Top 20 Shoe Brands In Pakistan | Complete List

Shoes are a necessity for every person on the planet. They are as old as humankind. They have been a symbol of status. Shoe-making industry has always been massively profitable. Today there are hundreds of shoe brands that make shoes in different shapes, materials, style and colouring.

The best brands of shoes have become status symbols such as Nike, Jimmy Choo, etc. They are the most fashionable and trendy accessories a person can own. The right style of shoes completes your dress. Shoes create a long-term impression on the onlooker.

If you are looking for the best shoe brands to achieve a lovely and appealing appearance, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the best shoes brands for both casual and formal footwear to help you find the best shoes that suit your style and personality.

This list of best shoe brands includes both expensive and affordable brands. These brands come with the best designs and most comfortable soles you will ever find.

20 Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan

1. Adidas

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You must have known Adidas as a sports shoes brand but it also manufactures elite and business shoes. Comfort and activewear that Adidas makes is unparalleled. As it is an international brand, their prices are a bit high. They offer mindblowing sales for middle and lower class to avail from. Adidas is mainly a sportswear brand. You will surely find something of your interest from the Adidas store if you are a workout enthusiast.


2. Mochari Shoes

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Mochari is a brand of luxury shoes in Pakistan. It offers the finest quality footwear and accessories. Mochari shoes are trendy, fashionable, and unique. These shoes are handmade which adds a distinct characteristic to them. Their designs and color selection reflect the heritage and history of the country.

As all of their pieces are handmade, it means that a lot of time and effort of highly skilled artisans has been invested in them hence they are higher in price. In addition to being stylish and comfortable, Mochari shoes are highly durable. Their quality matches that of the best international brands. 

They offer a wide variety of footwears including sandals, khussas, oxfords, ankle boots, lace-ups, and many more. Make sure to pay a visit to the Mochari store when you are looking for something to wear at the upcoming event. Click here to check out Mochari’s online store.


3. Urbansole


Urbansole is known for making stylish, trendy, fashionable and high quality footwear at an affordable price range. You can find shoes at Urbansole at as low price as PKR 2000. They make shoes keeping the working class of Pakistan in mind. It is an epicenter of classy and comfortable shoes. 

Urbansole manufactures a wide variety of shoes from casual to luxurious formal ones. It creates outstanding style which is out of the box of traditionality and conventionality. It uses premium quality material and genuine leather for their products. Their items meet the needs of prevailing trends at an amazingly reasonable price. To check out their collection online, click here.


4. Bata Shoes

Bata Shoes-pip

Bata shoes is the most celebrated shoe brand not only in Pakistan but also around the world. Everyone in Pakistan is familiar with this brand. Bata shoes are a popular choice for the comfort, luxury and affordability of the brand. They have conventional designs and just the right glam for the working class of the country. 

Bata shoes are not only durable and lasting but also affordable. One pair of shoes will last you for years. Another good quality of Bata is that it covers all kinds of footwear, from casual, to semi-formal and formal. Here you will find a wide range of sandals, flip-flops and sportswear. Bata shoes are the best choice for you if you are looking for something comfortable, durable and budget friendly. Check out the Bata shoes collection by clicking here.


5. Arino Shoes

Arino Shoes-pip

Arino is yet another Pakistani shoe brand that makes premium quality shoes for men. Their premium line for men include casual as well as formal shoes. Moreover, they also manufacture traditional footwear such as slippers and sandals. Arino understands what Pakistani men want and their designers create products accordingly.

Their line of footwear is both modern and traditional that go perfectly with the traditional dresses in Pakistan. In addition to style, Arino shoes are made with high-quality material and are sure to last for years. Arino shoes are available at reasonable prices and it also announces sales and discount offers. Check the latest collection of Arino shoes here.


6. Nike Shoes

Nike Shoes-pip

Nike is one of the most famous shoe brands in the world. Everyone is familiar with Nike for its groundbreaking innovative sports shoes. In addition to shoes, Nike deals in everything related to sports including sports attire and activewear. Nike is a favourite brand of those who love sports, fitness and workout. 

