Best Router in Pakistan

Best Router in Pakistan, To get the most out of your internet package, you need the right equipment that can maximise the output. Mostly, we do not get the speed that our internet service provider promises. This is often because of the router as it plays an important role in providing you a fast wi fi internet with a set extra configuration settings. Today, the most advanced routers come with various innovative features to block websites, connect external hard drives and hardwares such as printers. To achieve the maximum internet speed, you need to match the frequency ranges of the router and phone or laptop on such a level that allows maximum data movement per second. If you are looking for the best router in Pakistan to get the most out of your internet, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have included some of the top performing routers that will not only provide you with the maximum speed but also come with the added features.

Best Router in Pakistan


Best Router Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 3,890/-

This device can establish a wireless network and can increase the speed by x18 and the range of conventional 11g products by x6. It is a highly advanced router with brilliant abilities such as transmission rates of 450Mbps and mitigating data loss over long distances and obstacles with its powerful N technologies. It works smoothly with any bandwidth intensive application including VolP, online gaming or HD streaming. 

It comes with 3 fixed antennas that can broadcast forming a signal-boosting array to all directions and large areas. Moreover, it has three working modes; Router Mode, Range Extender Mode and Access Point Mode.

D-Link Wireless Dir-825 AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Router

Best Router-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 6,990/-

This wifi router features a USB port for connecting a USB modem. It creates a high-speed wireless network in the area allowing your devices to access the internet from virtually anywhere. It provides simultaneous activity of 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band which enables you to perform a wide range of tasks. 

It supports several functions for the wireless interface including several security standards, WPS, MAC address filtering and WMM. Moreover, it has Transmit Beamforming technology for changing the antennas’ radiation pattern and redistributing the signal directly to wireless devices connected to the router. Its advanced security functions prevent unwanted intrusions to your network, minimise threats of hacker attacks and block access to unwanted websites for users of your LAN. 

Tenda AC8 AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

Router in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 7,790/-

This wifi router is designed with full gigabit ports and supports bandwidth access up to 1000 Mbps and the dual-band provide 1167 Mbps access which fully utilise the gigabit fibre. It features integrated dual-band technology combined with 5GHz and 2.4GHz under one Wi Fi name. The 5GHz frequency band is a priority band and the faster signal frequency. It will be automatically allocated by our dynamic optimization system.

The 4 antennas, along with beamforming signal tracing technology, the wi fi signals are improved into a beam giving you the best experience. It automatically optimises the wi fi channel, automatically analyses the surrounding internet environment, provides constant optimal performance and avoids interference.

TP-Link TL-WR941HP 450MBPS High Power Wireless n Router

Router Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 8,790/-

Experience superior wi fi range with this router featuring high power amplifiers and high-gain antennas that provide a range of 10,000 sq ft. It enhances wi fi signals that cut through obstacles and walls eliminating dead zones. It has 3 modes of functionality; Router, Range Extender and Access Point. It provides up to 450 Mbps wireless speed which is ideal for video streaming, online gaming and VoIP.

The high gain antennas improve the reception and sensitivity of the router creating stronger connections over greater distances. These wi fi signals have a long range to provide stable internet to all your connected devices.

Tenda AC6 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band Wifi Router

Router-Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 6,990/-

Its 11ac gives speed up to 1167Mbps; 2.4 GHz:300Mbps and 5 GHz: 867Mbps. It is installed with a Realtek chipset that provides stable and fast Wi-fi connection. Its external antennas and high powered amplifiers provide coverage for the entire house. One of the most advanced features in this router is MU-MIMO technology that provides internet to all devices equally.

It provides stable and fast performance making it a great choice for lag-free online gaming, HD streaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks. The smart Wi fi schedule ensures lower power consumption. Its beamforming technology focuses on your device instead of simply blasting wi-fi in all directions. It reduces interference from other devices which enhances wi fi connections allowing you to enjoy high-bandwidth activities easily.


These are some of the best routers you will find in Pakistan. Pick any one of these to get the most out of your internet and experience fast and stable wi fi speed.

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