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If you are a Jazz customer and have recently activated an internet package, you must be looking to know how much internet volume you got or how many MBs are left. However, just like thousands of other customers, chances are you don’t know how to do that or what is the Jazz MB check code. Don’t worry, in this article; we will provide you all the codes along with the information and methods through which you can check your remaining or consumed mobile data.

Jazz is a popular 4G mobile operating company in Pakistan that covers all the regions of Pakistan. Until now, the company has successfully gained the trust of more than 66 million mobile users in Pakistan. This shows the reliability of the company and how good its services, features, and offers are. Jazz has gained a lot of popularity due to its 4G LTE network.

The method is pretty much straightforward and is best suited for prepaid customers who are willing to know the amount of MBs they have. All you have to do is dial a code, and you will get the information on the remaining internet volume. Read on to find out how to check Jazz’s remaining MBs.

How to Check Remaining Jazz MBs

Jazz offers you high-speed 4G internet to allow you to stream non-stop and download stuff at high rates at extremely affordable costs. 

You can check the remaining internet MBs by dialing the internet package code you subscribed to and *2# with it. So, the code becomes *internet-package-code*2#. If you have subscribed to the Jazz weekly premium package, the activation code is *117*47#. The Jazz MB check code for this package will be  *117*47*2#.

If you are using Jazz’s monthly premium internet package, you must know that *2000# is the code for this package. So, the Jazz MB check code for this internet package will be *2000*2#. So in this way, you can just dial the respective code, and then you can check the remaining internet on your monthly premium package by Jazz prepaid or any other package. 

How Can I Check Remaining Jazz Balance?

If you are using Mobilink Jazz network or Jazz sim, you can check the remaining balance by dialing a USSD code on your dialer. The code you need to dial is *111#. After dialing, you will instantly receive a message having the summary of your remaining Jazz balance along with its expiry date.

How To Check Jazz Free MBs with Jazz App

If you don’t want to get in the hassle of dialing code or forgot about the codes and don’t have time to search on the internet for codes, you can check the remaining Jazz MBs through the Jazz App. The process of checking Jazz Free MBs on the app is very easy. Just download the application from the play store or apple store and enjoy the app while sitting at home.

So, these were the codes required to check the remaining internet, mobile data, or MBs on your Jazz internet 4G package. We are confident we have given you enough information through which you can easily check Jazz’s remaining MBs. We have mentioned MB check code Jazz along with other MB check codes. You can visit their official website for any additional information or call their helpline 111.

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