7 Best Cricket Academies in Pakistan

People of Pakistan are crazy about cricket. It is the most popular outdoor game in Pakistan Cricket is a passion of many young sportsmen in the country. The fact that the prime minister of Pakistan is a former Pakistan’s national cricket team’s captain can give you some idea how much people love this game.

There are several best cricket academies in Pakistan that provide the best training you can get to be a top-class player. Here, they teach the techniques and science of cricket. 

In this article, we will be discussing the Top cricket academies in Pakistan where young cricketers get the best training to realize their dreams of playing for Pakistan someday.

Top 7 Cricket Academies in Pakistan

Here is the list of the top cricket academies in Pakistan for young players to get the training they need:

  • Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy
  • Aleem Dar Cricket Academy
  • Tareen Cricket Academy
  • Customs Cricket Academy
  • Azad Cricket Academy
  • Vital Five Cricket Club
  • National Cricket Academy

1. Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy

Best Cricket Academies in Pakistan

Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy was founded by one of the most skilled spinners of all time, Mr. Abdul Qadir. The academy is now being run by his son Mr. Salman Qadir.

There are many international cricketers who belong to this academy including Usman Qadir and Naseem Shah. It has given some best quality players to the Pakistan cricket team.

Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy has highly qualified management and trainers who have the skills, passion, and everything needed to train the international level cricketers.

It conducts sessions of training and drills in a beautiful cricket ground where many national-level games have been played. Pakistan cricket players often come to this academy to take part in training sessions and give helpful tips and tricks to the youngsters to groom their skills.

It is located in Hafeez Kardar Road, Gulberg III, Lahore. It is also one of the most expensive cricket academies in Pakistan with PKR 15000 for Admission Fees, PKR 3,500 for the kit, and PKR 5000 as Monthly Fees.

2. Aleem Dar Cricket Academy

Best Cricket Academies Pakistan-pip

Aleem Dar Cricket Academy is founded by a well-known Pakistani International cricket umpire; Aleem Dar. He is one of the top-ranked umpires in the world. He has won the ICC Best umpire of the year title thrice in a row for Pakistan.

It is one of the best cricket academies in Pakistan. It has turned many young players into cricket stars who played for Pakistan.

Young people with impaired hearing are provided free of cost coaching and free monthly scholarships. The academy gives admission to youth between 7-19 years of age only. Here, different categories are made based on their age groups

It offers many facilities for cricket coaching including net practice, drills on a lush green ground, weekly matches, matches with other academies. 

It is located near LDA Officers, Behind Mian Plaza, Johar Town, Lahore. The fee structure of this academy is as follows:

  1. PKR 7000 Admission Fee
  2. PKR 1000 Kit
  3. PKR 3000 Monthly Fee

3. Tareen Cricket Academy

 Tareen Cricket Academy-pip

Tareen Cricket Academy was founded by the co-owner of Multan Sultans; Ali Khan Tareen. Its sole purpose is to provide opportunities to the youngsters of Lodhran to become world-class cricket players.

It is situated in the undisturbed greenery of Lodhran which is an underrepresented outpost in rural Pakistan. The facilities here are pretty basic but everyone is welcome to join it. It runs on the principle of altruism to find the gems from the dust and improve the national player pool. 

Tareen Cricket Academy has been visited by some of the greatest players of all time such as Mushtaq Ahmed, Azhar Mahmood, Garethy Batty, Ian Pont, and Jonty Rhodes. World’s top-class cricketers are often invited here to spend the week watching over the academy’s weeklong, semi-regular camps. The South African specialist batting coach Gio Colussi and former England Cricket’s performance director and spin bowling coach David Parsons are heading this academy.

4. Customs Cricket Academy

Best Cricket Academie in Pakistan

It is the best cricket academy in the world, let alone in Pakistan. It was established by Waqar Hassan in 1999. Waqar Hassan was a part of the first Pakistani cricket team. The idea behind establishing the academy was to develop and promote cricket to the less privileged youth.

It has all kinds of facilities required by beginner and advanced level cricketers for both national and international level cricket.

It is recognized by Pakistan Cricket Board as it has top-class facilities and highly skilled coaches who train the young cricketers. Its members often take part in domestic and first-class level cricket.

There is a long list of players who hailed from this prestigious academy and represented the Pakistan national cricket team. The players are Muhammad Sami, Rashid Latif, Shadab Kabir, Hasan Raza, Naved Latif, Fawad Alam, Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, Anwar Ali, Rameez Aziz, and Yasir Shah.

The facilities here include Speed Gun, Bowling Machine, Gymnasium, Cricket E-Tech Equipment, Cement Wicket for certain types of drills, catching cradle, 10 turf cricket nets with the green outfield, matting pitch for specific purposes, analysis wing, and special coaching programs.

It is located in F.B. Area Block 15, Gulshan-e-Mustafa, Back Side of UBL, Cricket Ground, Karachi. It is the most affordable academy in Pakistan with PKR 1000 as Admission Fee and PKR 2000 Monthly Fee.

5. Azad Cricket Academy

 Azad Cricket Academy-pip

Azad Cricket Academy was established by the Pakistan test cricketer Mr. Saeed Azad. The idea behind its foundation is to provide facilities and fostering grounds to the young emerging talent in Pakistan to become a world-class cricketer.

It provides various facilities to its members such as its beautiful lush green ground, highly skilled coaches, and taking part in U-16, U-17 and U-19 tournaments in Karachi. 

It conducts net practice sessions thrice a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Players of all ages can become a part of cricket training here.

It located at CAA Airport Cricket Ground, Karachi. The fee structure here is also pretty affordable. It demands a PKR 3500 for Admission Fee and PKR 1000 for the monthly fee.

6. Vital Five Cricket Club

Vital Five Cricket Club-pip

Vital Five Cricket Club provides cricket training to the youth to enhance their game skills. It provides youngsters with an environment to learn techniques, play and enjoy the game, understanding its essence.

Many renowned cricketers of Pakistan have come from this academy. It offers its members opportunities to participate in different competitions, provide the best coaching to groom their skills, and help underprivileged youngsters who have a passion for the game.

The members of Vital Five Cricket Club enjoy various facilities such as its ground, indoor cricket arena, fitness center, dressing room, net practice, and accommodation for cricketers coming from remote areas.

Vital Five Cricket Club is located adjacent to SKBZ College, Phase IV Khy-Rahat DHA, Karachi. Its fee structure is pretty simple and inexpensive. It’s PKR 1000 as an Admission fee and PKR 2000 as monthly fees. You will have to purchase your kit yourself.

7. The National Cricket Academy Lahore

National Cricket Academy Lahore-pip

NCA produces top-quality players who can face all kinds of challenges in the game. It focuses on the painstaking process of team building. It provides the youngsters with systems and training to groom the players for international challenges. 

Over the last couple of years, PCB has enhanced the levels of excellence of the academy by developing the infrastructure and equipment of NCA. NCA works on enhancing the individual’s skill set, building consistency and qualities of a leader to build a perfect team. It uses scientific techniques and methods for analyzing each player’s performance for continual improvement.

NCA has no admission procedure so you cannot get admission into NCA yourself. The admission to NCA is made purely on the basis of skills. The selectors select the players after viewing your performance and make the decision. It doesn’t provide coaching/training to the general public. For more information click here.

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