Best Cement in Pakistan

A major portion of the budget to build a house is for the purchasing of cement as it is one of the most essential elements in the process. The quality of the cement used determines the longevity and strength of the structure. So, whenever someone thinks about the money required to build a house, the first question that pops into their head is Which is the best cement in Pakistan?

The cement industry has been the strongest industry in the country as the raw material for the production is easily available here. Pakistan is one of the major cement exporting countries in the world which means there are some high quality cement brands in the country. There are several research underway to minimise the cost of production and increase the yield using modern technologies.

There are several cement companies in Pakistan which makes it a bit challenging for the buyer to choose the best one that fits his budget and needs. We have listed down several best cement in Pakistan with their details so that you can make a more informed decision. Some of the cement companies in Pakistan are:

  • Fauji Cement
  • Maple leaf Cement
  • Pioneer Cement
  • Bestway Cement
  • Dewan Cement
  • Askari Cement
  • Lucky Cement
  • Kohat Cement
  • Dg Khan
  • Attock Cement

Fauji Cement:

Cements in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Fauji cement was established in Rawalpindi in 1992. It is well known for the production of high quality cement. Over the years, Fauji cement has gained utmost importance to the economic development of Pakistan as it is a reliable source of quality products. The price of a 50 kg bag of Fauji Cement is about PKR 710-715. 

It has the most advanced machinery and technology for manufacturing the best quality cement which is exported to various countries in the world.  It is an accredited brand that manufactures different types of cement including White Pozzolana Portland Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement, and High-Strength White Pozzolana Portland Cement. Fauji Cement is a name of trust and quality.

Maple Leaf Cement:

Best Cements Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Maple leaf Cement was established with cooperation of West Pakistan Industrial Corporation and Canadian government in 1956. It manufactures two types of cement: grey cement and white cement and exports them all over the world. The main business operation of the company is located at Mianwali where it has cement factories and a clinker plant with a production capacity of 5.3 million tons annually. It is the third largest cement factory in the country that produces the highest quality cement. 

It  is the best quality and most expensive cement in Pakistan. The price of a 50kg bag of Maple Leaf Cement is about PKR 735 – PKR 740 and that of white cement is around PKR 1,375 – PKR 1,380.

Pioneer Cement:

Best Cements in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Pioneer cement is a state-owned enterprise that was established in 1994 and it has been the mirror image of what its name implies as it produces high quality products. The second manufacturing unit of Pioneer Cement was constructed in 2006. The first manufacturing plant has the capacity of 5.8 million tons annually and that of the second unit is 5.0 million ton annually.Both these units are equipped with all the requisite quality control features that allow meeting customer’s expectations for quality products. 

Pioneer cement provides cement with high quality, low price and efficiency. The company’s reputation for high quality and superior customer service makes it stand out from its competitors. The price of a 50kg bag of Pioneer Cement is around PKR 685 – PKR 690.

Bestway Cement:

Cements Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

From the first day, Bestway cement has stuck to the “quality first” principle. It has been in the industry for more than 50 years. They have a strong presence in the market with their consistent quality services and products. Bestway is dedicated to delivering consistent high-quality cement to the customers, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. All the products by Bestway are made by high quality raw materials and modern machines. It has been the market leader with its high quality products to customers since its inception. Its commitment to delivering best-in-class products with superior durability, strength, and quality is ensured by the company’s ongoing focus on research and development. 

Dewan Cement:

Cement-Price in Pakistan

Dewan has played an integral part in the development of the nation’s infrastructure and housing needs. Dewan continues to serve customers with quality products and best customer service.

Dewan cement started working with five kilns and 400 tons per day production capacity, to meet the growing demands of the construction industry in the country. Dewan cement is the most reliable company in Pakistan. Since the beginning of his career, Dewan Cement has been supplying high-quality products to customers. The product is gaining popularity every day because of its superior quality and durability

They have a Quality Control Department that is well-equipped with state-of-the-art machines and staff members.

Askari Cement:

Cement Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

The high quality, affordable price, and reliability of Askari Cement are what makes it stand out from all the other cements in Pakistan. It is a brand of NCL which has been serving customers for decades across Pakistan with its high-quality products and excellent customer service. The price of a 50kg bag of Askari cement is about 700-710.

Askari Cement is a part of Askari Zardozi, which deals in high quality decorative fabrics. It was established in 1984 and has become a household name in Pakistan. The company has two factories in Lahore that produce a wide range of products such as cement, floor tiles, ceramics, etc. These products are exported to more than 30 countries across the globe.

Askari Cement is a no.1 manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality cement in Pakistan. Askari Cement is bringing a revolution in the cement industry. It’s a 100% Pakistani product and it’s made in Pakistan utilizing modern technology. Askari Cement meets all international quality standards and norms and has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for its superior quality cement products.

Lucky Cement:

Cement in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Lucky Cement offers one of the best options for cement in Pakistan. Lucky Cement manufactures top-notch cement with its state-of-the-art machinery and technology.

It has been the leading cement producer for the last 8 years and now serves more than 650,000 customers daily from more than 150 depots across the country. It offers high quality products at an affordable price. It’s the only company that has its own plant and machinery to manufacture all types of cement. 

Lucky Cement is a subsidiary of Engro Corporation. It is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer and marketer of cement, ready mix concrete, aggregates, industrial minerals and heavy building materials. It is the first-ever cement factory in Pakistan that has been built on a greenfield site. The industrial unit of Lucky Cement has a capacity of producing 3.5 million ton per annum. The price of a 50kg bag of Lucky Cement is about PKR 705-710.

Kohat Cement:

Best Cement-Price in Pakistan

The mission of Kohat Cement is to supply the highest quality cement in Pakistan at an affordable price. They strive to provide the best customer experience and provide superior value for money. It is a reliable and affordable cement company. 

Kohat Cement owns one of the world’s largest single site integrated cement plants, producing over 2 million tons annually. Its flagship product is its superior quality cement that stands out in terms of strength and durability while being environmentally friendly with low heat expansion resulting in longer working life of building materials. The price of a 50kg bag of Kohat Cement is about PKR 700-710.

DG Cement:

Cement in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

DG Cement has been providing its customers with quality cement for over 60 years. It is one of the leading brands of cement in Pakistan with a market share of more than 35%.

DG Cement is a pioneer of high quality, customer-centric, and innovative approach to cement manufacturing. It provides premium quality cement ranging from single super to ultra-high performance concrete. 

DG Cement is manufactured keeping in mind the highest quality standards, and complies with the quality level laid down by the ISI (Pakistan Standards & Testing Institution). It has a consistent quality that you can trust. The price of a 50kg bag of DG Cement is PKR 725-730.

Attock Cement:

Best Cement Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Attock Cement is the best option for those who want to construct a structure that lasts. Attock Cement is one of the most reputed brands in this business and provides high-quality cement at highly affordable prices. 

It is the only cement manufacturer in Pakistan that has a mine of its own. This enables them to have total control over the quality of their product. The price of a 50kg bag of Attock Cement is about PKR 700-710.


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