How to Open Opus File? Complete Guide

If you don’t know how to open opus file, you have stepped into the right shop. The opus file from a call recording system might not be familiar, but almost every high-quality audio software will play it. The default audio player of Windows, Windows Media Player, is a notable exception. That is why sometimes you cannot run the opus file on it. In this piece of writing, we will talk about two ways through which you can open an opus file, without installing any new software. 

What is an OPUS file?

Open Opus File

OPUS file is an audio file made in the Opus format which is also known as the Ogg Opus. It is a lossy audio format made for streaming on the internet. It uses both CELT (from Xiph.Org) and SILK (used by Skype) codecs. Opus file supports variable bit rates from 6 kb/s up to 510 kb/s.

The Opus codec is used for in-game chat, Voice over IP (VoIP), and video conferencing. This format is maintained by Xiph.Org and was standardized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). As the Opus codec is mostly used for streaming, Opus files encoded with the Opus codec are not common.

How To Open Opus File: Two Methods

Method One: Using VLC Player

We all know what VLC Media Player is famous for. This free audio software can work on any Windows. You can open .opus files through the VLC media player as well. If you have it already, just make sure to update it, or else the opus file may not run smoothly. Just right-click on the desired opus file, click on “Open With…” and then choose VLC Media Player.


Opus File-pip

If the VLC player does not appear on the drop-down menu, click on “More Options” on Windows 8 and “More Apps” on Windows 10. From there, choose VLC and click on the option “Always use this app to open .opus files”.

Open Opus-pip

 Method Two: Select a Web Browser  or Groove Music as the Default Program for Opus Files

Save the file to your Documents or Desktop, since you may not have this option if the Opus file is an attachment in an email such as Outlook.  Right-click on the desired opus file and choose “Open With…” Groove Music. This multimedia player is available on Windows 8 and 10. If the player you want to use doesn’t appear in the dropped-down list, click on “More Apps”. 

How Open Opus-pip

How to Open Opus-pip

Open Opus File-pip

Alternatively, you can choose Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome as the default program to open the opus file. For your information, popular web browsers have the feature to play most media files. Just ensure that the “Always use this app to open .opus files” box is checked. You may not find the option to open the file via web browser, so you have to click on “Choose Another App”, then click on “ More Apps” and from the list, choose a web browser.

How to Open Opus Files

Open Opus File-pip

How Open Opus File-pip


People often find it hard to open opus files but it is effortless to open them. There are different free audio software that you can use to open opus files. We have guided you to open opus files using this audio software. Just follow the process in the right way and you can easily open opus files without any error or trouble.

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