Best Beard Oil in Pakistan

A good, well managed beard can change your looks completely and add more authority to your personality. It is something really special for men. However, only a few people know that it takes a lot of work and care to maintain a good-looking and organized beard. There are many hurdles in growing a good beard as not everyone has a perfect beard. Some people have patchy beards, some have disoriented beards and some don’t grow a beard at all. If you are trying to grow a beard, you must come across many myths. For example, rubbing hands on the face after eating or shaving everyday helps grow a better beard. None of these are true.

Your beard depends on hormones and genes. To make up for such barriers, various brands are now offering beard oils to help people grow and maintain a nice looking beard. In this article, I will review several beard oils you can find in Pakistan and I will tell which one is the best beard oil in Pakistan.

Best Beard Oil in Pakistan

Dari Mooch:

Beard Oil-Price in Pakistan

Dari Mooch offers the best beard oil in Pakistan. It is formulated with a blend of amino acids and essential proteins along with the premium quality Jamaican Castor oil which helps in growing a dense and healthy beard. Daari Mooch Beard Oil is completely free of silicone, mineral oil, paraben, sulphate and petroleum. Daari Mooch offers a complete package for those who want to keep a beard. There are also Growth Shampoo and Growth Vitamin Spray which give best results when combined with the beard oil. You can buy the whole kit of Dari Mooch for PKR 3,000.

J. Beard Oil:

Best Beard Oil-Price in Pakistan

  1. has recently launched a beard oil which has proven results of enhancing beard growth.

It is formulated with Almond Oil, minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium, vitamins A, B, E, and F and mild hypoallergenic highly potent antioxidants. 

It moisturizes your skin keeping it soft and supple by acting on the follicle. It reduces itching, makes the beard thicker and longer, gives hygienic feeling and a shinier and sleek look. It is infused with highly potent antioxidants which makes it suitable for all skin types.

  1. Beard Oil comes in a package which includes an oil bottle, traditional beard comb and a handy mirror. You can get it for PKR 2,300 from any J. outlet.

Wabees Beard Oil:

Beard Oil in Pakistan-Price in Pakistan

Wabees offer several different kinds of beard oils with different sorts of composition. There are Smoky Istanbul, Wabees Oudh Argan, Airy Alexandria, Coco Mint, Earthy Jerusalem,  and Treatment beard oil.

Smoky Istanbul bear oil nourishes the epidermal forest floor of the beard and reduces flakiness and itching. It contains Olive Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Vitamin E oil, Nigella Sativa Oil, amazing fragrance and much more. Oudh Argan beard oil is formulated with Oid Wood Extract and Argan oil which provides flexible light hold and texture for softer styles while adding fullness to your facial hair. Airy Alexandria beard oil keeps the skin healthy reducing irritation and softens the beard. It has a wonderful aroma of Lemon, Orange, Lavender, and PepperMint. Treatment beard oil by Wabees is highly effective against dandruff, dryness and acne. It improves the overall health of the beard. 

Wabees beard oils are available at a reasonable price in Pakistan. If you are looking for noticeable results at less price, Wabees is the way to go for you. Its price ranges from PKR 700 to PKR 1,200.

SAC Beard Oil:

Best Beard Oil Pakistan-Price in Pakistan


S-Amden Group of Companies also manufactures one of the top quality beard oils in Pakistan. It is formulated with purest Herbal Oil which will make your beard stronger, darker and heavier while nourishing your facial pores for better hair growth. However, this oil may not be suitable for those who have highly sensitive skin. SAC beard oil is available for PKR 550 which makes it one of the most affordable beard oil in the store.

Final Thoughts:

Though there are several companies that are offering beard oil, the ones offered by Dari mooch, JWabees and SAC are much more effective and good quality than the rest of the brands. Their products are available at a considerably lower price than the other brands.


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