Best Canadian Immigration Consultants

Immigration to any other country requires a lot of preparation and guidance. Canadian visa policies are a lot more lenient than other countries such as the USA and UK. Even then you need proper guidance to make sure you get a visa and immigrate successfully. To get guidance, in case you don’t have someone in the family or friends who hasn’t gone through the entire process, immigration consultants are the best choice. Immigration consultants have a profound knowledge of the immigration process and needs so they offer you their services by guiding you. They also help you sort out the eligibility criteria for different visas available. They determine your immigration category based on your credentials and help you with the application process. They provide highly customized advice and guidance along with beneficial job search and placement services. They provide their clients with assistance for comprehensive information and guidance.

Best Canadian Immigration Consultants

HighBrow Law Associates:

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Highbrow International is a well known name in the field of immigration, foreign education, visit, spouse settlement and business consultancy. The firm has been offering its services since 2002 and it has remained the top study abroad and Canadian immigration consultant for the past 18 years.

It has a brilliant portfolio of settling more than 1000 families as immigrants and students to numerous countries including Canada, Australia, the USA, and Europe. You can visit their official website here.

Amir Ismail Associates:

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Amir Ismail Associates are based in Toronto-Canada. It is a group of experienced and authorized immigration and citizenship representatives who have been assisting businessmen, students, professionals and family members of permanent residents settling in Canada since 1991. They provide excellent immigration support service. They are always ready to go the extra mile for their clients.

They have been hands-on in this field for over 30 years which makes them very experienced. They have successfully assisted thousands of applicants in immigrating worldwide including Canada, Australia, America, Europe and helped them get citizenship of that country. You can visit their official website here.

ISAS Consultants:

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ISAS also provides good services when it comes to student accommodation in the foreign countries. It offers guidance for immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. 

It was established in 2003 and it has experience of over 17 years for immigration and study abroad visas for various countries. It has a team of experienced, authorized immigrant advisers who have made ISAS’ bright portfolio of over 1000 immigrant cases and more than 10000 student cases. You can visit their office website here.

Immigration Ways:

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Immigration Ways was established in 2018. It is known for providing their services free of cost to students which makes them a good option. They have emerged as a respected name in the Student Consulting for abroad education. They have a team of experienced and authorized immigration consultants who work diligently to help students select institutes and other related things based on their budget and educational background.

They provide their services to students who want to study in foreign countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Europe, Russia, and Malaysia.  Their dedication and passion for their client has earned them the recognition as a reliable consulting company in Pakistan.You can visit their official website here

Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd.

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They have over 17 years of success. Their consultants are authorized agents of ICCRC Panel Members of the Government of Canada, and their professional and legal associates can help you immigrate to Canada. It is the best Canadian immigration consultant in Karachi, Pakistan.

They advise, suggest, guide, and apply for relevant and applicable Provincial Nominee Programs according to the client’s profile. They help prepare an accurate application going into the pool with a legal Canadian Council Office. Their team reviews all of your supporting documents, submit your application within the time frame set by the Government of Canada, and track it all the way while communicating with the government on your behalf (through Canadian registered professionals mostly Canadian RCIC ). You can visit their official website here.

ZARNAB International:

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Zarnab International strives to use their Immigration expertise to simplify the whole process of relocation as per the rules of Immigration laws. Zarnab International believes that people are the center point of immigration process. Therefore, their basic objective is to use their skills, expertise and technology to reduce unease and security concerns for their valued clients.

It was established in 1998 in Lahore and has offices in Islamabad and Karachi as well. Zarnab International has become the prestigious, trustworthy and pioneer Immigration Consultant in Pakistan. Their specialized services with expert counseling done by their fully trained Immigration consultant make them stand out.

They achieved their success because of how successfully they integrate with their clients. They assist you with immigration advice and information according to the laws. They assess each case thoroughly and explain visa options, requirements and migration process. They provide the best foreign education counseling including study options, universities, courses and costs. They provide expert advice on business immigration and complete assistance in getting child and spouse visas. You can visit their official website here.

Sun Enterprises:

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SUN Consulting has been working in the Immigration and Citizenship industry since 1989. Pioneers in the world of Immigration & Citizenship, SUN has had more than 13,000 success stories over these past 32 years. They provide high quality services and always keep the client’s satisfaction and success as their top priority. This is evidenced by their exceptional track record and their extraordinary staff.

SUN is one of the best and most respected immigration & Citizenship consultancy firms in the world. Their services involve dealing with Canadian, Caribbean, Turkish, Malaysian, US, Portuguese, and Japanese Immigration & Citizenship services. They help their clients in the entire process of settling in one of the countries they offer their services in.

Using the right Consultancy firm can play a vital role in facilitating your arrival to a new beginning in these countries. SUN Consulting has many highly experienced case processing managers who will ensure that your case is complete and free of all errors. SUN Consulting is the oldest and most successful Immigration and Citizenship consultancy firm in the world. To visit their website, click here.


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AINiT Consultancy Services is the most renowned and trusted study abroad and immigration consultant in Pakistan. They have a successful track record of over a decade where they offer excellent education consultancy services in Student Visa and immigration consultancy services in Skilled visa, Business Migration visa, Family visa, Spouse visa, Visitor visa, and corporate entrepreneur work visa.

They have offices in Pakistan, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where they offer Study Abroad services in multiple countries and Immigration services in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and UK. They provide competitive, up-to-date, honest visa information and advice to clients who are interested in migrating abroad.

They assess your profile thoroughly and guide you with selecting the most suitable visa category based on your credentials in order to prepare your visa application to get you the best results. They extend their expertise as education and Canadian immigration Consultant to keep you at ease throughout the process and strive to make the procedure a hassle-free process. Visit their website here.


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