Generate Duplicate Copy of LESCO BILL Online | Full Guide

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) began providing its services in 1998. It is responsible for supplying and managing electricity services to four districts; Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Okara.

It operates in eight circles for smooth working; North Lahore CIrcle, Eastern Lahore Circle, Central Lahore Circle, South-Eastern LHR Circle, Okara Circle, Kasur Circle, Sheikhupura Circle, and Nankana Circle. These Operational Circles are further divided into divisions and subdivisions. 

How Can I Check the LESCO Bill? 

First Method: Please Provide Your Reference Number

Reference No.

Second Method: Please Provide Your ID Number

Customer ID

You can check your LESCO electricity bill by entering your 15-digit reference number or 07-digit customer id. You can find your reference number or customer id on your old bills. They are usually given on the top-left corner of the bill. Enter these numbers in the blank space below and click the “generate” button. Your bill will appear on the screen within a few seconds.

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LESCO has made it a lot more convenient for customers to check their bills online without them having to step outside their house during this pandemic. You can download the duplicate copy of the bill and get it printed out in case you have lost the original copy of the bill. You can use this duplicate bill to deposit the bill amount in any bank.

LESCO and Electricity Theft

Generate Duplicate LESCO BILL Online-pip

Electricity theft and over-billing is a major issue for both LESCO and the consumers. To tackle these issues, LESCO will replace 1.7 million old meters in the four districts with new Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) meters. Asian Development Bank will contribute $300 million to this project.

According to LESCO, 1,474,532 single-phase, 213,120 three-phase, and 28,753 industrial and commercial old meters will be replaced with the latest AMI meters in southern and central circles of LESCO under this plan.

The installation of the modern AMI meters will be completed over the next four years.

How Will AMI Meter Benefit LESCO and the Consumers?

Generate Duplicate Copy of LESCO BILL Online

AMI meters will bring meter tampering to an end. If someone tries to tamper with the meter, the Central Control Room will be immediately notified. The LESCO and government machinery will take action against the perpetrator to bring power theft to an end.

Also, the consumers will be able to monitor their electricity load and voltage on the AMI meter.

How to Pay the LESCO Bill Online?

Duplicate Copy of LESCO BILL Online-pip

Today, almost every microfinance and commercial bank is offering online Lesco bill payment services for their account holders through apps and online portals. You can sign up in those portals or download the bank’s app and pay your utility bills without any extra charges.

Where Can I Deposit a LESCO Bill?

All branches of all commercial and government banks collect the payment of electricity bills. But there are many hassle-free ways to deposit a LESCO bill apart from standing in long queues. Here are the options where you can pay your electricity bill:

  1. Commercial Banks
  2. Government Banks
  3. All Post Offices Branches 
  4. Jazz Cash App
  5. Easy Paisa App
  6. NADRA E-Sahulat
  7. Omni Sahulat Shops
  8. Banking Apps and Online Portals

How to Apply for a New LESCO Connection?

Generate Duplicate of LESCO BILL Online-pip

Instead of the tedious paperwork, LESCO has introduced an online service where consumers can easily apply for a new electricity connection. It saves you from the countless visits to LESCO centers. Moreover, these are some awesome ways to check your electricity bill online.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to apply for a new connection online.

Step 1: 

Go to the Electricity New Connection (ENC) System. Fill up the form and get a print out.

Step 2:

Fill up the fields with correct information:

  • Select your connection type: Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Temporary, Tubewell, Residential Colonies, General Services, Street Light.
  • Enter your National Tax Number (NTN).
  • Enter Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN).
  • Select your electricity supplier. For a new electricity connection in Lahore, select LESCO.
  • Choose your sub-division.
  • Choose your application status; whether you are a Tenant or an Owner.
  • Enter the applicant’s name.
  • Applicant’s father’s name.
  • Applicant’s CNIC number.
  • Applicant’s phone number.
  • Applicant’s Email address.
  • Enter the number of meters already installed in your home.
  • Enter Minimum Load
  • Enter Neighbour Address
  • Neighbour bill’s reference number
  • Neighbour’s name and full address
  • Select the meter installation company from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:

Upload the scanned copy of the documents listed below and print out the application form. Make sure their format is JPG or PDF and the size of the scanned document doesn’t exceed 300kb.

  • Property Documents: upload the scanned copy of house Registry, Baynama, Farred or Allotment Letter. Make sure to get these documents attested by Oath Commissioner, Class One Gazetted Officer or Notary Public before scanning the documents.
  • Undertaking by the applicant: You have to make an undertaking on a stamp paper that you don’t owe any debts to LESCO and that there is no already installed electricity meter. LESCO is authorized to freeze the installation process in case it finds any illegality.
  • In case you are a tenant, you will need an NOC from your landlord.
  • Upload an attested copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Upload attested CNIC copies of two witnesses.
  • Upload Neighbour’s electricity bill copy.

 Step 4:

Attach all these documents to the application form and send it to the LESCO area officer.

Step 5:

The LESCO Office will investigate your case and will issue a demand notice. Pay that demand notice to the designated bank.

Step 6:

Get a copy of the paid demand notice and submit it to the LESCO office. They will install a new meter after verifying it.

How to Lodge a Complaint at LESCO?

You can contact the LESCO office in your area or XEN/SDO on their cell phone if you have a complaint about any of the following issues.

  • Billing Complaint
  • Over-Charging
  • Tariff
  • Meter Problem
  • Duplicate Bill
  • Bill Installments
  • Load Shedding

In case of electricity theft, power failure, or any other major accident, call immediately at 0800-00118 from your PTCL number or visit


  • How to calculate your LESCO Bill Online?

Calculate Your Bill Yourself LESCO Bill by clicking on this link.

  • Can we check LESCO Bill by meter number?

No, currently you can’t check the LESCO electricity bill by meter number.

  • Can I pay the Lesco Electricity bill in installments?

Your current bill is not applicable for installments, however, if you have pending dues (arrears) in your electricity bill then surely you can.

  • How can I check my Lesco electricity bill Online from any part of the Work?

You require only “Reference No” (Fourteen ’14’ digits number) or “Customer ID” (Seven ’07’ digits number) to check your current electricity bill at anytime anywhere in the World.

  • Advantages of paying Lesco duplicate Bill Online?

You can save your time by paying the electricity duplicate bill online and avoid the queues outside the banks. Online bill payment can be done from any commercial bank’s mobile application or website easily. You can sign in to your bank account and pay your duplicate bill online.

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