Nike outlets are situated in all the major cities of Pakistan. Though Nike footwear can be heavy on the pocket, they have good quality and innovative designs which makes them worth the price. You can find both sportswear and casual shoes at Nike. These shoes put high value on quality and comfort. Pick a Nike shoe to up your game no matter which series you choose. 


7. Levi’s Shoes

Levi’s Shoes-pip

Levi’s is another highly celebrated international brand which has been around for 150 years and it has maintained its integrity through all these years. In Pakistan, Levis is a luxury brand  for their supreme quality and high prices. It offers the highest quality casuals of all kinds that can be worn in all kinds of events. These shoes are supremely comfortable that you can wear them all day long. Check out the latest collection of Levi’s apparel and footwear here.


8. Epcot Shoes

Epcot Shoes-pip

Epcot shoes is the best place to find everything you need to complete your attire. It offers all kinds of casual, semi-formal as well as formal footwear. Moreover, they make exceptional quality dress shoes, boots as well as sporty dress shoes. Here you get the security of the best quality product, trendy styles and affordable prices.

Epcot offers distinct designs that you can wear to club, party, work or play. It is a perfect choice of footwear for casual hangout trips. Check out the latest collection at Epcot shoes here and pick your shoes to up your style. 


9. Borjan Shoes

Borjan Shoes-pip

Borjan is Pakistani brand that mainly deals with men’s wear but it also offers a brilliant collection of ladies shoes along with other accessories. The prices of their shoes start from PKR 1,100 which is an excellent price for the best quality shoes. No other brand offers the high quality shoes at such prices as Borjan shoes which is why it is so popular among people in Pakistan. 

Borjan offers a wide variety of footwear from sandals and chappal for traditional dress, oxfords and loafers for casual wear and dress shoes for more western formal attires. Borjan is also known for men’s accessories like wallets and belts. 

The designs of Borjan shoes are both stylish and trendy. It always has something to offer for everyone’s unique taste. Check out the latest collection of footwear at Borjan by clicking here.


10. Gucci Shoes

Gucci Shoes-pip

Gucci is another high-end international brand based in Italy which is known for its stylish, trendy and highly luxurious products. In Pakistan, Gucci is popular for its luxury business wear. They manufacture leather formals, luxury moccasins, as well as casuals like tweed loafers, herringbone loafers and men’s floral jacquard loafers. The brand value and the high quality items justify the high price tags. Every pair of shoes here is laced with fineness, quality and precision. 


11. Unze London

Unze London-pip

Unze London is an international brand that opened its flagship in Pakistan in 2010 because of its wide consumer base in the country. It is among those international brands that make affordable shoes for every class and taste.

They offer footwear collections for all categories including both formal and casual footwear. Unze London specializes in shoes, slippers, trainers and boots. Many people prefer to buy from Unze London as they come with a lifetime of exchange and refund policy. Their collections for traditional types include casual sandals, Kaptaan sandals and Peshawaris, and their formal footwear collections have a wide variety of lace-ups and slip-on moccasins. Pick the shoes of your choice here.


12. Hush Puppies Shoes

Hush Puppies Shoes-pip

Hush Puppies is the best choice for those who are looking to groom themselves and be impressive. It is one of the most loved and bought brands in Pakistan. It is a high-class brand that deals with all kinds of male footwear. Their formals are perfect for all kinds of occasions whether it is a party with friends, work, or some casual gathering. They create designs according to the fashion needs of Pakistani society, therefore, their designs are a mix of trend and tradition. At Hush Puppies, you will get all the types, styles, trends under one roof. To shop at Hush Puppies, click here.


13. Servis Shoes

Servis Shoes-pip

Servis shoes is Pakistani brand that makes shoes for everyone and for all types of occasions and personalities. It has been a perfect companion of many in Pakistan for over 50 years. It has a perfect pair of footwear to suit any lifestyle. Servis shoes put great discounts and sales on certain products throughout the year which are worth looking out for.

It offers a huge variety of footwear including casual sandals, formal shoes, slippers and many more. It has continued the legacy of high quality over all these years. Pick a pair of your favourite shoes from Servis shoes and enjoy maximum comfort. To shop at Servis, click here.


14. Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes-pip

Metro is another indigenous shoe brand that provides Pakistani society with flawless quality and trendiest styles. It also has a strong standing in the international market as it offers a worldwide delivery option.

The prices of footwear at Metro starts from as low as PKR 800 which is an unbelievable price for high-quality footwear. They offer brilliant quality and trendy styles at great prices. Metro creates designs that are a perfect blend of modern styles and tradition so that you find modern as well as conventional styles as per your preference. Check out the brilliant collection at Metro Shoes here.


15. Cherry Shoes

Cherry Shoes-pip

Cherry shoes have been the most detailed items to their customers for over 35 years which gives them experience of tailoring and designing the best footwear. They make shoes of unparalleled quality, sleek look and with unmatched comfort. Their impeccable cut and elegant designs make them perfect for the special occasions in your life. To shop for the business luxury products by Cherry, click here.


16. J. Shoes

J. Shoes-pip

It was launched by the famous celebrity in pakistan; Junaid Jamshed. It is one of the best choices for the working class in Pakistan. It offers a variety of products that are beyond excellence. They use high-quality materials such as Suede, Leather, Denim and Corduroy. 

Today, J. has over 100 outlets all over Pakistan and about 20 outlets in other countries. It mainly deals with traditional items of Pakistan which includes Sandals, Peshawari chappals. It is the best brand for those who wear traditional and formal attire of Pakistani culture. Click here to check the amazing collections of apparels and footwear at J.


17. Sputnik Shoes

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Sputnik shoes are famous for making unique footwear with premium quality, elegant design, and subtle style. They combine high quality, brilliant design, and maximum comfort in their pairs which have earned them fame in a short time. Outlets of Sputnik shoes are situated in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The prices of footwear start from as low as PKR 1000. Here, you will find casual shoes, slippers, formal shoes, and traditional Peshawari chappals of the best quality you will ever find. To find your favourite footwear at Sputnik, click here.


18. English Boot House

English Boot House-pip

English Boot House has outlets only in Karachi. They manufacture premium quality items made with pure cow leather which makes them highly durable and last for a really long time. English Boot House also exports its products to other parts of the world including Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

English Boot House welcomes feedback from its customers and improves its products according to their needs which is the secret behind its success. They keep a close eye on fashion trends in their target market which helps them improve their consumer base. Click here to check their collection on their online store.


19. Shoe Planet

Shoe Planet-pip

Shoe Planet is a relatively new brand but their quality is no less than other top-tier brands in Pakistan. Currently, they have about 14 outlets across Pakistan. They have an active blog with their online store where they update customers about the latest styles and trends in the market. They have innovative designs for their products that accommodate the latest trends in the international footwear industry. Click here to check out the online store of Shoe Planet.


20. Spadera


Spader is a well-known brand in Pakistan for handmade leather shoes. It deals with pure leather. It offers a wide variety of elegant and unique designs which represent the true culture and legacy of Pakistan. The unique and exotic Spadera shoes are created by the highly skilled artisans of the country. They have played an important role in making Spadera a symbol of luxury, comfort and affordability.

Every pair at Spadera is designed precisely with brilliant color choice and extreme detailing which make them unmatchable masterpieces. Their items depict the hard work of skilled workers and the authentic taste of Pakistani people. Have a look at the latest collection at Spadera on their online store.



Which brand is best for leather shoes?

Spadera is the best brand for leather shoes. It makes footwear with pure leather that is durable as well as stylish.

Which brand is best for formal shoes?

Mochari is the best brand for formal shoes. It creates the finest footwear that are fashionable, trendy, and unique. These shoes are perfect to complete your formal attire.

What are the top 5 shoe brands?

The top 5 shoe brands are:

  • Adidas
  • Urbansole
  • Mochari Shoes
  • Bata Shoes
  • Unze London

What is popular footwear in Pakistan?

Peshawari chappal is popular footwear in Pakistan. It is traditional and unique to the region. People of all classes wear Peshawari chappals with both formal and casual apparel.

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