 1500 service locations and 2200 global destinations. It offers same-day and overnight delivery options around Pakistan. It is becoming more popular among people because of its reasonable price range. The official website of Leopards Courier allows you to track your courier package.



DHL operates globally and is the most recognised delivery service internationally. It strives to provide internationally express deliveries; warehousing solutions from repairs to packaging and storage, global freight forwarding by sea, air, road and rail, worldwide mail deliveries and other customized logistic services. DHL might be a little high on the price but it’s completely worth the money because of their guaranteed safety and security. 

Pakistan Post:

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Pakistan Post is a government owned courier service. It has improved its services a great deal in the past couple of years and now it is bringing new communication and information technologies to provide the best service to their customers; making timely and secure deliveries at their destinations. It is the cheapest courier service in Pakistan to deliver locally as well as internationally. 

PIA SpeedeX:

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SpeedX courier service comes under the umbrella of Pakistan International Airlines. It was established in 2003 and it has made rapid progress. Today, it is serving premium courier services to more than 70 cities across the country ensuring the best security and quality. The best thing is that it is one of the most affordable and fastest courier services in Pakistan.


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FedEx is an American based company that has dominated the courier service industry for years. It is the largest courier company in the world and it covers more than 220 countries. It might be the most reliable but most expensive source of delivering your parcels.  


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M&P is the second largest courier service nationally and worldwide. It has more than 500 courier centers in Pakistan, above 258 FedEx authorized ship centres and over 1370 service locations. They are passionate about making timely and secure deliveries which makes them one of the best choices for your domestic courier needs. They have a wide range of facilities including aircraft, vans, bikes and hundreds of employees and officials across the country.


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Paradise Courier & Logistics is a very forward-looking and dynamic express courier service. PCL has earned its name with its high quality services and reliability in delivering the parcels. They will make sure that your shipment reaches the destination quickly and safely in every part of the world.


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DCS is an international company that provides the best local courier service at affordable prices. It is reliable, fast and time definite express delivery internationally. It offers a number of facilities including business to business small-package delivery, expedited surface and air charter delivery of time-critical freight shipment, overnight delivery, customs clearance, freight services and integrated information and logistic solution..


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Asian Pacific Express came into being in 1990 and has been running a wide range of network and main connections to companies in the US, Europe, Dubai and Far East. Its services are available at a very economical price and are on par with the leading courier services such as FedEx, DHL, and others. 


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BlueEx is another wonderful price in Pakistan. They are known for handling your cash on delivery shipments. BlueEx delivers to every corner of the country and meets customers’ expectations with their timely and secure deliveries. They make both local and international deliveries.


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Trax is famous for providing the fastest Cash on Delivery service with the most efficient and secure return management solutions. It delivers to more than 300 destinations across Pakistan. Trax can be a perfect companion to your online business with improved transparency.

Call Courier:

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Call Courier offers a variety of solutions according to customers’ requirements and needs. It values its customers more than anything. Their network handles both local as well as international shipments. You can put your trust in them for delivering your parcel to the destinations safely and timely.

Final Thoughts:

Courier service is the backbone of your online business therefore you have to pick your partner carefully. Make sure the services offered by the courier of your choice are in line with your business goals and they do not create any kind of difficulties in the future. This list of couriers is made with the intention to provide you with all the possible options to consider when you are starting your online endeavour.


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