Best Air Guns in Pakistan

Air guns can be used for many purposes. You can use pellet rifles for hunting or kids can learn firearm safety before stepping up to the real thing. Air guns also work as a pest-control tool. There is something on the market for every kind of user. Their prices vary greatly ranging from affordable to those that can break the bank. Before choosing which air rifle to buy, there are several things you need to know about air rifles to make sure you get the best deal.

Types of Air Rifles

Air guns use only the pressurized air as a power source instead of powder burning which is a lot less powerful, safer and legal in many countries. There are five different types of air guns based on the mechanisms they use to produce pressurized air. There is Variable Pump, Spring Power, Gas Piston, Compressed air and Compressed CO2. All these types of rifles are equally accurate but have different speed and recoil.  

The rifles with compressed air mechanism have little recoil and the pellet gets fired immediately. They have regulators which improve their consistency and accuracy. The recoil of a springer rifle is as much as a real gun and the pellet takes a little time to come out of the barrel. Compressed air rifles are more popular especially among the newbies but the springers are much more fun as they give an experience similar to a full bore rifle.

The rifles with compressed CO2 mechanism lie in the middle of the Springer and the compressed air one; it is faster than a compressed air rifle but slower than a springer. Generally, compressed air rifles are better built than compressed Co2 ones.

The air rifles with variable pumps are the most difficult to master. The power with which you pump the rifle determines the power of the shot.

Which Caliber to Pick?

As many of you know that caliber determines the size of the bullet. The bigger the animal, the bigger the caliber you are going to need to take it down. The .177 calibers are long-range, the most accurate and the fastest calibers. They are suitable for hunting small birds like pigeons and rats. 

.25 and .22 are more powerful calibers but they have less speed and range. They are used for hunting rabbits.

Best Air Guns in Pakistan

Snow Peak P35 PCP Airgun Calibre 5.5 mm:

Snow Peak P35-pip

It has a bullpup mechanism with a side-lever positioned near the grip. The gun is extremely lightweight with a two stage adjustable trigger. The speed of the 5.5 (.22) pellet fired from this gun is about 800fps.

You can select from two fire modes; manual and running fire. The consistent valve makes the shots more accurate and consistent. The magazine can hold 9 .22 calibre pellets. This is one of the best airguns you will find in Pakistan at PKR 64,999.

Gamo Airgun Black Fusion IGT Mach1 .22 Calibre

Gamo Airgun-pip

It comes with recoil reducing rail which subdues the taxing stress placed on the scope from the recoil. The recoil reducing rail has two piece aluminium construction separated by dual polymer struts that absorb shockwaves and reduces the recoil stress to internal components of the scope.

It is as light as 3 kg, gives power of 29 j and fires the pellet with the velocity of 315m/s. Gamo is a well known American brand of airguns. You can buy Gamo Airgun Black Fusion IGT Mach1 .22 Calibre for PKR 40,000 in Pakistan.

Artemis Airgun M22 PCP Cal. 5.5

Artemis Airgun M22-pip

Artemis Airgun M22 is available in .22 as well as .177 caliber variants. It comes  with a titanium air cylinder and a completely regulated action that improves the consistency and accuracy of the shot. It also reduces the weight of the gun while giving a higher shot count. 

The magazine has the indexing mechanism to keep things simple and consistent while reloading. It looks a lot similar to the carbine rifles with moderators attached. You can buy it for PKR 36,500 in Pakistan.

Airgun Cometa Fusion 400:

Airgun Cometa-pip

Fusion 400 by Cometa comes in three variants; .177, .22, and .25 calibre. These are the springer rifles with some of the latest features for maximum performance and accuracy. It is a perfectly balanced rifle with a cold hammered bull barrel that improves accuracy. The adjustable stock and trigger define the versatility of this air rifle. 

Some of the key features of this tactical air gun are micrometric rear sight, high precision cold hammered barrel and auto safety.

Artemis Airgun SR 1250S

Artemis Airgun SR 1250S-pip


Artemis Airgun SR 1250S comes with a fully ambidextrous stock that is suitable for both left and right handed shooters. It is a gas ram rifle with a brake barrel. It has a nice pistol grip, a rubber butt plate and an adjustable check piece. It has 11mm dovetail where you can slide the supplied 3-9×40 AO scope. The pack contains a bipod mount, protection cap, rifle scope and a silencer. It is the best air rifle you can get at PKR 12,500 in Pakistan.


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