6 Best Room Cooler in Pakistan for 2024

The summer season is around the corner and you need to prepare to face the heat. Best Room Cooler in Pakistan, If it is not your first summer in Pakistan you are probably well aware that it is going to be very hot. 

There are many ways to fight off summer such as improving ventilation, hitting the swimming pool and buying some cooling electric appliances.

Room cooler is one of the most budget-friendly to cool off in the hot season. It is not only more affordable than air conditioner but it also is light on the budget.

There are hundreds of options available in the market that makes it more difficult to choose the right one. If you are looking for the best room cooler, you have come to right place 

We have narrowed down the list for the best room cooler in Pakistan that will be your best companion in the upcoming hot weather.

We have also put together a guide to pick the most suitable model for your home along with the reviews of some of the best items you will ever come across in the country.

Different Types of Air Coolers in Pakistan

Before we get to the best room coolers in Pakistan, let’s talk about different types of air coolers to find out what options you have. Understanding different types of air coolers will help you make a more informed purchase. Air coolers are also referred to as evaporative air conditioners. Here are some of the types of air coolers that are most common in Pakistan.

  • Room Cooler
  • Air Cooler with Remote Control
  • Desert Cooler
  • Personal Air Cooler

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Air Cooler in Pakistan

If you are wondering which air cooler will be the most suitable for you, here is a buying guide for you.

With these factors in mind, it will become a lot easier to make the right decision to fight the summer heat in Pakistan.

Here are some of the factors for you to consider when you go looking for the best room cooler for your home.

  • Energy Efficient

It goes without saying that your air cooler should be energy efficient so that it doesn’t put extra budget on your bill. Make sure to check the power consumption of the model you are going to buy.

  • Size

Size is one of the most important factors when it comes to air coolers. You have to consider the size of the room you want to use it in and the area allotted to it.

  • Maintenance

Pick the model that requires minimum maintenance and is easy to fix. Also, check if the air cooler has a simple build so that you can fix minor problems yourself.

  • Fixed or Movable

Consider if you want the unit to be fixed in one place or move it around in the house. An outdoor air cooler is the best if you want to be fixed. If you want it to move indoors, get an upright air cooler that features sturdy wheels.

Best Cooler In Pakistan

Super Asia Air Coolers

Super Asia Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan Super Asia tops the list when it comes to the best air coolers in Pakistan. It is one of the leading brands of home appliances in the country. They manufacture air coolers with attractive designs, modern technology. Some of the best air coolers by Super Asia are ECM 4500, ECM 5000, and ECM 6000 that you can get in the price range from Rs14,600/- to Rs 21,100/-.

Boss Air Coolers

Boss Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan Air coolers manufactured by Boss provide a much affordable alternative to AC that consumes a lot of power. They provide cooling even in the humid and hot weather of the country efficiently on a small budget. Their voltage consumption is 220-240 which is substantially low as compared to AC. You can get them in different sizes and designs to suit your home and space to keep them.
They feature 3-sided high-efficiency cooling pads to give a 3-dimensional cooling effect. They meet all the criteria and demands of people in Pakistan due to which they gained more popularity. 
Some of the most efficient air coolers by Boss Air Coolers are ECM 6000, ECM 7000, and ECM 10000 that are available at price from Rs 14,800/- to Rs 22,400/-

ICE Air Cooler

ICE Air Cooler-Price in Pakistan ICE Air Cooler brings something unique to the market. They are eco-friendly ice air coolers that offer enhanced airflow with their high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pad. They are available at an economical price. They do not compromise on the quality and efficiency as these units can provide a cool breeze on the hottest days. They are durable enough to last for more than 10 years easily. You can use it for the big rooms, warehouses, and workshops where AC might break down.

Gaba National Air Coolers

Gaba National Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan Gaba National is one of the leading local brands of home appliances manufacturers. It offers plenty of options for you to choose from according to your need. Their air coolers are one of the best options to make scorching hot summer bearable. They come in a rust-proof plastic body that lasts for more than a decade. They have a heavy copper motor that gives the best and efficient performance. Some of the most popular air coolers by Gaba National Air Coolers are GN 1706, GN 1722, and GN 1901 that you can get at the price from Rs 13,000/- to Rs 16,300/-.

E-Lite Air Coolers

E-Lite Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan E-Lite offers a wide range of evaporative air coolers in Pakistan at reasonable prices allowing you to feel some cooling without making a hole in your pocket. You are sure to find an air cooler of a perfect size according to your space. They are available in fixed as well as in movable models. It is cost-effective and efficient for cooling any room. Some of the best models of air coolers by E-Lite are EAC 99A and EAC 50 that you can get at the price range between Rs 24,299/- and Rs 19,799/-.

Honeywell Air Coolers

Honeywell Air Coolers-Price in Pakistan Honeywell is another brand that sells some of the best air coolers in Pakistan. It has user-friendly features, the latest technology, best efficiency, and delivers soothing airflow in any space. They have some of the most exotic designs in the country. You can find a range of units for personal usage or use at the home generally. They have perfected the art of making the best quality evaporative air coolers. Some of the top models by Honeywell are CS10XE, TC30PEU, CL30XCWW, and TC10PEU. You can get an air cooler unit at the price range from Rs 16,000/- to Rs 30,000/-.

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