How to Write Urdu in Microsoft Word

As Pakistanis, we all know how to speak Urdu. We love to communicate in this language with each other as we are grown up speaking this language. We also want the software and devices we use, should have our mother tongue. But the devices, applications, and software are in the English language. The same goes for a popular word processor known as MS Word. We all use it and know that it’s default language is English. So, how to write Urdu in Microsoft Word? That is what this writing is about. Here, you will learn the process of adding the Urdu language in Microsoft Word so that you can type in Urdu in this software and make your assignments and documents.

How to write Urdu in Ms Word?

There is a software called IN-Page that you can use for typing in Urdu. But most people are aware of and use Microsoft Word, so we will particularly talk about how you can write Urdu in this software. In every Windows version, the procedure is the same. As almost everyone uses Windows 10 and it is the latest one, we will only talk about it in this article. So, let us begin.

These are the easy steps through which you can write Urdu in Microsoft word

Writing in Urdu in Microsoft Word on Windows 10

  • First of all, go to the start menu.

How to Write Urdu Microsoft Word-pip

  • Then, go to settings.

Write Urdu in Microsoft Word-pip

  • Select on Time and Language option.

How Write Urdu in Microsoft Word-pip

  • Next, go to the language option.

Write Urdu in Microsoft Word-pip

  • From there, click on the “add language” option.

How to Write Urdu in Word-pip

  • Type Urdu in the search box and install it.

How to Write Urdu Microsoft Word-pip

  • Next, open Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the Review tab and click on the “Language Preferences” button.

Write Urdu Microsoft Word-pip

  • Click on “add additional editing languages” and search for Urdu (Pakistan).

Write Urdu in Word-pip

  • Then, click on add option.

How Write Urdu in Word-pip

  • In the choosing editing language box, click on Urdu and set it as the default language by clicking on the “Set as Default” option. (write Urdu in Ms Word)

Urdu in Microsoft Word-pip

  • End by clicking on Ok.

There you go, now you can type in the Urdu Language.

Another way of typing in Urdu is by installing an Urdu keyboard in your system. You can download any good Urdu language keyboard such as Urdu Phonetic keyboard and type in Urdu. You can switch between the English and Urdu keyboard by pressing Windows + Space Bar. You may also download an On-screen Urdu keyboard for further ease of use. When you change the MS word default language to Urdu then you can easily write Urdu in MS word.


We provided you this guide so that you can easily start typing in Urdu. The process is very simple and anyone can use it to write Urdu in Microsoft Word. Just follow the steps that we provided and you will be good to go.

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