Best Boarding Schools in Pakistan

A boarding school is an institute that provides residence, lodging, education and meals to their students. It usually has all the basic hostel facilities for the wards. In boarding schools, the students live in the hostel under the supervision of the concerned school and get education to chase their dreams in practical life. There are various boarding schools in Pakistan that provide quality facilities and education. These boarding schools in Pakistan have maintained their rank and status in Pakistan since day one. This list has the names of the best boarding schools in Pakistan and has provided a little detail about the institution so that you can make a better choice for your young ones.

Best Boarding Schools in Pakistan:

Cadet College Hasan Abdal:

Cadet College Hasan Abdal-Price in Pakistan

Cadet College Hasan Abdal is the first all boys cadet college in Pakistan which was established in 1952 by the then government of Punjab at the initiative of the then Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army, General Muhammad Ayub Khan. The cadet college is one of the best boarding schools in Pakistan that has given Pakistan many valuable assets to the country. The Cadet College encourages its students to take part in sports and extracurricular activities to groom their skills and personalities. 

At Cadet College Hasan Abdal, the fees are taken quarterly. The admission is granted only for 8th grade on merit on the basis of entry test, interview and medical examination. Admissions in the higher classes is only in case of availability.


Grade Approx. Fee
8th-9th PKR 12,660/ month
10th-12th PKR 13,500/ month
A-O levels PKR 14,000/ month


Aitchison College Lahore:

Aitchison College Lahore-Price in Pakistan

Aitchison College is the best boarding school in Pakistan. It is a semi-private all boys boarding school established in 1886 as the Punjab Chiefs’ College but was later renamed as Aitchison College. It is located in Lahore right next to the Governor’s house. Aitchison College has given this country many good athletes, scientists and politicians such as Prime Minister Imran Khan and former President Farooq Leghari. It can easily be the best institution in the entire south Asian region.

Aitchison College offers admissions from 1st Grade to 12th Grade. Here is the latest fee structure of Aitchison College Lahore.


Grade Tuition Fee (per month) Boarding Charges (per month)
K1 – K5 PKR 33,500 PKR 22,200
K6, E2, M1 PKR 36,700 PKR 24,300
M2, C1, C2 PKR 40,500 PKR 26,500
H1, H2 PKR 46,500 PKR 27,600


Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur:

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur-Price in Pakistan

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur is one of the biggest boarding schools in Pakistan. It is spread over an area of 1,851 acres. It was established in 1953 by Ala Hazrat Al Haj Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V. It is one of the few boarding schools for girls that offers education at the high school level. It has separate campuses and classes for boys and girls. It offers education from 1st grade up to 12th grade and A levels. 

The fee structure of Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur is as follows.


Grade Admission Fee Fee Per Month Fee Per Term Fee Per School Year
K0-K5 PKR 15,925 PKR 27, 555 PKR 110,220 PKR 330,660
P6-S1 PKR 18,975 PKR 30,945 PKR 123,780 PKR 371,340

Saint Lawrence College Murree:

Saint Lawrence College Murree-Price in Pakistan

Lawrence is another good boarding school in Pakistan on par with Aitchison College Lahore and Cadet College Hasan Abdal. It provides the best quality education with the highly quality faculty members and good environment of the college. It is situated in the mind blowing beauty of Ghora Gali Murree. It is an all boys college and grants admission from 1st grade to 12th grade. 

The fee structure of St. Lawrence College, Murree is as follows:


Grade 1st Term (Jan-Apr) 2nd Term (May-Aug) 3rd Term (Sep-Dec) Total (Per Annum)
Junior (I-IV) PKR 144996/- PKR 246,744/- PKR 246744/- PKR 638484/-
Prep (V-VII) PKR 155608/- PKR 264356/- PKR 264356/- PKR 684320/-
Senior (VIII-X) PKR 160528/- PKR 270616/- PKR 270616/- PKR 701760/-
Senior (XI – XII) PKR 164120/- PKR 274208/- PKR 274208/- PKR 712536/-

Army Burn Hall College, Abbottabad:

Army Burn Hall College bbottabad-Price in Pakistan

Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad was established in 1948 by missionary Fathers. It has been run by Pak Army Education Corps since. It has two campuses; Junior Burn Hall and Senior Burn Hall. The Junior Burn Hall is the girls’ section and it is located on Mall Road. The Senior Burn Hall is the boys’ section. 

Army Burn Hall College offers education and boarding to more than 2,000 students. It offers admission in 5th grade up to 12th grade. The fee structure of Army Burn Hall College is as follows:


Grade Fee Boarders Per Quarter Fee Day Boarders Per Quarter Fee Day Scholar Per Month
5th, 6th, PJC-I – II PKR 79254/- PKR 47799/- PKR 8758/-
7th, 8th, PJC-III – IV PKR 81525/- PKR 50070/- PKR 9515/-
9th-10th PKR 82923/- PKR 51468/- PKR 9981/-
FSc/ SC PKR 87984/- PKR 56529/- PKR 11668/-
JC/ Pre SC PKR 84864/- PKR 53409/- PKR 10628/-
A-Level PKR 114651/- PKR 83196/- PKR 20557/-

PAF Public School Lower Topa:

PAF Public School Lower Topa-Price in Pakistan

It is an all-boys military boarding school situated in PAF Base, Lower Topa near Patriata in the Murree region. It is equipped with state of the art facilities to educate its students using modern and practical teaching techniques. It has academic blocks, boarding lodgings, hobbies section, administration, laboratories, library, and hospital. The faculty members strive to make the entrants into disciplined and confident individuals who are assets to this country.

The fee structure at PAF Public School Lower Topa is different for civilians and students who belong to corps families such as army, air force, and navy. The boarding fee for civilians is about PKR 25,000 per month.

Chand Bagh School Muridke:

Chand Bagh School Muridke-Price in Pakistan

The well qualified faculty members at Chand Bagh School Muridke teach in English language. The admissions are open for grade 5 to 2 and A-levels of the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board. It also excels in sports and its hockey team is considered as one of the best teams in Pakistan.

Muridke is situated near Sheikhupura and Lahore city. Chand Bagh Boarding School was established in 1998. It offers boarding for both boys as well as girls. The tuition and boarding fee at this school is about PKR 20,000 per month.

Military College Jhelum:

Military College Jhelum-Price in Pakistan

Military College Jhelum is situated at Sarai Alamgir in Gujrat District. The area where the college is located used to come under Jhelum District before re-demarcation of districts. It comes in the cantonment limits of Jhelum. Military College Jhelum has given this country many of the good generals. It admits students on merit basis depending on the entry test and interview. 

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