Top 16 Affordable Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Textile is one of the biggest industries in Pakistan. You will find clothes of every quality in Pakistani markets. If you are looking for top quality clothing brands, you have come to the right place. Pakistani ladies are very picky about what they wear and the best clothing brands in Pakistan meet the diverse needs of these women.

Men and women in Pakistan are always on the lookout for the latest fashion and high-quality clothing brands. They wait intently for the sales at some of the most expensive clothing brands in Pakistan and crowd the markets when some discount offers come. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the best clothing brands in Pakistan with their detailed reviews and link to the official website so you can find your favorite brand online.

The Pakistani clothing brands listed here are very popular and expensive because of their high quality products. They set the fashion trends in Pakistan and bring exciting styles to their customers. The products of these brands are crafted with high quality fabric and are stitched by crafty artisans. 

Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Gul Ahmed Lawn

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Gul Ahmed is among the oldest and most desired clothing brands in Pakistan for summer lawns. It was founded in 1900 and soared to heights in a very short time. Its suits are the preferred choice of the people of Pakistan. Gul Ahmed is famous for bringing fresh color palettes mixed with abstract patterns to complement the dress. 

This pioneer fashion brand catches the true essence of the tradition in its products. It offers dresses for every season in Pakistan to its customers producing dresses with Lawn, Khaddar, Silk, Cotton, and Cambric fabric.

The price of an unstitched collection by Gul Ahmed starts at PKR 1,500 and the most expensive dresses go as high as PKR 30,000 for ready-to-wear outfits. Click here to check collections at Gul Ahmed.

Al-Karam Lawn

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Alkaram is well reputed for bringing charming and exhilarating color palette to its lawn collections over the years. It uses high quality fabric and has a loyal consumer base that cherishes vibrant colors infused with enriched patterns and occasional meticulous embroidery that compliments your looks. 

It is one of the top clothing brands in the fashion industry. Their collections have intricate embroidery patterns, vibrant colors, gorgeous laces, and cuts. It produces dresses for both summer and winter. The prices of dresses by Al-Karam start at PKR 2,500. Click here to have a look at their collections.

Firdous Lawn

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Firdous Lawn has been manufacturing the top quality textiles for over the past 4 decades. They have always provided their dedicated customers with the unique and best quality dresses which is the secret behind its massive success over the years. Firdous has always adhered to the social values and integrity in Pakistan. It brings out new fashion after thorough research that meets the needs of its customers. It is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. 

Firdous is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan in terms of hues and designs. Its product is known for its beautiful embroidery, unique designs, and elegant dupattas. You can get both ready to wear stitched as well as unstitched suits decked with gorgeous laces and embroidery. Firdous brand now has a new name; Jade. Click here to find collections of Firdous Lawn.

Khaadi Lawn:

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Khaadi is one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan and every woman adores this clothing and lifestyle brand. It is a pioneer of the handwoven technique. Khaadi became the top selling brand across the country shortly after its inception. 

It provides its customers with unique collections that have eye-catching prints and vibrant colours mixed with a tinge of contemporary and traditional silhouettes. Its collection for every season leaves customers in awe every year.

Khaadi offers two types of lawns; “Classics” and “Tropical Escape.” They have introduced various brands including, Khas, Khaadi men, and Khad Pret which cater to the clothing needs of both men and women.

Its beautiful prints are the true essence of Khaadi. The price of its unstitched collection begins at PKR 1,500 which can go as high as PKR 12,000. You can check out Khaadi outfits here.

Sapphire Lawn:

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Sapphire is Lahore based brand that is the most popular for its sophisticated summer lawn collection and entralls customers every year. It is listed among the best brands in Pakistan for all the right reasons. Its suits are often worn by showbiz stars for ramp walks. Sapphire produces a top quality collection with brilliant colors and fantastic contrasts. It caters to the versatile needs of all women with its high quality fabrics and dresses. It offers a variety of unstitched fabrics and trendy styles that can transform your looks.

Sapphire also produces other products including handbags, accessories, and footwear which are ladies’ favorite. The prices of Sapphire’s suits start from PKR 2,500. Shop Sapphire outfits here.

Bareeze Lawn:

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Bareeze Lawn is a top luxury clothing brand that manufactures high quality fabric and unique designs for women. This brand was established in 1985 in Lahore. Today, it has expanded its franchises all over the country and foreign countries such as UAE, UK, Malaysia, and India.

Bareeze is the most popular brand for its variety of luxury fabrics like silk, lawn, organza crips, cotton, sheer organza, chiffon, luxurious silks, and many more. Bareeze also offers suits that have been decked with traditional hand embroidery. 

The minimum price of suits at Bareeze is PKR 3,000 and goes as far as PKR 80,000. It is the most expensive brand in Pakistan. You can check out collections at Bareeze here.

Sitara Studio Lawn:

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Sitara Textile Industries Ltd was established in 1956 as a small scale textile processing unit that became the textile giant as we know it today with years of hard work. It uses the best quality fabric to make designer fashion that is accessible and affordable to the common people. 

Sitara Textile always meets the diverse needs and expectations of its customers which has earned this brand immense popularity. Today, Sitara Textile has numerous stores across the world which cater to both local and international markets. Check out amazing collections by Sitara Studio here.

Bonanza Satrangi:

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Satrangi is a sub-brand of the major brand; Bonanza. It offers some of the most wearable, fashionable, comfortable, glamorous, and colorful collections of lawn shirts. You can pair these shirts with vibrant coloured trousers, tights, or cigarette pants. Its winter collection has marvelous bonanza cambric prints.

The prices of the Bonanza Satrangi collections start from PKR 2,000. Shop for Bonanza Satrangi collections from their official website here.

