Differentiate Between Original Product from a Counterfeit One

Differentiate between original product from a counterfeit one, We all are aware of the fact that various luxurious and famous brands are prone to becoming targets of counterfeit product manufacturing companies. These counterfeits are so similar in appearance with a minimum price that a common person cannot resist him/herself from buying it. Of Course, the quality and performance are compromised in these products, but people still fall easily into their traps. Additionally, it is always hard to differentiate between an original product from a counterfeit one so these are some tips that will surely help you. Some brands allow you to check the authenticity by looking up the serial number on the website/app or scanning the barcode.

It is a very common practice that people fail to differentiate between the original product and counterfeit one in the online and local markets. These fake products are the result of cheating and fraud done by various faulty companies. And you cannot imagine the consequences and damage done by their products. So, the question arises how you can differentiate between an original product from a counterfeit one? Read on and go through the tips to point out a fake product from the original ones and save yourself from inevitable disasters. 

What are counterfeit goods?

Counterfeit goods can be defined as copies or imitations of a product that are intended to be taken as authentic and genuine in order to deceive a person.

Tips to Differentiate Between Original Product from a Counterfeit One

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Tip 1: Find Authentic Sellers

Look for authentic retail stores, online stores, and sellers so that you are sure that you are buying a product from a trusted person. They will also give you an authentic receipt. Many shopkeepers are giving awesome discounts for products that are “new in the market” or those which are “imported.” But try not to fall into these fake marketing gimmicks.

Tip 2: Have Some Knowledge about Brand

Have a closer look at the packaging of the product while buying it. The fraud companies most of the time use font types, colors, and artwork for the packaging of counterfeits similar to the original products. But if you look closely and compare both of the products, you will clearly see a difference in the change of font of text, color scheme, size, and logo. You can also go to the brand’s website and verify whether the product is counterfeit or not.

Tip 3: How is the packaging?

It is one of the most visible hints that helps in recognizing a counterfeit product. It is so because well-known brands and premium companies pay a lot of attention to the product packaging. Counterfeiters don’t care much about the packaging. Therefore, the item doesn’t fit properly in the box, the product is shabbily packed, and the packing box material is usually sagging cardboard or poor quality plastic.

Tip 4: No Accessories

Original products mostly come with useful supplements and crucial accessories for the ease of use of customers. Some of the important items include instruction manuals, warranty cards, customer guides, chargers, and more.[1] These essentials always come with a branded product. If a product is missing these, chances are it is a counterfeit one.

Tip 5: Brand’s Website

Counterfeiters either don’t have a website or have a fake or scam one. One can easily identify the site by looking at its user interface, design, and overall layout. In contrast, brands have a good and professional, user-friendly website consisting of their products, services, blogs, customer support, and more.


With so many advancements in technology and highly modernized machinery, one can easily make counterfeits of original products. So, skillful people can easily dupe consumers by marketing their replicated and fake products. And, surely the market is flooded with such scam products. So, to help you in identifying and differentiate between fake and real products, we have provided you with helpful tips. You should always keep these tips in mind so that you are saved from being cheated. We are confident if you remember these tips, you will not be taken for a ride. Happy shopping!

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