Best Furniture in Pakistan

Furniture is an important component of every household. Best Furniture in Pakistan, Good looking furniture can completely change the look of your house indoors. These days people put a lot of consideration into buying furniture for their house. It is the first thing that people notice when they come home. Furniture in your home is an expression of your personality and taste. The importance of furniture cannot be overstated. We are always on the lookout for the best furniture and the value attached to them. The best furniture brands in Pakistan have created high-end items for the bedrooms and kitchens. As more and more people are developing an interest in the renovation of homes, there is a considerable growth in this field. Buying new furniture can be a huge investment but it is a one-time investment. It will give lifelong beauty and value to your home. In this article, I have listed the brands of best furniture in Pakistan so that you can find what is perfect for your home.

Best Furniture in Pakistan


Best Furniture-Price in Pakistan

Interwood is a well reputed and the most trusted furniture brand in Pakistan for providing time-tested quality. It started in a tiny workshop in Karachi around 40 years ago and today it has a wide loyal customer base throughout the country. It is a trendsetter in this industry as it has been making the best quality furniture for 40 years. 

Interwood has a wide expertise in mega-scale projects. It offers furniture and accessories for homes, offices, wardrobes, kitchens, flooring, doors and much more. Interwood has the highest customer satisfaction even after years of use. They often include advanced and newest technology features in their products. It is the most preferred choice of many in Pakistan.

Cresta Bed (King):

Furniture in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Cesta Bed (King) is one of the best products by Interwood furniture. When you have to buy a bed, Cresta Bed is one of the best options for you. It is a king-sized bed with a natural wood color which looks splendid. It will make a perfect addition to your room if your room has a light color scheme and it will perfectly match with the export quality bedding set. It has chrome finishing at the round-shaped legs which looks pretty exquisite. It has a simple panel headboard and a cross slat support system that provides the best maintenance even for the heaviest mattress. It’s unadorned design will blend into the ambiance of the room. It is available for PKR 60,000.

Obsession Outlet:

Furniture-Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for highly luxurious furniture items, Obsession Outlet is the best place to go. It is a prestigious brand of high quality furniture. It offers numerous bundles and packages that make your selection convenient. They have the best collection of furniture for weddings, sofa sets and toddler beds. The superior design and quality at Obsession Outlet is hard to find anywhere else. Make your home an ultimate dream with their luxurious, lavish and wonderful items. You can shop at Obsession Outlet online for furniture for your bedroom or the entire house and you will not be disappointed even years after.

Luxury Sofa Set

Luxury Sofa Set-Price in Pakistan

Obsession Outlet has something amazing to offer in the category of Luxury Sofa Sets. It is made with velvet fabric which radiates both elegance and splendor. The supportive upholstery feels super soft to your touch. The fancy cushions elevated the sophisticated look with diamond pattern. The high density foam in the back and arms make it highly plush. Fit it in your living room to showcase your style and taste. It is one of the top selling sofas in Pakistan for its classic design that uplifts the ambiance of the room. It is available for as much as PKR 18,000.

Furniture Hub Pakistan:

Furniture Hub Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Furniture Hub Pakistan is the place where you can find all your furniture in one place. They make the most elegant and top quality sofas, beds, tables, chairs, kids furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, bathroom interior design, kitchen furniture and kitchen sets,  and other items for home decor. They have multiple innovative designs for each category of furniture so that you will surely get the furniture you have in mind for your home.

Furniture Hub Pakistan strives to design the furniture that meets their customer’s expectations. They pick the finest woods to bring not just quality but also authenticity in crafting. Furniture Hub Pakistan makes furniture that can fit everyone’s budget.

High Center Table

High Center Table-Price in Pakistan

Stylish and elegant tables are on the trend these days. This center table with wide top and good height is not only practical but also great for decoration. It is one of the best pieces of furniture you will find at Furniture Hub Pakistan. You can use it for several purposes such as serving tea or other snacks or just put your gadgets on it. It is hand painted to have a glossy matte finish. It has marble top and metal legs and sides making it a perfect home decor. You can buy it for PKR 14,500.

Carved Frame Console (Dresser)

Carved Frame Console-Price in Pakistan

Take your home decor to a new level with this Sheesham frame. It comes with extra space and storage for you to display your decorations such as lamps, family photographs and books with style. You can place it either in your bedroom or living room. The high gloss finish will perfectly complement the light or dark color scheme in your home. It is a durable and study sheesham frame. It is available for as much as PKR 73,700.

Malik Furniture

Malik Furniture-Price in Pakistan

Malik Furniture is another Pakistan based brand of top quality furniture. They have furniture stores in Lahore. It has a collection of some of the most amazing and elegant bed and sofa sets for your home. Malik Furniture has truly taken the furniture to a whole new level with their high standards. They also deal in the good quality dining sets, center tables, LCD racks, showcase, console table, wardrobes, baby cots, baby cribs, single beds, bunk beds and loft beds. 

