8 Best Foot Scrub in Pakistan in 2024

Our feet go through the roughest treatment over the course of the day and they also get a rough deal when it comes to pampering. Though they carry your weight around your everyday life, from nights out to the gym. You may not feel like including an extra step in your skincare routine solely for your feet, but that’s where a good quality foot scrub comes in handy. Most of the foot scrubs combine moisturizers with exfoliating ingredients along with essential oils for added benefits. To correct cracked heels and smoothen out the callouses, lookout for a good quality exfoliator. Gritty exfoliators such as walnuts and apricot seeds can effectively remove the dead skin cell but they are not suitable for the more sensitive skin types. Scrub with sugar or pumice as an active ingredient is a more gentle option.

If you are looking for a foot scrub to pamper your feet, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have put together a list of the best foot scrub in Pakistan that will make your feet super smooth and reinvigorate your feet.

Benefits of Using a Foot Scrub

  • The best quality foot scrub will effectively remove all the dead skin cells that accumulate around the feet especially on the soles of the feet and make them look dry and dull. 
  • It will get rid of any dust, dirt, and dead skin that accumulate on the feet. 
  • It removes tanning and evens out your skin, giving your feet an instant brightening effect.

How to Use a Foot Scrub?

Follow these steps to wash your feet with a foot scrub:

  • Take a tub filled with warm water and dip your feet in it for 10-15 minutes and rinse them with soap.
  • Put the foot scrub cream and scrub your feet well. 
  • Moisturize your feet using a rich moisturizer, body butter, or foot cream.

Tips to Use a Foot Scrub

  • Pull up a pair of thick socks after using a foot scrub.
  • The best time to use a foot scrub is at night.
  • You can use a body scrub on your feet as well as long as it is coarse enough.
  • Don’t use a foot scrub more than twice a week to make sure your feet not only look great but also feel great.
  • You will need a pumice stone or get a pedicure to remove the dead skin on the soles.
  • To remove the cracks in the feet, you will need a moisturizer regularly as a foot scrub will only make them look lighter.
  • A foot scrub sloughs off the top layer of the skin on your feet and gives your brighter, softer skin underneath. 

Best Foot Scrub in Pakistan

1. Dr. Derma Whitening Hand & Foot Scrub

Best Foot Scrub in PakistanIt is a unique multi-action product that helps in eliminating calluses, dry and rough skin while cleaning and deodorizing. It is suitable for all skin types even for blemished, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin. It blends the body hair evenly with your complexion. The fruit extracts included in the product make your skin glow naturally. 

Smear the product in small amounts onto your wet feet and hands and rub it in circular motions. Wait for 10-15 minutes to let it absorb in the skin and then rinse thoroughly. Apply a moisturizer afterward to achieve soft and smooth skin.

2. De’bello Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub

Best Foot Scrub Pakistan-PIPWalnut hand & foot scrub provides the best means to maintain your hands and feet, making them feel tidy and look attractive. Regular exfoliation is essential to removing unpleasant dead skin layers as well as surface area dust. Abraded pine oat, coating, and pumice flour efficiently take out dead skin cells and dirt, uncovering a fresh, clear layer of healthy skin. It has a range of natural oils that leave behind a smooth feeling. Therefore you can easily stay good-looking.

Put a quarter-sized volume into your damp hands. Rub your hands together gently, smearing the scrub on your feet or hands, even your nails. Do not scrub vigorously; as this might cause scuffings. Clean off with lukewarm water. Use daily for the best results.

3. Pure Skin Solution Whitening Hand & Foot Scrub 200 ML

Best Foot Scrub-PIPPure Skin Solution has formulated this delightfully smelling item with Avocado oil and apricot butter. It is effective in making your hands and feet smooth and soft by taking out the dead skin. Because of its unique blend of exfoliating agents like Salt and Almond paste.

It makes your skin feel exceptionally delicate clearing away the dead skin layer. It contains Avocado oil and apricot butter that work together to give you soft and lightened skin on your hands and feet.

4. Aina Classic Hand And Foot Beauty Cream Manicure and Pedicure 40gm

Foot Scrub in Pakistan-PIPIt is one of the best feet and hands whitening creams you will find in Pakistan. It is suitable for both men and women and gives a long-lasting effect. To achieve the best results you have to regularly apply it both night and day. It has an SPF that protects your limbs from sun damage. It works great for removing dark circles, shields your skin from dirt and environmental damage making it soft and smooth.

5. Go 4 Glow Pedi Solution Pedicure Foot Soak 200g

Foot Scrub-PIPThis all-natural plant-based mix of pedicure saturate includes antiseptic, recuperation, and deodorizing properties. It contains all-natural herbal tea tree oil that works great for conditioning feet. It includes peppermint and lavender that stimulates blood circulation to revive and refresh your skin. The minerals and Epson sodiums aids to soften dry out the skin, calluses, and follicles. This makes your feet appear smooth, soft, and healthy.

Take an ample quantity of pedicure soak, use it on the whole of the feet and submerge it in a pedicure tub of lukewarm water for 10-15 mins to obtain faster favorable outcomes to relax dry skin and follicles.

6. Freeman Bare Foot Butter Cream Eucalyptus 125ml

Freeman Bare Foot Butte-PIPThe revitalizing active ingredients used in this product are fresh off the farm. The sweet-smelling Fig and vitalizing Eucalyptus nourish and calm your skin. Shea Butter smooths the undernourished, dried skin to deeply moisturize ubiquitously giving you a renewed skin layer.

It contains rejuvenating active ingredients of sweet-smelling Fig. The energizing Eucalyptus alleviates and supports the skin layer.

7. Greenland Fruit Emotions Mint Lavender Foot Scrub 75ml

Greenland Fruit Foot Scrub-Price in PakistanThe fine scrub particles get rid of dead skin layer cells and carefully clean your feet giving you soft and smooth feet. The menthol in this product freshens and cools down your skin. It also includes glycerin, which retains moisture and makes the skin layer pliable and smooth.

It is an exceptional foot scrub that combines the vital oils of peppermint and lavender with the nurturing result of glycerin. After utilizing this scrub, your feet will definitely feel delicate and refined again and look well cared for. The fragrance blend is actually subtle and is going to keep your feet scenting clean for hrs. 

8. Feet Up Comfort Anti-Perspirant Foot Cream

Anti-Perspirant Foot Cream-Price in PakistanIt is formulated along with all-natural sage extract and tea plant oil. It is a dermatologically evaluated cream that promptly rejuvenates and restricts excessive sweat to keep your feet dry and wonderfully clean. One of the best things about this product is that it does not leave any sticky residue behind.

Herbal tea Tree oil is actually renowned for its deodorizing and purifying properties along with its own benefits, moisturizing perks. The sage extract has excellent antimicrobial and astringent effects and works in your skin to energize it. For more information click here.

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