Top 5 Cat Foods in Pakistan

Local supermarkets and utility stores are full of cat food options from many brands. But which is the best cat food in Pakistan? Here you will find some of the most nutritious and delicious options for your feline friend.

Treating your cat with the best cat food is crucial to keep them healthy, full, and satisfied. The cat’s age, surroundings, activity level, and breed decide the cat food option that you should choose. Whether raw, dry, wet, or freshly cooked, the ideal cat food will honor your cat’s tummy needs as an obligate carnivore. 

Cat food has the perfect amount of fatty acids, is rich in animal-sourced protein, and doesn’t spike your feline friend’s blood sugar with additional carbohydrates. As a result, cats enjoy consuming high-quality cat foods as it keeps them healthy and happy.

The ground is flooded with cat food options from a multitude of pet food brands, all claiming to be the best. But not every cat food is right for your cat. In addition, different cat food brands offer different products for different ages and breeds.

So what’s the right and most healthy cat food for your obligate carnivore? We asked the experts how to filter out inappropriate cat food from the lot and select the right option for your cat. Ahead, Some of the best cat food options around.

The 5 Best Cat Food in Pakistan

  1. Dicat Cat Food
  2. Royal Canin Cat Food
  3. Taste of the Wild Cat Food
  4. Nutragold Cat Food
  5. Reflex Cat Food


Cat Food Name Usual Proteins % Usual Fat % Price
Dicat Cat Food 32.14% 12% Starts from Rs. 2,500
Royal Canin Cat Food 36% 18% Starts from Rs. 1,050
Taste of the Wild Cat Food 32%  18% Starts from Rs. 2,350
Nutragold Cat Food 32% 14% Starts from 1,050
Reflex Cat Food 37 % 20 % Starts from 1,400


1. Dicat Cat Food

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Dicat is the first brand that made its way to our list of best cat foods in Pakistan. The brand has launched various cat options. Out of those, Dicat up Kitty Kitten food and Dicat Up Complete Cat food is quite remarkable options. Dicat up kitty kitten food is made for kittens and pregnant cats. It offers them complete post-delivery recovery and is suitable for kittens up to 12 months. Dicat up complete cat food is an ideal diet for all cats of all ages and breeds. The food is based on turkey and animal protein with mixed vegetables. It plays a crucial role in controlling animal cholesterol in cats.


2. Royal Canin

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Next up is Royal Canin. It is a France-based cat food company whose portfolio has an amazing variety of cat food suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds. Its mother and baby dry food serve cats for their lactation period and gestation. You may give it to kittens for up to 4 months. The Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk is best for kittens from birth to weaning and offers a good amount of energy to the kittens. Additionally, the company has launched a wide range of cat foods for different types of cats and unique needs, including Royal Canin Cat Jellys, Royal Canin Cat Jelly Intense Beauty, etc.


3. Taste of the Wild Cat Food

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As you can guess from its name, Taste of the Wild delivers one-of-a-kind and excellent products for your cats, and that is why we decided to include it in this list of the best cat food in Pakistan. Taste of the Wild Cat Food is a great diet that is perfect for cats of every age in the form of yummy crisp croquettes that fulfill your cat’s nutritional and dietary requirements regardless of their breed and age. It has a unique fusion of Vitamin A, E, and D3 with low fat and high protein content. Plus, it has an unbelievably good taste and is available at a very economical price.


4. Nutragold Cat Food

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Another decent cat food brand, NutraGold provides delicious and exciting flavors that don’t only satisfy their taste buds but also deliver nutritional benefits to your cats. Nutragold grain-free cat food products are splendid, and other products such as Indoor Senior Cat, Finicky Adult Cat, Indoor Kitten, Indoor Adult Cat, etc., are made according to the cat’s carnivorous requirements and age. It is light on your pocket too.


5. Reflex Cat Food

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Reflex Cat Food is also a quite reputable cat food brand in Pakistan. It provides a huge variety of top-class quality cat food ranging from kitten’s food to adult cat food. Reflex Sterilized Cat Fish is made to meet the dietary needs of the adult sterilized cat. Reflex Kitten Chicken is specifically designed with chicken protein keeping in mind the nutritional demands of kittens for best development and growth. Reflex Multi Color Adult Cat Chicken satisfies your cat’s taste buds and is an eye candy for them that pulls them with their catchy and vibrant colors.



  • Which is the best cat food for Persian cats?

            Royal Canin has launched various cat food products designed specifically for Persian cats. You can go for Royal Canin Persian-Adult and Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food.

  • Which is the best cat food in Pakistan?

             We have mentioned some of the best cat food in Pakistan that you can buy for your cats.

  • What is the best brand of cat food for indoor cats?

                 Brands such as Dicat, Royal Canin, Reflex, etc are some of the best brands of cat food for indoor cats.

  • Which brand of cat food is the healthiest?

              The Royal Canin cat food brand of cat food is the healthiest.



Picking the best cat food is simple when you understand what your cat really wants. Cats are obligate carnivores who can thrive on a diet of raw prey alone. Regardless of price, brand, or ingredients, the best cat food resembles that prey-centric diet. Whether you want to select an option from our recommendations or some other product, Go for cat foods that honor your feline friend’s carnivorous demands.

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