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K-Electric (KE) is responsible for supplying electricity and other related services to the people in Karachi. It has been distributing power in Karachi for more than a hundred years. It supplies electricity to all residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural areas in the city through a network spread across about 6,500 sq km, serving more than 2.5 million customers across Karachi, Gharo, and Dhabeji in the province of Sindh and Vinder, Uthal, and Bela in the province of Balochistan.

K-Electric is the only vertically integrated power utility in Pakistan. Vertically integrated means that KE manages all three main areas of producing and delivering energy to the customers. It is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

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KE was previously known as Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited. This power utility is an integral part of the biggest city of Pakistan.

K-Electric Bill

If you want to check your K-Electric Bill online, you can find it by simply putting your 13 digit account number after a click on the “Get your K-Electric Duplicate Bill” button below.

Get your K-Electric Duplicate Bill

If you haven’t received this month’s K-electric bill, or you have lost it, you can get a duplicate bill from here easily. By checking your electricity bill online, you can download and print it and pay it in any bank or you can simply pay it online. 

To check your K-electric bill online, you may also need a consumer number, your email, and your mobile number but these are optional. The most important number is your account number. If you know your account number, you can deposit your bill from any app (Easypaisa or Jazz Cash) or at ATMs.

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A Brief History of K-Electric

Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited, which is the majority shareholder of KE, brought a turnaround strategy in 2009 which attracted investments of over USD 2.1 billion. It has added some 1,057 MW to the company’s generation capacity. Also, it increased transmission & distribution capacity by about 29% and 60% respectively and has reduced transmission & distribution losses by 15.5% point.

K-Electric New Connections

K-Electric offers online services to make it convenient for customers to calculate the cost of a new connection. You can also apply for a new connection online and track the status of your application. K-electric allows you to lodge online complaints regarding new connections from anywhere anytime.

KE has taken several initiatives which has made applying for a new connection much easier. Now you don’t have to make countless visits to the power supplier’s office to get a new connection. KE has also reduced the turnaround time for new connections.

Now the process is a lot more convenient by providing a lot of information and features online. You can get the form for a new connection for free and can download it from the KE website. 

KE issues an ID, after submission of the form with all the required information and documents and initial payment. Also, the number of required documents has also been reduced.

For information, visit ke.com.pk.

K-Electric Bills and E-Payment


Now you can pay K-Electric bills on the KE website via your Credit Card or Debit Card here.

Enter your information to check your bill, fill in all the fields and click the play button to make your payment online.

Moreover, you can subscribe to the Paperless Bill service of KE where you will receive your bill every month via email.

Billing Complaints:

K-Electric provides you with quality services. The organization is working hard to improve its customer care and it values customers’ feedback for this process. You can lodge your billing-related complaints online in simple steps.

Just fill the fields here and select the complaint type, billing month and describe your complaint and click the submit button at the end. These are the best possible bill payment methods but if you still have any confusion you can contact us.


  • How to Pay your KE Bill

You can pay using a hard copy of the bill and if you didn’t receive your copy of the bill then you print a duplicate bill from the above method and then you can pay your KE bill easily by visiting the nearest commercial bank branch, post office, or most Easypaisa shops. For a complete list of banks where your KE bill payments are accepted, please visit ke.com.pk/bill-payment-options K-Electric also accepts e-payments made through the Internet and Mobile banking.

  • Can customers pay their KE bill in installments through this service?

No, the service is not available for partial or installment KE bill payments.

  • Is it safe to pay with a credit/ debit card on KE Live?

Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. KE does not have direct access to the cardholder data.

  • Can I assess the KE invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

No, you may just test it by account number.

  • How do I change the name within my KE invoice?

You are able to submit an application for title change by visiting the closest office.

  • How can I download the official KE mobile app?

You can download KE Live from Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.

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