Inverter Technology Vs Power Inverter Vs Solar inverter

Inverter air conditioners and refrigerators have been in the market for quite some time. In the beginning, people were unsure about this new technology but now inverter technology is preferred in the air conditioners and refrigerators. It is hailed by the consumers because of its energy saving capability. There is myth circulating around among many … Read more

How Does Inverter Technology Save Electricity?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioners. One of the main reasons for this question is that people doubt the energy saving capabilities of inverter technology. The most common perception is: “you can’t save more than 7-10% by simply eliminating the on/off cycle. Those who claim to save 40% are … Read more

Difference between 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton AC

Are you stuck choosing between 1 ton and 1.5 ton air conditioner? 1 ton vs 1.5 ton is an old debate and it’s a tough choice. However, learning about the basic differences between the two can help you make the right choice. With scalding hot summer approaching, many people would be thinking about buying an … Read more

Best Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan

best inverter ac in pakistan

As the summer approaches, we are haunted by the thoughts of restless, hot, and humid nights. Air conditioners are the best way to ensure calm sleep in the summer nights. If your old air conditioner has not been working properly, or it has been piling up your electricity bill then you might be thinking about … Read more

Triple, Dual, and Normal Inverter AC

Everyone has been hailing the benefits of inverter AC ever since this technology came on the market. Inverter is a device that regulates the power and electric current to the compressor according to the requirement. Now, there has come something better with the advancement in inverter technology. Many brands such as Hitachi, LG and Samsung … Read more

Modes of a AC

With so many recent advancements in AC technologies, you can easily get confused by the symbols and names on its remote controller. Unless you take your time to read the manual, chances are you only know about the cooling and heating modes of your air conditioner. Today, air conditioners come with numerous features that ensure … Read more