Best 4g Device In Pakistan

Internet connectivity has become more than a necessity in this age and world. best 4g device in Pakistan, Our everyday businesses depend on the internet. More and more people are getting used to ordering household supplies including medicines and food items from online shopping platforms. Students take online classes and courses and get their degrees from the most reputed universities in the world. Today, many people have more than one device that needs to be connected to the internet. For this purpose, a mobile internet device (MID) comes in handy that provides wireless internet access. An MID is a handheld device that provides location-based internet services to individual consumers.

You can find hundreds of 4g mobile internet devices (MIDs) on the market which makes it a bit challenging to choose the right one. In this article, I am listing some of the best 4g devices in Pakistan that will provide you uninterrupted internet connection with affordable packages.

Best 4g Device In Pakistan

Jazz Super 4G Wifi Device:

Best 4g Devices In Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Jazz Super 4G Wifi Device tops the list of the best 4G devices in Pakistan. I have ranked it at the top because of its wonderful internet speed, portability and price. I have had a great experience using this device and I still use it. You can buy it from your nearest Jazz franchise for about PKR 3,500.

It is compact enough to fit in your front pocket. It can deliver up to 15 Mbps of internet. The built-in 2,300 mAh battery keeps you connected even where there is no power supply. There are 4 LED indicator lights that indicate the signal strength so you can place it where it receives strong signals.

Jazz Home Wifi Device:

Best 4g Devices-Price in Pakistan

Jazz is the best internet service provider in Pakistan therefore we have another device by Jazz in our list. Jazz Home Wifi Device works as a Wifi router which provides strong Wifi signals to a long distance.

You can use it at home or take it anywhere with you to get internet connectivity. You can connect more than 10 devices to this device and still get the strongest signals.

You will need to insert a Jazz 4G Sim in the router to make it work. Also, it doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery, so you will have to power it by plugging it into a 12V charging port.

Zong 4G Bolt+:

4g Device In Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Next on our list is Zong 4G Bolt+. It is the best device ever launched by Zong in terms of speed, price and design making it the best 4G device in Pakistan. If you are looking for something small, portable, and compact, Zong 4G Bolt+ is for you. It is as compact as 3 inches so you can easily fit it in your pocket and enjoy the powerful ultimate 4G connectivity.

It can provide speed up to 15 Mbps which is quite great for its price and size. You can connect it with up to 16 devices at the same time. It has an LED display and a rechargeable 2,300 mAh battery that can provide you Wifi for up to 6 hours. However, the battery timing greatly depends on the signal strength,


Best 4g Device-Price in Pakistan

PTCL Charji is the best 4G device in terms of performance, speed, and price. It offers some of the cheapest packages in Pakistan that are even cheaper than Zong and Jazz 4G devices. If you are looking for something cheap that provides a good internet speed, PTCL Charji EVO is the best option for you. 

You can buy it from a PTCL franchise at as low price as PKR 2,500. It delivers internet downloading speed up to 10 Mbps with uploading speed up to 4 Mbps. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it outdoors with you. You can buy an internet package at as low price as PKR 999 with a validity of up to 1 month.

Telenor 4G Device:

Best 4g Device Pakistan-Price in Pakistan


Telenor is another good quality and fast growing network in Pakistan with millions of subscribers. Its 4G device is becoming more and more popular among people. It has the capacity of delivering up to 150 Mbps and you can connect about 10 devices.

It is installed with a 1500mAh lithium battery that keeps you connected for up to 4 hours. You can buy the device for about PKR 2800 from the nearest Telenor franchise. The one month internet package is for PKR 1500. It’s a plug-n-play device and you don’t have to install any software.  

Final Thoughts

Mobile internet devices are ideal for those who are always on the move and want to stay connected to the internet. Various brands offer 4G internet devices with a variety of internet packages. You can choose any according to your preferences and budget. 

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