Sana Safinaz Lawn:

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Sana Safinaz is a high-tier brand of lawn. Its suits are often worn by socialites, the elite, and celebrities at casual events. It brings out a breathtaking summer collection every year which is crafted with meticulously chosen colors and mind blowing digital prints. Sana Safinaz has been dominating the fashion industry for a long time and it is listed among the best lawn brands of Pakistan. 

Its suits are enriched with eastern culture, have stylish designs, and high quality fabric. Its Lawn collection has a mix of vibrant colors and fine patterns on top quality cotton that is stylish and cool at the same time. Pair their dresses with chiffon dupattas and embroidery on the neck to add a formal element.

The prices of Sana Safinaz start at PKR 4,000 and the maximum price is PKR 30,000. Have a look at collections at Sana Safinaz on their official website.


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Chinyere brings out some of the most stylish and sophisticated suits for women in Pakistan. They have outlets established in the UK as well as Canada. Chinyere has a unique style with traditional designs and iconic cuts.

This is among those clothing brands of Pakistan that deal with a wide variety of almost everything related to woman wear. At Chinyere, you can find everything for your style under one roof. From formal suits, shirts, tops, and bottoms to casual shirts, prints, ghagras, trousers. Chinyere also offers a brilliant collection of accessories on shawls, bags, dupatta, and steals.

Chinyere, however, is also one of the most expensive brands in Pakistan with prices starting from PKR 3,500. To find your favorite Chinyere outfits in the stores click here.

Asim Jofa:

Top 16 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Asim Jofa is a well reputed fashion designer of Pakistan and the brand was established in 2009 and it is the product of highly talented artists’ unbelievable creativity. Their main specialty is Charmeuse silk which makes it stand out from the other clothing brands of Pakistan. To provide its customers with only the best, it produces its own fabric. Here, you will find stylish trousers of silk and embroidered long shirts that are stylish and trendy.

Asim Jofa is playing a leading role in breaking all the stereotypes. It offers embroidered collections, festive mysorie, bridal couture, organza collection, and luxury lawn. You will find unstitched as well as ready-to-wear clothes with the latest fashion and unique style.

The prices of dresses at Asim Jofa start at PKR 7,000. To shop or check out its collection, click here.  


Warda-price in Pakistan

Warda is a brand that is known for its abstract prints. It was established by a well reputed fashion designer Warda Saleem. Its dresses bring out the feminine beauty in every lady with bold colors and delicate patterns. Their collection enthralls their consumers with their amazing style, cuts, and beautiful prints of voile, chiffon, lawn, cotton, woolen, silk, and khaddar. Warda competes with top clothing brands in Pakistan in styles and fashion.

Its collection adds confidence in the woman’s personality and is quite affordable. Its collections have vibrant colors, contrasting patterns at borders, neck area and sleeves enhance the base colors.

It is a highly affordable clothing brand in Pakistan that provides the best quality, fabulous, and style at great prices. You can find both casual and formal outfits in both ready-to-wear stitched and unstitched. The prices start from as low as PKR 890. Click here to check out collections at Warda.

Maria. B

Maria. B-price in Pakistan

Maria. B was founded in 1999 by Coco Chanel of Pakistan Maria. B. It started as a single retail outlet that dealt in formal and bridal dresses and today it has 25 retail outlets in 12 major cities in Pakistan and is among the elitist clothing brands of Pakistan. This clothing brand in Pakistan is well reputed in other countries as well such as UAE, UK, USA, Qatar, India, and Bangladesh. 

Its collections blend both the fashion trends of East and West. Its clothing range includes ready-to-wear, pret a porter, couture, lawn, and formal wear in cotton and linen with occasional intricate embroidery.

Its dresses are often worn by models and celebrities in fashion shows. It is the first clothing brand in Pakistan that made sarees at their regular launches every year. Its prices start at PKR 2,500. To shop for Maria. B collections, click here.


Charizma-price in Pakistan

Formerly known as Riaz Arts, it was founded in 1985 by a very talented fashion designer Muhammad Riaz. They have contributed a lot in introducing many modern textile designs to meet the requirements of Pakistani consumers. It is among the top clothing brands in Pakistan. Their designs meet the expectations and demands of its customers at affordable prices.

Today, Charizma has expanded to other regions of the USA, UK, and Canada. It provides its consumers with the best quality textile products at low prices. It brings out unique collections every season. They offer uniqueness and style in front motifs, front full shirt motifs, and back motifs.

Their prices start at PKR 4,000. To shop for the Charizma collection, click here.


Limelight-price in Pakistan

Limelight has been providing Pakistani ladies with stylish and feminine dresses since 2010. Today it has more than 55 stores in 23 different cities of Pakistan and is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand started as an exclusive women’s clothing brand but today it offers clothing for men and kids.

It offers a wide range of outfits including formal wear, casual wear, winter outerwear, western wear, ready to wear stitched and unstitched outfits. The limelight collection of lawns is worth checking out. In addition to stylish tops, casual Kurtis, short shirts, tights, jeans, and straight trousers, Limelight also offers other accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, and many more.

Limelight is gaining popularity in the international market including America, Australia, Spain, UK, and other countries.

The prices at Limelight are pretty affordable starting from PKR 2,000. To check out the Limelight collection, Click here.

J. in Pakistan

This brand was launched by the famous singer and celebrity; Junaid Jamshed. The brand focuses on eastern wear for Pakistani men. Ethnic style, elegance, intricate embroidery, and high quality fabric made Junaid Jamshed among the list of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. 

The brand was established in 2002 and became the favorite brand for both men and women in a short time. Its unique and beautiful kurtas are the best products of this brand. Its fine and supreme quality will make you fall in love with them. Their prices start from PKR 2500. Click here to visit their official website to check out their collections. For any questions or queries in mind don’t hesitate to contact us.

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