Top 5 Best Bikes in Pakistan | Complete Review

Out of 19 million automobiles in Pakistan, the share of motorbikes is more than 16 million. Pakistan is the hub of motorcycles across the globe. People of Pakistan prefer bikes over cars due to a couple of reasons including high mileage, best for jam-packed roads, convenient to use, affordable, and more.

If you are also a fan of bikes and are searching for a new bike, you might get confused while buying one. It is so because there are countless companies that have launched their bikes in Pakistan. Don’t worry, we have made it easy for you to choose as we have filtered out the ordinary bikes and chosen the best bikes in Pakistan. So, without any further ado, let us jump right into the list of the best bikes that you can buy right away in Pakistan.

Top 5 Best Bikes in Pakistan

1. Honda CD 70

Best Bikes in Pakistan-price in pakistan

In the world of 70cc bikes and markets, Honda CD 70 is the king of every road, regardless of what its type is. Atlas Honda Pakistan manufactures Honda CD 70 bikes in Pakistan. They have their assembly plants in the cities of Sheikhupura and Karachi. For many decades now, Pakistanis have been a fan of Honda CD 70 due to the features and specifications it offers. One prime reason for its fame is its highest reselling market in Pakistan. This bike is clearly on another level as compared to other available CD 70 bikes in Pakistan. This is the bike that has no competition and beats all other 70 cc bikes.

Honda CD 70 is one the most bought bikes in Pakistan due to the wide range of service centers in major cities of Pakistan, easily available spare parts, and awesome warranty. It is one of the most durable, reliable bikes in Pakistan that will last for a long time. The bike also reduces your visits (and saves your money) to the service centers for repairs and maintenance. Its remarkable engine, aesthetic looks, and high speed make it the favorite bike of Pakistanis.

Specifications of Honda CD 70

Weight 82 kg
Engine 72 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine
Fuel consumption 35-40 km per liter
Starting Kick start ignition
Petrol Capacity 8 liter
Clutch Multiple wet plates clutch

2. Honda CG 125

Top Bikes in Pakistan-price in pakistan

Just like Honda CD 70, Atlas Honda Pakistan also produces Honda CG 125. Honda CG 125 is mostly renowned for its top-notch power and catchy style. This commuter bike is one of the most liked 125cc bikes among Pakistanis. It has marvelous durability, a premium look, and great speed. Thanks to the excellent results of Japanese technology, Honda CG 125 has been able to offer outstanding performance in all weathers and conditions. It is the roadmaster and best for all kinds of roads as you can easily ride on the bike anywhere in Pakistan.

Honda CG 125 is an economical, comfortable, and lightweight bike having massive demand in Pakistan. It has a fine road grip and superb performance. The beauty of this bike is increased due to its magnificent-looking silencer and hence, it looks amazing from the backside. This motorbike is equipped with the new EURO II technology which provides spectacular mileage. We can clearly see the hints of Japanese technology in this popular bike. No other 125cc motorbike is close to the features and specs of Honda CG 125.

Specifications of Honda CG 125

Weight 99 kg
Engine 125 cc 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine
Fuel consumption 30-35 km per liter
Starting Kick start ignition
Petrol Capacity 12 liters
Clutch N/A

3. Yamaha YBR 125

Bikes in Pakistan-price in pakistan

This sports bike has a unique shape, sporty shape, and high performance that you cannot find in any other sports bike in Pakistan. The new Yamaha YBR 125 is also one of the most in-demand motorbikes in Pakistan. This bike has a strong position in the Pakistani bike market. The motorbike has a comfortable and world-class rider seat. It has an amazing reselling price in Pakistan. Yamaha YBR 125 comes with an excellent road grip which makes these bikes more than simply being a two-wheeler bike for traveling. Besides traveling, you can race with anyone and come first as its speed is simply mind-blowing.

What makes Yamaha YBR 125 motorbike a superior and mostly owned 125 cc bike in Pakistan because of the features that it has such as ultra-bright headlight, self-start, luxurious speedometer, and fuel gauge indicator. These exciting features make this bike to be included in the list of the highly reliable bikes in Pakistan which will fully satisfy you as a customer and your demands. No one can beat the top speed of this motorcycle. Yamaha YBR 125 is a bike for those motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for something out of the box.

Specifications of Yamaha YBR 125

Weight 114 kg
Engine 4 Stroke 125 cc OHC air-cooled
Fuel consumption 43 to 45 km per liter
Starting Kick start ignition
Petrol Capacity 13 liters
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate

4. Suzuki GS 150

Top 5 Bikes-price in pakistan

The new Suzuki GS 150 is one of the best heavy bikes in Pakistan. Suzuki Motor Corporation has manufactured the Suzuki GC bike series. It is one of the most powerful motorbikes in Pakistan. If you are a young rider, you have to buy this bike in Pakistan. This bike features a comfortable passenger and rider seat for allowing the riders to have an enjoyable ride. It has a beautiful circular shaped front headlight that increases the beauty of this motorbike. Suzuki GS 150 can be seen all over the roads of Pakistan. This bike has a good resale market which amplifies its demands. The above-mentioned features enable Suzuki GS 150 to always meet the expectations of the purchasers.

Specifications of Suzuki GS 150

Weight 116 kg
Engine 125 cc 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine
Fuel consumption 38 to 40 km per liter
Starting Kick & Self Start
Petrol Capacity 12 liters
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate

5. Unique Xtreme UD 70

 best Bikes-price in pakistan

Unique Xtreme UD 70 bike is one of the most reliable road buddies in the country. This motorbike has multi-tone body graphics which you can find from anywhere. The bike gives the power of more than 4.2 KW. The 70 cc bike is mostly popular for its exquisite style, high quality, and fulfilling the needs of the Pakistanis. You can purchase the bike in black and red colors in Pakistan. As Unique Xtreme UD 70 comes with numerous features, the bike is highly used and a famous bike in Pakistan. This bike has an awesome resale price as well and that is why Pakistanis mostly buy this motorbike. Unique Xtreme UD 70 is also designed with Euro II technology which increases its mileage. This quality increases its demands each year. You can easily get its parts from the nearby motorcycle service centers or motorcycle repairing shops.

Specifications of Unique Xtreme UD 70

Weight 90 kg
Engine 125 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine
Fuel consumption 38 to 35 km per liter
Starting Kick start ignition
Petrol Capacity 9 liters
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate


Pakistan is the home of various 70cc motorcycles of different motorcycle manufacturing companies. We Pakistanis love to ride on a bike. Every second Pakistani owns a top-quality motorbike. If you haven’t bought one yet, you have to get your hands on one of the above-listed best bikes in Pakistan. All of our listed bikes are one of their kind and are from the popular companies in the motorbike industry of Pakistan. We have provided you with the necessary information and details of each bike that can help you in the decision-making process. Buy any of these bikes and improve your traveling experience in Pakistan.

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