Best Glucometer in Pakistan

Glucometers are important for daily blood sugar testing for a successful diabetes management plan. It measures the blood sugar level to help you determine whether it is under control or not. It also helps you identify the patterns that can lead to a crash or spike. It also shows how different factors like exercise and stress can impact your blood sugar. You can also find out the effectiveness of the diabetes medication the patient may be taking. If you are looking to buy the best glucometer in Pakistan, you need to consider several things such as small sample size, code free or not code free, strip enzyme, etc. All these factors can be quite confusing when you are making a decision to pick the best glucometer in Pakistan. In this article, I have given in detail what features you should look for in a glucometer and which one is the best glucometer in Pakistan which will help you find the best glucometer for your loved ones.

How to Buy the Best Glucometer in Pakistan?

Amount of Blood Required:

Make sure the glucometer doesn’t prick too deep especially if you are buying it for those who will need to test multiple times a day. A high blood volume was required to get the test results for the old meters which means that the pricker would penetrate deeper into the skin. On the other hand, the latest meters need around 0.6ml or less of blood. This means that you don’t have to prick too deeply into your skin. Ensure to check if the meter requires more blood than this while purchasing. 

Strip Enzyme:

Glucose strips are available with different enzymes and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common enzymes on glucose strips are glucose oxidase (GOD) and FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase (GDH-FAD), GDH-PQQ. One of the major disadvantages of GDH-PQQ is that it also detects other sugars in the blood such as maltose, galactose and xylose apart from glucose. Due to this reason, the patients who are taking medicines containing maltose, xylose, etc will get incorrect readings. If they take any action for this false high reading, it can cause hypoglycemia.

GDH-FAD and GOD enzymes do not encounter the issue of hypoglycemia. Also, GOD strips can be affected by oxygen and the oxygen content in the blood sample can affect the readings. This type of enzyme also interferes with acetaminophen or Tylenol. Because of this, the patients who take acetaminophen would not get an accurate reading with the GOD enzyme based strip.

GDH-FAD is a better choice as it avoids both these problems as it does not interfere with xylose. However, GHD-FAD is more expensive than GOD strips, that’s why people buy GOD more than GHD-FAD.

Code-Free or Non Code-Free:

Strips can vary from batch to batch. The older models of glucometer required the users to enter a code that was printed on the packaging of the strip pack which would allow glucometer to give results according to that particular batch of the strips. The latest glucometer read the code information imprinted on the strips themselves. The users don’t have to manually enter the code manually which is a huge convenience for the older people.

Number of strips in Individual Packing:

Strips that come in vial-packing get tempered as they start to react with humidity, air and light immediately when the vial is opened. When a vial packing containing 25-50 strips is opened, all the strips get exposed to the environment even when you are just taking one strip at that particular time. This makes the rest of the strips less accurate. Moreover, the shelf-life of vial-packed strips is not as long as the ones that come in individual foil-packing.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Doctors and nurses have to check the glucose trends to make decisions for the treatment plan. The quality of their decisions depends on the quality of the data available. The normal glucometers available in the market usually store a few readings and display one or two types of averages. But, you will need more testing data to figure out the trends. The doctor needs to see the date and time when the reading was taken or was it taken pre-meal, post-meal or while fasting. They also need the data to see if the patient shows some extraordinary trends. So buy a meter that can store as much data as possible.

Best Glucometer in Pakistan


Best Glucometer Pakistan-pip

Price in Pakistan: PKR 3,177/-

ACCU-CHEK Active is small and compact but has a large display. It is extremely easy to use with only 2 buttons to operate. It features an alert system for underdosing or expired strips. It can store reports up to 90 days of test results. It is highly convenient to use as you can use strips in or out of the meter. It needs 1-2µL of blood samples to give test results within 5 seconds. The battery lasts long enough for 1000 tests and it can record up to 500 results.

Glu-Saga Glucometer:

Best Glucometer-pip

Price in Pakistan: PKR 2,000/-

Glu Saga Glucometer needs just 0.6µL of blood sample to give you reading which means you do not need too deep pricking to take the blood sample. It will give you test results within 10 seconds. It has enough battery power to take as many blood tests as 4000. It has unlimited memory which allows you to store data of as many tests as you take. The individual foil packaging which keeps the GDH-FAD strips safe. This kit comes with 10 lancets, 10strips, a traveling pouch and a lancing device.


Glucometer in Pakistan-pip

Price in Pakistan: PKR 2,500/-

Accu-Chek Performa is one of the most famous glucometers in Pakistan. It is easy to use as it doesn’t require coding or set up to use. It allows you to set up reminders for tests. ACCU-CHEK Performa has enough storage to store results of up to 500 test results. It comes with an easy-to-read, large display which is a huge convenience for old people who have weak eyesight. It requires 0.6µL of blood sample to give results within 5 seconds. The battery lasts enough for 2000 tests.



Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,500/-

Accu-Chek Instant S is one of the most convenient glucometers in Pakistan. It has 1-button navigation which is just what you need. It doesn’t need to be set up to use. It needs just 0.6µL of blood sample to show results on a large LCD display within 4 seconds. It has a long battery life with which you can take up to 1000 tests and can record up to 720 test results. Another positive point of ACCU-CHEK Instant S is that it comes with individual foil packed stips which keeps the rest of strips safe and make results more accurate.


Glucometer Pakistan-pip

Price in Pakistan: PKR 4,450/-

Freestyle Lite is a compact and convenient glucometer which is easy to use and carry around. It has a backlit screen and a strip port light which makes it easier for testing anywhere anytime. It is a user-friendly meter which does not require any kind of coding. Pick Freestyle Lite for painless testing as it needs just 0.3µL of blood sample and gives results within 5 seconds. You can as many as 1000 tests with its long lasting battery and it can record up to 400 test results.


FREESTYLE OPTIUM NEO-price in pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 2,400/-

Freestyle Optium Neo is ultra thin, lightweight and compact enough to fit your pocket. It measures blood glucose as well as blood ketone with clinical accuracy. You will get results with only 0.6 µL of blood sample within 5 seconds for glucose and 10 seconds for blood ketone testing. It features a large, easy-to-read, high-contrast screen and unique insulin logging features. It also notifies you when your blood glucose levels need attention. It comes with individually foil-wrapped test strips which helps prevent contamination.


EVOCHECK GM700-price in pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 2000/-

EVOCHECK GM700 is the smartest premium blood glucose monitoring system with unique strip design which offers best accuracy and convenience. It is an FDA cleared and ISO certified meter. It has increased user confidence in the accuracy of the test results for better diabetes management for patients. It has an auto coding feature and a unique strips design with separate holding area to prevent contamination of strips. It gives results with only 0.75 µL of blood sample within 5 seconds. It has battery life for up to 1000 tests and can record results of up to 1000 tests.



Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,800/-

Easymax is a self-monitoring blood glucose system meter machine with very quick and accurate results. It features the latest amperometric biosensor technology that gives maximum convenience and efficiency. Also, it is designed to test fresh capillary from the fingertip or palm. It delivers results with only 0.6 µL of blood sample within 5 seconds. The long battery life is enough to take up to 2000 tests and can record results of about 480 tests.


ACON ON CALL PLUS-price in pakistan

Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,100/-

It is a clinically validated1 1 star blood glucose meter. It is designed for both professional use and self measurement. It requires as little as 0.5 µL of blood sample to give results of a glucose test within 10 seconds. It can record up to 300 results of tests. It comes with GOD strips in individual foil packaging to prevent them from getting contaminated.. 


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