Best Attar in Pakistan

Attar is the best non-alcoholic substitute for perfumes. It is basically oil extracted from herbs and botanical sources. Hydro or steam refining process is used to separate these oils. Attars are distillates of flowers, flavors, spices and other materials. The Altar of flowers was first inferred by the Persian physician Ibn Sina. Hence, Attar is a Persian word derived from the word “itr” which means perfume. Attar can also be formulated using synthetic methods however most of the attar fragrances found in the stores are refined with water. The oils are then refined into a wood base such as sandalwood and are left to age for up to ten years based on the ingredients used. 

Attars are pretty strong so just a small dab would last you for days. You can apply it by dabbing a small amount on your wrist and then rub it all over your clothes. 

Best Attar in Pakistan

Attars come in thousands of different types depending on the ingredients used. Therefore, it is pretty challenging to pick just a few. Anywho, here are my top picks of attar in Pakistan.

Swiss Arabian:

Best Attar Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Swiss Arabian is one of the most popular brands of high quality attars in the world. Dehn-al-Ouhd is the most loved fragrance by Swiss Arabian. Dehn-Al-Ouhd has central notes of rose, jasmine, ginger, sandalwood, bergamot and amber. The base notes are a mix of creamy ingredients such as milk, cardamom, and sandalwood. Their attars come in a luxurious glass bottle and have a strong yet pleasant smell.


Best Attar-Price in Pakistan

Rahma designs fragrances specially for women. If you are fond of sweet, calming and peaceful fragrance with a lasting effect, Rahma is the brand to choose. Their attars are made with a blend of rose, amber, warm spices and wood. Rahma is popular for making attars with the purest ingredients.


Attar in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Rasasi is known for making traditional and unisex fragrances. One of the most famous attar by Rasasi is Attar Al Oudh which is an oriental floral fragrance. With floral and woody top notes, saffron as a middle note, and agarwood or oud, musk and vanilla as base notes. Rasasi formulates innovative and futuristic fragrances with a blend of oudh that creates a pleasant atmosphere. 

Another well known perfume by Rasasi is Rania. It has a pleasant, fruity, floral and woody concentrated oriental bouquet that depicts luxury and elegance with the scent of luscious jasmine dipped in honey.

Al Haramain:

Attar-Price in Pakistan

Al Haramain is a high tier Middle Eastern company based in the UAE. It was established in 1970. Their most famous attar is Najm Gold which brings freshens and lights up one’s thoughts. It is best for evening occasions. It has notes of Coconut, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk.

Arabian Oud:

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Arabian Oud is a well reputed name in the world of fragrances. It has expertise of over 30 years in formulating attars. One of the best attars by Arabian Oud is Oud perfume. It is also the most expensive fragrance in the world because of this reason it is also called liquid gold of the gulf. It has a strong woody and musky scent. It is made with extracts from the fungus-infected heartwood of rare trees found in India, Southeast Asia and Bangladesh.


Ajmal is another premium brand of high-quality middle eastern fragrances. It is a dynamic company dedicated to providing the finest and mesmerizing fragrances. Its most loved attar is Kayaani. It is an exotic blend of fruity, spicy, rosey, oud and amber fragrance.  


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