Best Gas Geysers in Pakistan

A gas geyser is one of the necessities in the house especially in winters when you want a supply of warm water for doing laundry, dishes, bathing and bathroom use. In winters, the water gets super cold which makes it difficult to even touch it. That’s when a gas geyser proves to be a blessing. Today, almost everyone has a geyser in their houses and a gas geyser is a popular choice. 

A gas geyser uses a pilot system fueled by the natural gas supply to heat the water stored in a durable tank above the burner. There are several high quality gas geysers on the market. Some of them come with added functions which impacts their prices hence they are available in a wide price range to fit any budget.

In this article, I have listed some of the best gas geysers in Pakistan with some details so that you make a more informed decision when you buy a gas geyser for your house.

Best Gas Geysers in Pakistan:

Super Asia Gas and Electric Geyser 35 Gallons:

Best Gas Geysers Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Super Asia is one of the most affordable and high quality brands of home appliances in Pakistan. They make appliances that are especially designed for Pakistani consumers who want energy-saving performance. The gas geyser of Super Asia contains an imported thermostat and Galvanized Iron pipes which are rust and corrosion resistant so that they can remain functional throughout the year bearing climate and seasonal changes.

The water tank is also made from that same Galvanized Iron material and has a leak-proof x-ray welding that stores water safely without getting corroded. The exterior of the geyser has a protective layer of a red Oxide powder coating to protect it from weather damage. 

The imported glass wall works as an insulation to retain heat in the water tank.

Canon GWH-55T Classic Twin Gas & Electric Water Heater:

Best Gas Geyser in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Canon GWH-55T comes with a huge water tank that can hold upto 55 gallons of water. It has a heavier gauge of 12-15 that provides dependable heating. If you cannot choose between a gas or electricity geyser then this one might be the best choice for you as it has both gas and electricity functionality. This functionality consumes less power and reduces your bills increasing your savings. 

It has a sturdy body with steel top and inner lining on the bottom to prevent any kind of leakage and retain heat. Its special glass wool insulation keeps the water hot even in the cold winter. The automatic thermostat will make sure you get just the right heating throughout the year.

NasGas DEG – 55 Super Deluxe Twin Water Heater:

Best Gas Geyser Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

NasGas is another famous brand of high end home appliances in Pakistan. They make the highest quality products for the consumers. NasGas DEG – 55 Super Deluxe Twin Water Heater is a heavy duty electric and gas geyser that can hold about 55 gallons of water. The copper pipes are constantly heated with a 12-14 gauge thermostat system to keep the water warm.

The inside of the geyser is lined with wool insulation that keeps the water warm even in the coldest of seasons. The automatic thermostat makes sure that the system doesn’t overheat and the geyser lasts for a long time.

One of the best things about this geyser is that all of its parts are replaceable with the company’s own customer care services.

IZONE 55 GLN Supreme Gas Water Geyser

Gas Geysers in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

IZONE Supreme Gas Geyser has a strong and durable outer shell that can hold 55 gallons of water. It comes with gas and electric power sources to control the thermostat system. It has a 9-10 gauge for thermostat control. The galvanized inner tank is rust and corrosion free and provides extra protection against external weather conditions. The body is capable of enduring all kinds of weather conditions and withstanding high water pressure without damaging any parts. It can supply enough warm water for two bathrooms and a kitchen. IZONE Supreme Gas Water Geyser comes with a warranty of 15 years.

Dancare Tank Geyser 30 Gallon 10×10 Gage Gas and Electric

Gas Geyser in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan


Dancare Tank Geyser contains all the essential features of a geyser at an affordable price and gives dependable performance throughout the year. It comes with a 30 gallon water tank that is compact in size and is easy to install. The 10×10 gauge can heat the water even in the cold weather.

The best thing about this geyser is that you can install it in high altitude areas and tall buildings as the mechanism can cope with high pressure. Also, it is compatible with sweet and salty water.

Final Thoughts:

Winters in Pakistan can be extremely cold and as the water gets nearer to the freezing point, it becomes quite difficult to do the house chores like washing clothes, dishes or just taking a bath. In this type of conditions, a geyser can be a lifesaver. It warms up the water making it suitable and convenient to use. As there are hundreds of different brands that make geysers which makes it difficult to choose the best one. I have made this list to help you find the best geysers with the best functionalities so you can make a more informed choice.

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