Inverter Technology vs Power inverter vs Solar inverter

inverter technology vs power inverter vs solar inverter ,Inverter air conditioners and refrigerators have been in the market for quite some time. In the beginning, people were unsure about this new technology but now inverter technology is preferred in the air conditioners and refrigerators. It is hailed by the consumers because of its energy saving capability.

There is myth circulating around among many consumers that air conditioners featuring inverter technology have backup power like a power backup. We have grown up believing that inverters are required for power backup and now inverter technology has added to the confusion. In this article, we will tell you what the truth is and how inverter technology is different from power inverters.

Inverter Technology vs Power inverter vs Solar inverter

What is an Inverter?

Basically, an inverter is an electronic device that converts Direct Current to Alternating Current.

Why is Inverter used?

The electricity that comes in our houses is in the form of alternating current. Electricity distribution in alternating current is safer than in direct current. So, as all the distribution is done in alternating current, the appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines etc) that we use in our house, all work on alternating current.

In case of power failure when the grid station stops distributing the electricity, we need power storage or power backup to run these appliances. For this purpose, we use batteries. A battery is an electric device that stores electricity which can be used whenever we require. But the problem is that the battery stores only direct current whereas all our appliances use alternating current.

Here, an inverter comes into play. It is installed between the appliances and the battery to convert DC in AC. So, an inverter does not store electricity, it converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). It is the battery that stores electricity.

What is Inverter Technology?

All the confusion between inverter and inverter technology is because of the name. Another term to refer to the inverter is Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The alternating current in our houses comes at a frequency of 50 Hz. Variable frequency motor changes the speed of the current if the frequency of alternating current is fluctuating. A rectifier is used to achieve this variable-frequency to convert the incoming alternating current to direct current. The electrical inverter with its pulse-width modulation to produce AC of a desired frequency. This gives more electricity savings and better efficiency.

No battery of any kind is used in this setup to store electricity. It only has an inverter that converts DC to AC with required frequency. It requires power to work and it doesn’t work when there is no power.

What is Solar Inverter?

Solar inverter is similar to power inverter which is explained above. Solar inverter is called so because its battery can be charged using solar power instead of the power coming from the grid. Solar inverter works the same way as a regular power inverter. It takes direct current from the battery and changes it to AC so that it can be used by the electronic appliances.

Can Inverter Air Conditioner Work on Solar Power?

This is one of the most confusing questions about inverter air conditioners. Inverter technology air conditioners run on alternating current and solar inverter too provides alternating current by converting direct current from batteries. So an inverter air conditioner can work on solar inverters.

If you want to have the most energy saving air conditioner ever that runs on clean energy, is cheapest to install and saves electricity, then an inverter air conditioner featuring a Solar PV system is the best option.

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