10 Best Hair Growth Serum in Pakistan in 2024

Hair thinning or loss can happen to anyone regardless of age. It can have a bad effect on a person’s mental health and cause him/her to lose confidence.

There are many reasons for losing and thinning hair such as anemia, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions, or vitamin deficiencies. Significant emotional or physical stress can also cause hair thinning which is known as telogen effluvium. Scalp infections are also the main factor in losing hair.

Though there are many treatments to get a fuller look, a good hair growth serum is a good option to start. Serums, in oil and foam form, have the highest amount of ingredients that prevent hair thinning and hair loss. 

One of the most common ingredients in these serums is minoxidil which is clinically proven to improve thinning hair. It is the most effective over-the-counter treatment and is included in the products such as Rogaine.

Biotin is also used to strengthen brittle hair. Though there is some evidence that biotin can treat hair loss, there is no sufficient proof. However, it can surely improve thinning hair.

Below is the list of the best hair growth serum in Country you can use to reverse hair loss.  

Best Hair Growth Serum In Pakistan

1. Amelia Keratin Hair Serum 20ml

 Amelia Keratin Hair Serum-pip Amelia Keratin Hair Serum helps repair and rebuild weakened hair intensively. It nourishes and hydrates your locks and smoothes hair structure to give a glossy look. It works great for reducing the risk of split ends. It makes brushing and styling hair easier while preventing static hair.

2. Arganmidas Anti-Hair Loss Serum 15ml

Arganmidas Anti-Hair Loss Serum -pip Arganmidas Anti-Hair Loss Serum is infused with natural ingredients like ginger extract and argan extracts. They promote blood circulation that reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It also has sophora flavescens that has antimicrobial properties and works for thicker hair. Platycladus enhances the metabolism of hair follicles and promotes blood circulation.

3. Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum 50ml

Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum-pip If you are experiencing frizzy hair, this hair serum is the best option for you. It makes your hair smooth and more manageable by removing frizz with hydration. Beaver Argan hair serum provides protection from UV rays and environmental impacts.

4. Beaver Marula Miracle Hair Serum 100ml

Beaver Marula Miracle Hair Serum-pip Marula Miracle Hair Serum is another product by the well-known brand for hair care products, Beaver. It nourishes your hair deeply and replenishes it with protein to revive elastic, and repair damage to your hair. It adds strength and shines to your hair with moisture.

5. Dikson Cristalli Fluidi Hair Serum 100ml

Dikson Cristalli Fluidi Hair Serum-pip Enhance your hair beauty with Dikson Cristalli Fluidi Hair Serum. It contains linseed and proteins which keep your hair from drying out and infuse essential nutrients in your hair for healthy growth. It keeps your hair protected from the damaging effect of chemical treatments and environmental pollution by covering the strands with an elastic protective “micro-sheath.”

6. Hemani Argan Hair Serum 100ml

Hemani Argan Hair Serum-pip Hemani Argan Hair serum prevents hair breakage by working the roots of the hair and increasing its strength. The argan extracts are perfect for increasing the shine and thickness of your hair. It provides superior smoothness to your hair and cuts styling time in half. With this serum, your hair will get natural movement as it will be free of frizz.

7. Lolane Intense Care Leave In Hyaluronic Serum 100ml

Lolane Intense Care Leave In Hyaluronic Serum-pip Lolane Intense Care Leave-in Hyaluronic Serum is an innovative formula that revitalizes your hair with hyaluronic acid. It is organically developed without any base oil or harsh chemicals. It delivers molecular particles into every pore and improves hair structure.

8. Luxliss Keratin Protein Replenish Hair Serum 50ml

Luxliss Keratin Protein Replenish Hair Serum-pip It is a blend of argan oil that works best for revitalizing your hair and making hair styling easier. Luxliss Keratin Protein Replenish Hair Serum replenishes your hair and scalp with argan oil and keratin protein that protect and repair your hair from any kind of damage with rejuvenating treatment.

9. Oriflame Hairx Advanced Care Ultimate Repair Nourishing Split Ends Serum 30ml

Oriflame Hairx Serum-pip This serum is rich in essential nutrients that improve the manageability of your hair and repair damage. It restores the health of over-treated hair and makes it softer and smoother. It features phytonutrient complexes that strengthen your hair strands from the roots to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

10. Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum 150ml

Paul Mitchell Serum-pip Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum conditions and smoothes your hair by sealing moisture in the strands. It is the best product for you if you want your hair shiny, silky, and frizz-free in any season. It contains lightweight silicones that protect your hair from heat and pollution and add a gorgeous glow to your hair. Get to know more about hair products.

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