Telenor Balance Share 2024| How To Share Telenor Balance | Telenor Smart Share Code

Do you want to transfer the balance to your friend’s Telenor number? Do you know how to transfer the balance from Telenor to Telenor? If yes is the answer to the first question and no to the latter one, you have stepped in the right place. [1] Telenor Smart Share is an exquisite service by the mobile operating company that makes it easy to do balance share from Telenor sim to other Telenor sim.

Telenor is a Norwegian-based cellular network and telecommunication company and has a presence in numerous states, including Pakistan. The numbers of Telenor customers have significantly increased in the last few years. Telenor is well-known and one of the leading mobile network companies in Pakistan, having a customer base of more than 47 million customers. The company offers various efficient internet, call, social media, and SMS packages. The company is mostly famous due to its 4G internet services all over Pakistan. Get to know more about the Telenor advance balance which can surely help in emergency situations. 

Balance Share Karne Ka Tarika

You can conveniently share your credit or balance with your family and friends using the Telenor Smart Share service. If you have a Telenor sim, the Telenor balance share code mentioned below would easily let you share your Telenor balance. The process of Telenor balance share is very simple, quick, and easy. Ahead, the whole process of how to share balance from your sim to your friend’s Telenor number. Additionally, check out the way to Inspect Telenor load Card.

Telenor Smart Share

The Telenor Smart share is the service with which you can share the Telenor balance from your number to another number. The Telenor balance code is *1*1#. Follow these instructions to transfer the balance from your Telenor account to your friends and families’ Telenor numbers:

On your mobile dialer, dial *1*1*MobileNumber*Amount#. For example, if you want to share the balance from your sim to the number 03451234567 and the transferable amount is Rs. 100, the code will be *1*1*03451234567*100#. Then you will reply with 1 or press 1 to confirm the process. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred the balance with Telenor Smart Share. The minimum amount you can share is Rs. 15, and the maximum amount you can share is Rs. 200. The service charges are Rs. 5.98. Telenor smart share is only applicable for Telenor prepaid customers. You can share your balance no more than ten times a day. For any sort of query do not hesitate to dial the Telenor helpline.


Inquiry Code Service Charges
Telenor Smart Share *1*1*MobileNumber*Amount# Rs. 5.98 

This was the complete process to transfer balance from your Telenor sim to another Telenor number. The balance share can be done with your Telenor sim. If you still have any confusion regarding Telenor Smart share, you can visit Telenor’s official website or call their helpline 345 at any time, any place. Moreover, discover out this easy way to check your remaining Telenor MBs.

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