Best Battery for UPS in Pakistan

Installing best battery for UPS in pakistan is one of the best solutions if you are annoyed with rapid load shedding in Pakistan. Though the duration and number of power failures has decreased to a great extent, you still face the issue once in a while especially in the extreme weather.So, in the event of power failure, installing a UPS is the best way to keep electricity in the house going.

Most people have chosen UPS because they are more affordable, are less noisy, take up less space and require less maintenance than the other available options such as power generators and solar panels.

The battery is an important component of the whole UPS as it supplies the power needed to run home appliances. The quality of the battery determines how powerful and long lasting the system is. Therefore, it is important that you pick a battery after thorough consideration. 

There are several brands that manufacture high quality batteries. These brands include Osaka, Phoenix, Exide, Volta, Millat and AGS. I have explained each of these brands below in detail so that you can make a more informed decision. Here are the details of the best battery for UPS in Pakistan.

Best Battery for UPS in Pakistan


Best Battery for UPS Pakistan-pip

Osaka battery is a Japanese company where the engineers use the most advanced production line. They are dedicated to providing the top quality of product. It is ideal to be used in UPS, inverters and emergency lighting applications. Their tubular batteries are built keeping in mind the high standards of manufacturing, and thus have a long shelf life. They are deep cycle batteries which means it can be used for continuous discharge / charge cycles. Osaka Batteries delivers high performance with an exceptional 6 month free replacement warranty for peace of mind. The batteries are leak proof, are maintenance free and the tubular technology prevents the formation of lead sulphate crystals, so it can be stored for longer periods without losing its charge.

Recommended batteries for UPS by Osaka are:

  • 6 FMX Series (12V) Front Access VRLA Battery.
  • 6 GFM Series (12V)


Phoenix-price in Pakistan

Phoenix is one of the best and fastest growing companies in the field with a history of providing quality, affordable and reliable products. Another reason for them being the best is that they can provide solutions to all kinds of problems related to UPS batteries. The main focus of the company is to offer tubular batteries for different kinds of rooms and environments. Phoenix manufactures a wide range of batteries for consumer and industrial needs. It can withstand temperatures from minus 40 to 150 degrees C. It has a long life of over ten years and its cost per cycle is less than batteries with comparable specifications.

Batteries by Phoenix that are recommended for UPS:

  • Phoenix battery XP 185
  • Phoenix battery XP 230 and XP 200. 



Exide-price in Pakistan

Exide batteries are especially designed for use in standby power applications. They have a unique, patented build that assures long life and good performance. Exide batteries deliver superior quality and long life, which means guaranteed savings for you, the consumer.

The Exide Tubular batteries are a more advanced version of the conventional lead acid batteries. Exide batteries usually come with a free replacement warranty of 12 months. They have a unique design, which utilizes technology from NASA to produce batteries that are extremely compact, lightweight and yet maintain high performance over a long period of time. The long life and high performance make them ideal for all sizes of UPS and other applications such as data centers, telecoms, refrigerated warehouses etc.

Recommended batteries for UPS by Exide:

  • Exide N100 (12 Volts 70AH, 11 Plates)
  • Exide N70 (12Volt, 9 plates)


Volta-price in Pakistan

Volta batteries are made to provide long lasting power, while being cost-effective. They are designed with the idea of providing quality power in mind, and are ideal for residential as well as commercial use. Volta tubular, rechargeable batteries are ideal to use with UPS systems. They come with a ten year warranty and will last five times longer than conventional lead acid batteries. Volta batteries are lighter and more powerful than a traditional battery and have a longer lifespan. The tubular batteries from the Volta Energy Storage Systems Inc. are a brand new kind of battery that will be used for UPS. The whole idea behind this is to give temporary power to devices that need it and to have a long-lasting battery for them as well.


Millat-price in Pakistan


Millat Tubular Batteries are specially designed for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, which use lead-acid batteries. The batteries have a tubular construction that improves the working conditions in UPS systems, making them an ideal replacement for conventional flooded batteries. Millat is one of the leading manufacturers of tubular batteries. It is the largest battery manufacturing company in Pakistan. The main product lines are UPS batteries, tubular batteries, and automotive batteries. The UPS batteries are specially designed to handle high frequency inverter load with efficient performance. It is one of the best options to save money without compromising on quality.


AGS-price in Pakistan

AGS batteries are the best and are widely used in UPS systems. They have a large range of products and their biggest strength lies in the fact that they have something for each client as per their requirements. AGS has a wide range of UPS batteries and industrial batteries for all your power backup needs. AGS Batteries are manufactured using sophisticated machines, ultra modern technology, and high quality raw materials. They provide Tubular Battery, UPS battery, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, VRLA battery, Deep Cycle battery, Inverter battery, and many more. Their tubular deep cycle batteries are ideal for applications requiring higher power levels and longer run times. These batteries are the best for providing backup power to home or business for uninterrupted service during blackouts.

Recommended batteries for UPS by AGS:

  • Hybrid (AGS) HB46 Lead Acid 9 Plates 30 AH.
  • Atlas Hybrid (AGS) HB50 Lead Acid 11 Plates 38AH.
  • Atlas Hybrid (AGS) HB65 Lead Acid 13 Plates 45AH.
  • AGS GL48 12 Volts 9 Plates 35Ah Lead Acid
  • AGS GL50 12 Volts 11 Plates 40Ah Lead Acid

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the best battery for home UPS?

Osaka battery is the best battery for home UPS. Osaka is a Japanese company which has the most advanced production line. It is ideal to be used in UPS, inverters and emergency lighting applications. They have a long shelf life. Osaka Batteries delivers high performance with an exceptional 6 month free replacement warranty for peace of mind.


  • Which batteries are good for UPS?

Lithium-ion batteries are the best batteries for UPS. These types of batteries are mostly used in smartphones and laptops but now they are also becoming a viable option for UPS and other energy storage systems such as solar and wind. These batteries have built-in management and monitoring systems which keeps an eye on the performance of each and every cell.


  • How much does a UPS battery cost?

A UPS battery can cost anywhere between PKR 5,000 to PKR 60,000 depending on the size of the battery, capacity, voltage and brand.


  • Is a dry battery good for UPS?

Dry batteries have longer backup time and long-lasting charge so they are highly recommended for UPS. They are maintenance free and can be used for inverters and solar panels.

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