The 5 Best Pressure Cooker in Pakistan 2024

A pressure cooker is the best way to put soups, stews and one-pot dishes on the dinner table in less time. Simply put the ingredients into the pot, lock the lid and wait till it’s done. Having a good pressure cooker is just nice to have as it allows you to get a full meal in less than an hour with little to no minimal prep work.

In the article down below we have listed some of the best pressure cookers in Pakistan after evaluating how good they are at pressure cooking a beef stew. 

We have tested their ability to make meat brown and the time they take to come up to pressure and then release it naturally.

We have also examined each and every model’s ease of use, the safety it offers, ease of cleaning the cooking insert and how clearly written the instructions are. With these models of pressure cookers you will be able to make set-and-forget meals that take up so much time.

How To Pick the Best Pressure Cooker

The best pressure cooker is versatile, durable, safe, simple to use and easy to clean. We have prioritized the best pressure cooker on the bases of the following criteria:

  • Versatility

The best pressure cookers are versatile and multi-cookers, with the ability to cook different types of food. They can effectively pressure-cook, saute, slow-cook, make rice, steam and sometimes yogurt. Models with different modes and techniques can fine-tune cooking.

  • User Friendliness

Pressure cookers can be hard to set up for novices therefore your pressure should be easy to use right out of the box. It should have clear instructions and lets you know exactly what exactly is happening during cooking. Check if it is easy to open and close even when hot.

  • Material Used and Construction

The material used and construction of a pressure cooker determines how durable and safe to use it is. The uncoated stainless steel pressure cookers are a much better choice. The nonstick coatings will wear out after several uses even if you handle it carefully and don’t scratch it with metal spoons and tongs. Also, pick up a pressure cooker that comes with detachable lids that you can easily clean by simply submerging in soapy water.

  • Replaceable Parts and Warranty

The warranty for most of the pressure cookers covers only the main components of the cooker and does not include valves, gaskets, seals, and parts. Even though the warranty doesn’t cover these small parts, they should be easily available separately as you will have to replace these parts depending on use.

  • Size and Storage

Before buying a pressure cooker, do consider if your pressure cooker meets your needs and is easy to store. Also, see if there are any features that can make it more compact.

  • Cooking

Your pressure cooker should be able to cook a variety of recipes to delight your palate with different tastes. It should tenderize meat in less time, it should cook recipes and pulses with a lot of liquid.

Best Pressure Cooker in Pakistan

Sonex Pressure Cooker

Sonex Pressure Cooker-pip Sonex pressure cooker is a perfect choice for tastier, healthier, and faster cooking. It is completely induction-ready and compatible with other kitchen equipment by Sonex. It allows you to make tender meats and flavorful meals that can be cooked amazingly within minutes. It makes cooking a lot easier even for the novices and the busiest families. Sonex pressure cookers are one of the best accessories that allow you to put fresh meals on the dinner table in little time. 

Kitchen King Feast Pressure Cooker

Kitchen King Feast Pressure Cooker-pip Cooking fish, chicken, beef and vegetables has never been so easy. It prepares your food to perfection. It effectively tenderizes cuts of meat in a fraction of time. It is made with heavy-duty anodized aluminum which makes it more durable and also distributes heat in a better way. This amazing construction gives optimal cooking and the best performance.

Chef Steamer Pressure Cooker

Chef Steamer Pressure Cooker-pip It brings you 2-in-1 functions; it is a cooker and a streamer. The construction is durable, easy to handle and wash. It can tenderize meat and vegetables in a little time. It cooks at 12 psi which lessens cooking time.

Euro Ultra Pressure Cooker Anodized

Euro Ultra Pressure Cooker-pip It has a huge capacity of 25 liters with a depth of 22.6 cm and a diameter of 28.5 cm. It is made with anodized aluminum giving it great durability and making it safe for cooking.

Sonex Diamond Coating

Sonex Diamond Coating-pip It includes 3 safety control systems. It maintains proper air pressure automatically and it has an extreme air pressure safety valve. The base of the pressure cooker evenly distributes the heat on the surface for perfect cooking. The coating is chemical free and safe for cooking.

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