Best YouTuber in Pakistan

The growing popularity of YouTubers in Pakistan has inspired many people to start their own channel. Many people have launched a YouTube channel but little do they know that it needs consistency and perseverance. They have to let their passion take the lead on this platform. Also, the number of young YouTubers who work for other entrepreneurs to promote their businesses through their YouTube channels is also increasing. 

There are several types of youtubers who make content about the field they are expert in, for example, the home-based chefs, beauty products, entertaining, unboxing videos, entertainment, pranks, tech videos and many other fields. Some of the best youtubers in Pakistan have several million subscribers which have allowed them to monetize their channel in a short time.

In this article, I have included the list of the top youtubers in Pakistan along with their YouTube subscriptions and growth rates.

Best YouTuber in Pakistan

Irfan Junejo

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Irfan Junejo has been celebrated as the top Pakistani YouTuber. He needs no introduction in Pakistan. He is an inspiration for many young YouTubers in Pakistan. He joined YouTube in 2010 as an influencer and today he has 1.18 Million subscribers and each of his videos have hundreds of thousands of views. He is loved by people in Pakistan for his unique style of vlogging and also co-hosts a YouTube show named “The Jo Bhi Show” where he discusses everyday life issues.

Kitchen With Amna Riaz

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Amna Riaz is the most popular Pakistani YouTuber. In fact, the first female in Pakistan to receive the Gold Play Button by YouTube. The name of her YouTube channel is Kitchen with Amna where she uploads videos exhibiting her kitchen expertise, culinary skills and super delicious recipes in a simple and fun way. She started Kitchen with Amna in 2016 and today she has 4.16 million subscribers with more than 1,135 videos and a total of 47 crore views. She is the most subscribed YouTuber in Pakistan.

Ducky Bhai – Saad ur Rehman


Saad ur Rehman is known for his pseudonym and his YouTube channel known as Ducky Bhai. He is one of the youngest and the most popular YouTubers in Pakistan who creates comical content. His fans love his short comedy skits and his PUBG gaming videos in which he talks with other players in a hilarious and entertaining way. People in Pakistan enjoy his videos of prank calls, roast videos and other off-beat hilarious commentary.

Mooroo – Taimoor Salahuddin

Mooroo-price in Pakistan

Mooroo creates quality and intellectual content which is the reason for the success of this young YouTuber in Pakistan. His videos are interesting and informative and his skits and acting add to the quality of his content. He is a multi talented individual with impressive skills as a director, writer, sketch artist, composer and an actor. Today, Mooroo has just over 1.04 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His content is thoughtful and about a wide range of subjects. He is watched and loved by fans all across the globe.

P 4 Pakao

P 4 Pakao-price in Pakistan

Nadir Ali is the brains behind P 4 Pakao which has made it one of the best YouTube channels in Pakistan. It has been serving as an entertainment channel for the past three years. It is the first independent Pakistan YouTube channel that reached one million subscribers and later as the first person to reach 2 million YouTuber subscribers. His pranks and comedy become the meme material that go viral as well. Currently, P 4 Pakao stands with 3.71 million subscribers.

Village Food Secrets

Village Food Secrets-price in Pakistan

The YouTube channel Village Food Secrets is run by a 36-year-old Mubashir from the small town of Shahpur in the outskirt of Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan. He makes content about food recipes used in villages of Pakistan which are watched and loved all across the world. Today, his channel has gained more than three million subscribers over the last four years and has become one of the top YouTuber despite coming from a small village.

Anushae Khan

Anushae Khan-price in Pakistan

Anushae Khan is a blogger and a vlogger based in Karachi. She has a keen eye for what’s trending in lifestyle and fashion. She is an emerging talent of Pakistan with over 250k subscribers and her videos have around 35,586,374 views. Her content is mostly about beauty, fashion, products, traveling, food, popular places and she also makes fun transition videos which are watched and loved by the masses. Some of her vlogs also include her husband.

Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah-price in Pakistan

Qasim Ali Shah is a popular motivational speaker, trainer and author of several books who is heard all across the country. He posts videos about his lectures in universities and interviews which are informative and motivational. His content is watched and loved by the youth in Pakistan. His YouTube channel contains motivational lectures and short motivational videos that have gained a lot of attention over the past few years. Today, his YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers and each one of his videos has hundreds of thousands of views.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar-price in Pakistan

Shoaib Akhtar is a national hero and celebrity. He continues to provide something for amusement on YouTube in the form of his commentary on local and international cricket. His YouTube channel has clips of his own interviews and his interviews of other cricketers. Currently, he has over 3 million subscribers with about 353 videos uploaded.

Food Fusion

Food Fusion-price in Pakistan

Food Fusion is a unique, easy and professional cooking channel run by Asad Memon who showcases tasty recipes. This channel is popular on all the social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram where people try out their dishes. Currently, their subscribers stand at the hefty number of 3.71 million with 2,243 videos.

Food Fusion has a purpose of teaching people how to make different foods step by step with videos. Their videos don’t have spoken words. They simply mention ingredients and different stages of cooking which makes it a lot easier for people to follow the instructions while cooking.

Fatima Irfan Shaikh

Fatima Irfan Shaikh-price in Pakistan

Fatima Irfan Shaikh is a charming and glamorous Pakistani YouTuber. He makes content about the trending fashion, lifestyle and makeup looks. Her YouTube channel is Glossips which has 627 subscribers with about 280 videos. Women in Pakistan watch her videos for the up to date fashion trends and much needed beauty hacks. Her videos are all about the fashion tips, makeup reviews of local and affordable brands in Pakistan. She creates engaging and impressive lifestyle vlogs which are relatable to the Pakistani audience.

ZaidAliT Vlogs

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With about 3.40 subscribers and over 900 million viewers on average, Zaid AliT is the most popular YouTuber in Pakistan. He is a Pakistan’-Canadian YouTube celebrity who is popular among Pakistani millennials. He started making funny comical skits online way before the vlogging culture became popular in Pakistan. He earned fame with comical videos about desi households which every desi kid could relate to. He shows the desi culture of Pakistan and what it is like to be a Desi growing up abroad. He videos where he would compare brown and white parents and how they react in certain situations. He is popular on all social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram-price in Pakistan

Anyone who is active on social media platforms must have come across the videos by GangiSwag AKA Junaid Akram. He started as a stand-up comedian and rose to fame with his short skits, podcasts, comedy clips and horror stories. He creates content that is not only funny but also informative about the social issues aimed to spread awareness among masses. His sharp-witted one liners and commentary about the daily instances we face in our daily lives is relatable to everyone. 


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