It is an online platform for providing easy access to the furniture items and showrooms. Whether it is bedroom furniture, luxury furniture, living room furniture or any other kind of furniture, they have got you covered.


Showcase-Price in Pakistan

Showcases by Malik Furniture are some of the best you will find in Pakistan. They have a wide collection with different elegant and innovative designs. Some of the best selling showcases by Malik Furniture are antique china cabinets, the corner china cabinet, china cabinet and china hutch. They are highly affordable cabinets made with the best quality wood. You can use them to display books, pictures, timepieces, toys, and other decorations. They come with durable and resilient glass. You can buy one of these iconic showcases for PKR 60,000.

Index Furniture

Index Furniture-Price in Pakistan

Index Furniture is a Thailand based brand that has several outlets in all the major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. It has been around for more than 30 years dealing with all types of modern furniture and home accessories. It has received several awards for providing quality furniture and keeping high standards. It offers products with solid functionality and guarantee which is why people in Pakistan love the furniture by Index Furniture.  

Index Furniture might be a little high on price but their products provide a value. Buying furniture from Index Furniture is like making a lifetime investment. Whether you need furniture for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, or home office; you will find everything under the roof of Index Furniture.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe-Price in Pakistan

Sliding Door Wardrobe is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture you will find at Index Furniture. It has a white neutral finishing look. The four drawers have ample space for your clothes, shoes and other accessories. Top quality materials and wooden structure have added a great value to this wardrobe. It is a perfect combination of melamine, wood and foil that is used in the making of these products. The price of this wardrobe is about PKR 104,800.

Urban Galleria

Urban Galleria-Price in Pakistan

Urban Galleria is a Pakistan based brand of classy and presentable furniture. It has a wide collection of home decor accessories so that you can find something that shows your values and mood. Urban Galleria allows you to shop for your favourite furniture pieces online at affordable prices. If you are looking to decorate your home with unique, colorful and spirited furniture. Urban Galleria is the place to go to.

There is a diverse variety of home furniture on Urban Galleria which allows you to cherish furniture shopping with independence. They have stores in every major city of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi from where they can deliver your favourite item to your doorsteps. They deal in beds, sofas, pod swings, lamps, bean bags, wedding sets, gym, dressing, office furniture, side tables, coffee tables, shoe racks, cabinets, tea trolleys, rocking chairs and pretty much everything that falls under the category of furniture.

Home Factree

Home Factree-Price in Pakistan

Home Factree is the place where you find sophisticated, modern and new designs. Here you will get exquisite quality in an affordable price range. They have outlets in major cities of Pakistan; Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. You can shop for furniture at Home Factree to make your place classy and beautiful. They have a wide range of products for remodelling bedrooms or the entire home.

Modern Raneoli Bed

Modern Raneoli Bed-Price in Pakistan

Modern Raneoli Bed is one of the best pieces of furniture created by Home Factree. It is made with rosewood which makes it highly attractive and gives an alluring vibe. It has Mahogany walnut finishing to give it a beautiful and rich touch. The simple, elegant and luxurious look of the bed will surely elevate the ambiance of any room. It comes with the matching dresser, side table, mirror and curtains. It is priced as PKR 75,000.


Hoid-Price in Pakistan

Hoid is one of the first online furniture stores in Pakistan. It was established in 2013 and it has earned fame because of its accessibility and modern design. They make highly functional products that are elegant and luxurious. They have a wide array of uniquely designed furnishing products that are also practical and functional. It is a high end brand that creates superior and extraordinary furniture in addition to accessories. You can check out their collection on their website, place your order online and have your favourite furniture pieces delivered at your doorsteps.

Slider Center Table

Slider Center Table-Price in Pakistan

It is a unique table that offers a huge space and a storage shelf in the center. You can open the storage shelf with the slider from the side. It has wheels attached to the bottom. This table will add to the great ambiance in your living room. It is crafted with Malaysian Lassni and pressed with sheesham. The exterior polishing completes the entire look of the table. Each of its components has a different color which makes it more elegant. It is available in different shades such as walnut brown, true black, sheesham and dark sheesham.

Las Hallway/ Dresser Shelf with 3 Square Mirrors Frame

Las Hallway-Price in Pakistan

This is another uniquely designed piece of furniture at Hoid. It is made with oak wood that gives a supremely alluring look. The three mirrors placed on the top of each other give a look of a ladder. This amazing design goes perfectly with the dresser and shelves that come with it. The drawer and the shelves provide enough storage for all your stuff. It is available for PKR 25000.

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