10 Best Hair Straighteners in Pakistan 2024

Though curly hair looks amazing on every girl, they are difficult to take care of as you have to constantly struggle to keep it frizz-free.

If you have decided to get a straight hair look, there are many different ways to achieve it such as using relaxers, getting hair straightening treatment, and flat irons

Tough, you can get a sleek, straight hairstyle with a round brush and hair dryer as well, it is in no comparison to the sleekness and shines that a  straightener can give you.

There are multiple options for hair straighteners in the market making it quite challenging to find the right one for yourself.

A little knowledge about some of the features found in hair straighteners can help you make a more informed decision.

For this reason, we have put together this guide to buy a flat iron along with reviews of some of the best hair straighteners in Pakistan.

Whether you want a hair straightener to use in your salon or at home, these top picks are the best for this job. Some spend hours using hair styling products and still fail to get the desired look, while some get a permanent fix from the salon; however, both can equally damage your hair.

Some Considerations While Hair Straighteners

  • Adjustable Temperature Control: The curl pattern and thickness of your hair determine what temperature you require to straighten your hair. There are many models in the market that have various different temperature settings that allow you to heat the straightener to exactly what you need. Pick the flat iron that has an adjustable temperature setting so that you get the best results without any damage to your hair.
  • Plates Material: The surface of curly hair is slightly more rough than that of straight hair. You have to be careful while handling this type of hair. A hair straightener that comes with titanium or ceramic is the best choice for the curly hair type. These materials spread heat evenly on the plates and do not damage the hair and also they glide smoothly.
  • Steam: The straighteners that feature steaming can condition your hair along with straightening. Steam hydrates the dry curly hair. However, these flat irons are heavier and least portable.
  • Size of the Plates: Wider plates get the job done on more hair in a short time. Smaller plates are used on the fringes and other small areas. If you are looking for a straightener for curly thick hair, the one with wider plates is the most suitable choice.
  • Control Buttons: The position of the on/off switch and other control buttons are more important than you think. It should be placed on the handle in such a way that you don’t hit it accidently.
  • Safety Feature: Many hair straighteners come with the feature that turns it off automatically after an hour or two. This feature gives you peace of mind in case you forget to turn it off yourself. It surely saves you from many panic attacks in your working place when you remember suddenly that you left the flat iron on. 
  • Brand: Buying a hair straightener from a reputed brand is always the best decision. It not only has the best quality but it also comes with a generous warranty that will make sure that it lasts for a long time.

Best Hair Straighteners In Pakistan

1. Philips Hair Straightener HP8316/00

Philips Hair Straightener-pip

This hair straightener is one of the high quality you will find in Pakistan. It provides Ionic care to your hair with its keratin ceramic plates which reduce the damage to your hair due to heat. It has wide plates that can iron thick and long hair in less time. The silky-smooth plates will give your hairs a shine treatment and give you beautiful straight hair. This hair straightener is available in Pakistan.

2. Keune Super Straightener (Professional Straightening Iron)

Keune Super Straightener-pip

It features ceramic coated plates that glide smoothly on your tresses. Ceramic coated plates allow heat to spread evenly onto it which straightens your hair evenly and smoothly. It has the auto shut-off feature that comes in handy if you forget to turn it off someday. It has a wide range of temperature settings; from 130°C to 230°C.

3. Original MAC Professional Hair Straightener With Leather Pouch

MAC Professional Hair Straightener -pip

This professional hair straightener has wide 1-inch wide ceramic plates that can straighten your hair effectively in less time. You can make various styles with it like curls, flips, and waves. Heat gets evenly distributed on the plates and it doesn’t strip your hair of natural moisture to give you a frizz-free hairstyle. It heats up quickly within 30 seconds and it has an auto shut off feature.

4. Satin Hair 3 Style & Go Ceramic Hair Straightener St 310

Satin Hair Straightener-pip

It has wide plates that are designed for efficient straightening of long to medium length hair in one stroke. It features a mechanical temperature regulation that gives damage-free straightening. There are 13 temperature levels between 135°C to 185°C.  The plates are coated with a thin layer of ceramic that distributes heat evenly.

5. S7412 ST Remington Straightener Air Plates

Remington Straightener -pip

This straightener features an innovative technology that allows you to style every strand perfectly and it is of high quality. The plates have a cool suspension system that moves with the strands to give maximum contact with every stroke. The unique touch technology directs heat away from the other casing, thus you have a better grip, control, and results.

6. Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening-pip It is ideal for straightening your hair efficiently while giving it a glossy and sleek look. It is extremely lightweight and easy to handle making it an ideal choice for beginners. It has a wide range of adjustable heating levels up to 450º F. The 1-inch wide titanium and ceramic plates are ideal for frizzy, coarse or wavy hair. It straightens hair without pulling or tugging hair.

7. Babyliss Sleek Control Wide 2179 ST

Babyliss Sleek-pip Get your hands on one of these straighteners to get a perfect salon-sleek effect for your tresses that lasts for a long time. It has wide nano-ceramic plates allowing you to straighten large sections easily and quickly. With this straightener, you can style your long hair or the hair that is difficult to style. Ceramic coated plates heat up quickly.

8. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush

AsaVea Hair Straightening-pip AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush is safe and convenient to use for styling. It combines both straightener and brushing in one place. It will effectively sleek down frizzy hair with just one sweep. It has 6 adjustable heat-up levels ranging from 120 to 200º F which makes it perfect for fine hair. It has an automatic turn-off feature that switches off the tool after 30 minutes.

9. HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat-pip This is one of the favorite hair straighteners for hair stylists as it allows you to straight, curl, and flip your hair. It features ionic technology that makes your hair silkier, glossier, and beautiful. The plates have tourmaline and ceramic crystal ions which allow you to iron any hair type without damaging. It has an adjustable temperature from 140º F to 450º F.  The 1-inch wide plates are perfect for short, thin hair and front bangs.

10. CHI Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron

CHI Ceramic Hair Straightening-pip  It features a mixed ceramic and ionic technology that cancels the ionization on hair and reduces frizz to give you sleek and smooth hair. Using this straightener, you can add waves, curls, flips, natural bends, and straighten your hair. It has 1-inch wide iron plates that heat up quickly. You can adjust the heat on the plates up to 395º F. For more information about the beauty products click here. Out of all these straighteners, you can select the one that meets all your hair styling needs.

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