Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

An inverter AC is a very important purchase for a house when you don’t want your AC to be heavy on the electricity bill. The brands that make inverter air conditioners claim that these ACs save upto 75% energy. However, not all inverter air conditioners are equally energy efficient. When you are buying an inverter AC, you have to consider its features, specifications, performance, as well as after-sales service. 

In Pakistan, there are five different types of DC inverter AC including; 1 DC Compressor, 2 DC compressor, 3 DC compressor, 4 DC compressor and 5 DC compressor. The number of DC parts, the more efficient the air conditioner becomes. Out of these types of inverter ACs, the 1 DC compressor ones are the most common in Pakistan because of their price. 

When buying an inverter AC, you also have to consider SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), room size, Compressor Rating T1 or T3, customer review and after sale service.

There are numerous models of inverter AC in Pakistan which makes it a bit tough to choose the right one for your needs and preferences. In this article, I have included some of the best inverter AC in Pakistan. So let’s get to it.

Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

Gree Inverter AC

Gree Inverter A-pip

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is making the best quality inverter AC lately with their solar hybrid technology. They are easy to install and have a long life due to which they are high in demand. Gree ASs are also good in SEER and EER ratings. 

These inverter ACs have a turbo cooling feature which makes least noise when they are running. They are designed to cool large rooms and have a precise temperature control system. 

Some of the downsides of Gree inverter ACs are that their warranty is not valid if they are not installed by a professional and that an HVAC professional is required for installations. Some of the best inverter AC by Gree are:

  • Gree Fairy 1 Ton 12FITH Wifi
  • Gree Fairy 1.5 Ton 18FITH Wifi
  • Gree Fairy 2 Ton 24FITH Wifi



The inverter air conditioners are designed for maximum efficiency. They have triangular design which makes sure that the air is blown farther and wider making them ideal for the large rooms. 

Their ductless air conditioner system makes Samsung AC installation easy. Moreover, it works silently on every mode whether its turbo mode, dry mode, sleep mode, warm air mode, etc.

Some of the notable features of Samsung inverter ACs are that they have a single user mode, wind free technology and have better EER ratios. The drawback of Samsung inverter AC is that they have a moderate level of efficiency.

Orient Smart AC

Orient Smart AC-pip

The Orient inverter ACs are the most advanced and unique ACs on the market with modern features and enhanced cooling. It is full of the most advanced technologies to bring new features to its products. The best features for which Orient inverter ACs are known are that they work on low voltage, save up to 60% power and are available in beautiful shapes and designs.

Orient inverter ACs are eco-friendly, provide long-lasting cooling and are perfect for every living area. It provides high-quality products that leave a minimum carbon footprint in the market. They are cost-effective and provide powerful performance which makes it high in demand. Some of the best Inverter ACs by Orient are:

  • Orient Ultron Royal DC Inverter 1 Ton Heat & Cool Split AC 

Haier Inverter AC

Haier Inverter AC-pip

Haier is a brand best known for its economical and energy-efficient electric appliances. Haier inverter ACs come with features like self-cleaning, cooling and heating functions. They can save up to 66% of energy. Moreover, these ACs are lightweight, excellent at cooling and give amazing performance. They have many operational modes including; cooling, heating, circulating air, strong turbo cool airflow.

Haier inverter ACs are made with an anti-corrosion body which enables them to last for a long time. They are built with the most advanced technologies for convenient operation. The main positive points of Haier inverter ACs are that they have long-distance airflow, washable filter. And, their negative point is that they are not self draining. The best Haier Inverter ACs are:

  • Haier HSU-18GFAA/012US-DC Inverter (A-PAM Technology) 1.5 Ton Split AC  

Dawlance Inverter AC

Dawlance Inverter AC-pip

Dawlance is considered to be the most reliable brand of electronic devices in Pakistan. Its inverter ACs are known for providing refreshing coolness and silent working. They have a better EER performance, can work on low voltage and save up to 60% power in Pakistan. Dawlance inverter ACs have an auto restart feature, a self-diagnosis system and a moisture removal feature.

These air conditioners come in modern designs and beautiful colours that can enhance the look of your room. They have modern features such as sleep mode, timer, turbo mode for fast cooling, a memory function, a removable and washable panel to maintain cleanliness. The only downside of Dawlance inverter AC is that it is difficult to install. The best inverter ACs by Dawlance are:

  • Dawlance Sprinter Inverter 0.75 Ton Heat & Cool Split AC

Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood Inverter AC-pip

Kenwood is another well known brand of electronic devices in Pakistan. It has the largest sales in the country because of their high performance and reliability. It has brought the first-ever all-new five dimension inverter air conditioner to Pakistan. Kenwood inverter ACs have Esmart features that can save up to 75% of energy. They have 4D cooling power, use a T3 compressor, good EER rating and work silently.

Kenwood inverter ACs can work on as low voltage as 150-volt power. They are energy-efficient and have a wide air throw to cool the room faster. They are equipped with the most modern technologies such as dual functions, cooling, heating and do not require a stabiliser for working.

The negative aspects of Kenwood Inverter ACs are they are more expensive and require installation by an expert. The best Kenwood inverter ACs are:

  • Kenwood 1.5 Ton KES-1838 Esmart Inverter AC
  • Kenwood 2 Ton KES-2438 Esmart Inverter AC
  • Kenwood eSleek Inverter KES-1230S 60% Saving 1 Ton Heat & Cool Split AC

PEL Inverter AC

PEL Inverter AC-pip

The PEL inverter ACs are popular among people in Pakistan because of their durability and performance. They can work in low voltage conditions, are environment-friendly and can save up to 60% power. The PEL inverter ACs have turbo mode for fast cooling. They have excellent EER and SEER ratings in Pakistan. They use the most advanced A+++ technology, and T3 compressor.

PEL inverter ACs work silently, are eco friendly and energy efficient. The downside of PEL Inverter ACs is that they have limited designs and colours. Some of the best Inverter ACs by PEL are:

  • PEL Turbo Inverter AC

Mitsubishi Inverter AC

Mitsubishi Inverter AC-pip

Mitsubishi is known for its high performance, durability and long lasting operation. Its products are ideal for energy efficiency in Pakistan. Mitsubishi inverter ACs work in an environment-friendly way and have an outstanding EER and SEER rating. They have dual functionality; heating and cooling, can work even on low voltage, can bear face power fluctuations and saves up to 65% power. 

Some of the downsides of Mitsubishi inverter AC are that they are expensive and require maintenance regularly.

Changhong Ruba

Changhong Ruba-pip

Changhong Ruba inverter ACs are the best because of their golden fins, evaporator and condenser in these air conditioners. They have features of turbo cooling and heating, auto cleaning and anti-bacterial filter. They are energy efficient and can work on a very low voltage. 

Inverter ACs of Changhong Ruba have 100% pure copper connecting pipes and provide long air throw for maximum cooling. They are installed with an EE chip to the electric control system to be safe from power failure and can save up to 70% of energy. The best Changhong Ruba inverter AC are:

  • Changhong Ruba Heat And Cool DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton (CSUDH-18BMW)



Last but not least, Panasonic is another popular brand that makes high quality, high performance and durable inverter AC in Pakistan. Panasonic inverter ACs can adjust the speed of the compressor which allows it to use less energy while maintaining a set temperature.

Panasonic features the most advanced technology in air conditioners for fast and long-lasting cooling. They have silent operation and have good EER and SEER ratings. The downsides of Panasonic inverter AC are that they are difficult to install and are expensive. The best Panasonic inverter ACs are:

  • Panasonic (1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton) Inverter AC 

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