Precautions for Installation and Maintenance of AC

You have Precautions for Installation and Maintenance of AC and you are testing if it is working fine and whether it will help you  fight the scalding summer. Most of the people are content with their AC if it gives proper cooling. However, that is not all you want from your air conditioner because you want it consume less electricity and ensure you don’t get any issue in the hot days when you need it the most.

Sometimes, poor installation, rough post sales service or bad maintenance can result in numerous issues with your newly-bought air conditioner. In this article, we enlist several important things you should keep in your mind while installation and maintenance of your AC.

Best Way to Install an Air Conditioner

Mostly, consumers do not pay any special attention about the right installation practices and location of an air conditioner. They accept the suggestions of the technician. You should know your installation needs and let them be known to your installation technician.

Best Way to Install a Window AC

There are a few very important things that you should consider while installing a window AC. They are:

  • Cool air is heavy due to which it settles near the floor. Therefore, a window ac should be installed on the top of the window so that it creates a cool airflow cycle.
  • Mostly, the dimensions of a window ac of 1.5 Ton are 660 x 430mm and the depth varies from 700 to 780mm. Some air conditioners have extra volume because of their larger condenser which usually increases the depth of the air conditioner.
  • For ACs with tonnage below 1.5, some brands have maintained the dimensions while others make them in slightly smaller size. If the size of the AC doesn’t match the size of the window, then you should secure all the three sides by inserting a wooden/aluminum panel. Many technicians mount the air conditioner on two sides and fill the gap with some cardboard for insulation which causes the AC to vibrate even more.
  • In condenser cooling, the window AC sucks in the air from three sides. The efficiency of the condenser greatly depends on the free space it has around the inlet. Most manufacturers recommend 100mm on the top and 200mm on the sides. This has been ignored quite often by the consumers as well as by technicians.
  • Ensuring a smooth flow of condensate to the drainpipe is of utmost important or you will experience rust issues within a couple of years. For this, install your air conditioner with an inclination of about 10mm.
  • The efficiency of the condenser can be greatly affected if it is placed under direct sunlight especially in the peak summer heat. To avoid this, install the AC in shade or build a sunshade on top of it. One of the reasons you should install it on the top window is that it is easier to put a shade on it. You can put a sun protector shield for window AC and outdoor unit which not only protect your ac unit from the sun but also prevent birds from making a nest on it.

Best Way to Install Split AC

The most important thing for you to keep in mind while installing a split is that it should not be installed facing the door that is frequently used, instead it should be installed above the door or sideways from it. the cool. Here are some other things you should consider while installing a split air conditioner.

  • Install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner from where it can be easily approached from the window, balcony, or surface platform for servicing or general cleaning when needed. Also, make sure that the outdoor unit is not placed directly under the sunlight because it can have a great effect on the performance of your condenser. If you can’t find any shade for it, build a sunshade above it.
  • Make sure that there is a recommended gap between the outdoor unit and the wall so that the fan motor of the condenser can create adequate airflow over the condenser.
  • Two pipes of refrigerant are connected to the outdoor unit. One brings in the cool air while the other takes the cool air to the indoor unit. These pipes are insulated by black foam called Rubatex. Usually, technicians leave some part of the pipes near the ends without proper insulation which can affect condensation and in  turn the efficiency of the air conditioner. It can also cause water-dropping during service. Therefore, make sure that these wires are properly insulated to get better performance from your air conditioner.
  • Ensure that the condensate from the indoor unit is collected in the drain pad and drains out smoothly as, if it is not drained out, it can cause water leakage and damage the walls that would need extensive repairs.
  • Mount the indoor unit is such a way as the airflow is not directed towards the door that frequently opens and closes throughout the day. Install it away from the door or sideways from it or the cool air will be leaked from the room.

What Should I Check Right After Installing the Air Conditioner to Ensure Better and Everlasting Performance?

There are some things you should check after installing your air conditioner.

  • See if it is getting proper voltage.
  • The temperature at the outflow side and the temperature at the suction side.
  • The electricity consumed when the compressor is running and when it is not. The current being consumed when the compressor is running should be anywhere between +/- 5%.

Take these measurements and record them as they will help you evaluate after the next service. If you notice that your air conditioner has started to consume more electricity than last year, then your AC needs servicing and then these recorded measurements will help.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Every air conditioner requires scheduled maintenance to keep it in a perfect working condition or general cleaning. The amount of current it draws indicates whether the gas pressure is similar to as it was originally. If the air conditioner is not maintained properly, it can result in more electricity consumption and less cooling.

What should you look for while AC servicing?

During AC service, make sure that the coils are cleaned properly. Make sure that the prescribed performa about the AC service that the technician has is properly filled. The form is to be filled out with observations on several measurements especially about the electricity used when the compressor is running and when it is not running. When that form is filled up, you can easily compare these measurements before and after the next service.

Gas Leakage in the Air Conditioner?

The rubber parts that are mainly used for securing purposes get worn out over the years. If their condition is deteriorated, it may start to vibrate more which, in turn, results in brazed joints which causes gas leakage.

Sometimes, the humid or polluted environment causes the corrosion of the pipelines giving way to leakage. This can be avoided by using copper pipes instead of aluminium ones.

Gas leakage can be repaired by rebrazing the joints. If you don’t take care of the air conditioner properly, it will result in other joints getting loosened. This is the reason why the issue of gas leakage repeats frequently. However, a proper timely measure can prevent it.

Why Insulation of the connecting pipes important?

Proper insulation of the connecting pipes is important as it can impact the performance of the cooling, consume more electricity and cause water dripping from the air conditioner. Ask the technician to properly insulate the pipes after servicing.

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