Import Cars from Japan to Pakistan in 2024

People in Pakistan often can’t afford a new car because of the high price tags of cars in Pakistan. So, people tend to look for Japanese cars but as they cannot be found in Pakistan, they import cars from Japan to Pakistan. That is why, according to a survey conducted by APMDA (Automobile Pakistan Motor Dealers Association), Pakistanis imported almost 70,000 vehicles in one year. And out of these, most of the imported automobiles came from Japan. Furthermore, Pakistanis love Japanese cars due to their unique features and world-class quality. Don’t know how you can import cars from Japan to Pakistan? Read on for a brief overview of how you can easily import vehicles from Japan to Pakistan.

Important Points to Keep in Mind before Importing Second Hand Vehicles

Before you think of importing used cars, remember the following things:

  • Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis can import new or used cars from anywhere.
  • There is 50% import duty on brand new cars of up to 1300cc, 65% on cars upto 1800 cc, and 75% on cars about 1800cc.
  • A person can gift a car to their siblings in Pakistan, thanks to the car import gift scheme.
  • Under personal baggage and gift schemes, cars that are used for or are three years old are allowed for importing in Pakistan.
  • Big cars have an import duty of 75% to 100%.
  • It is better not to import 1300cc cars
  • 1300cc cars that are used for no more than 2 years have 2% import duty.
  • Overseas Pakistanis having green cards can either buy a car from the auto market of Pakistan or import cars from other countries.
  • You can register the imported car under anyone’s name, even if he is a non-national Pakistani.

The mentioned taxes are set by the government of Pakistan.

 Import Cars from Japan to Pakistan | A Brief Guide

  1. To import cars from Japan to Pakistan, you have to search for online Japanese auction houses that can sell you Japanese cars. Go to their websites, log in to their database ( Make an account first by entering the required information) and have a look at their inventories of available Japanese cars. 
  2. Select the car category and brand of which you want to purchase the car.
  3. Go through all of the automobiles and then choose the one that impresses you the most. You can get the information of selected cars such as color, manufacturer, make a year, engine power, etc on an auction sheet. 
  4. The x-ray report of a car is known as a car’s auction sheet (not literally). You need to go through it in-depth and carefully read it as it has all the details of a car. Usually, it is a challenge to understand it, therefore, you should hire an expert or contact a professional to help you out.
  5. After checking the auction sheet with scrutiny, if you make up your mind to buy it, you need to deposit 1000$ (not fixed as it varies from one company to another) as initial payment in the account of the company. You need to pay this amount in order to participate in the auction. Don’t worry, you will get your amount back even if you lose the auction bid. 
  6. Then, you will be provided with the charges including auction price, total cost including taxes, shipping charges, etc. so that you can have an idea about the total sum of the chosen car.
  7. After placing the auction bid on your selected car, the company will notify you about the bid result or the bid situation whether you have won it or not on the mentioned auction date. 
  8. Once you have won your bid, you have to pay the remaining price to the company. You will have the breakdown of the total amount so that you know what you are paying for.
  9. You need to pay the amount of the car in foreign currency, as it is written in S.R.O. 52(1)/2019.
  10. After the payment confirmation of the car, the company will send you the following original documents through courier before the car is shipped:
        • Two copies of the original Bill of Lading (B/L)
        • Original Invoice
        • Export certificate translated from Japanese to English
        • Original Export certificate in Japanese
  11. After departure, the car will reach Karachi port in almost 15 days. This timespan is not fixed as the shipment can’t reach late due to bad weather or any other interruption.
  12. Finally comes the burdensome process of customs clearance such as port charges, passport fees, clearance of car, etc. To save yourself, you should hire a customs agent who will handle the complete customs process.

There you go, you can have your Japanese Car imported from Japan to Pakistan.

Most Popular Models for Japan Used Cars in Pakistan

1. Toyota Vitz

2. Honda Vezel

3. Nissan NV100 Clipper

4. Suzuki Every

5. Toyota Aqua

6. Toyota Passo

7. Daihatsu Mira ES

8. Toyota C-HR

9. Toyota Prius

10. Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid

So, Japanese used cars have been getting popular in Pakistan especially Kei Cars because of their lower costs and advanced features. One can also import Japanese Damaged and Used Cars Import directly from Japan.

Auction Sheet- An Important Piece of Paper

Import Cars from Japan-price in pakistan

The auction sheet is the most important document of cars to be imported from Japan to Pakistan. All specs, features, car data, and manufacturing details are available on it. It also saves you from buying the wrong car as you will get an idea of the car whether it fulfills your requirements or not. Auction sheets are available on the auction house sites.

Beware of Scammers

Import Cars -price in pakistan

As the process of importing vehicles is a little bit complicated, Fake or Cheater Japanese companies try to cheat or scam you and just take your money and run away. You need to be very alert and cautious while making purchases online. You should also examine and look into the cars carefully while purchasing as some companies or dealers may offer you defective and faulty vehicles at low prices. So, it is advised to get help from an expert when importing cars from Japan to Pakistan.


  • How can I import a car from Japan to Pakistan?

You can import a car from Japan to Pakistan by following our brief guide. We have given you complete information about this whole process of importing cars that will help you.

  • How much does it cost to import a car to Pakistan?

The cost to import a car to Pakistan depends on various factors such as the car price, shipping price, custom taxes, etc.


If you don’t know how to import cars, we will help you out. Importing Japanese cars is quite a hard process but we have provided you with a comprehensive guide that will assist you. Just follow the steps and you can easily import automobiles from not only Japan but from anywhere in the world. Good-looking cars with low prices will gravitate you but don’t opt for them as the companies may scam you. Choose the car while considering some crucial points which are mentioned earlier in the article.

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