Things You Should Avoid with Home UPS Inverters

Power cuts have been a problem forever especially when the scorching sun soars overheads when power cuts mean more sweat. The best solution to this problem is to install the best inverter at your home. An inverter is a device that stores energy (electricity) as a backup in the batteries when there is power and … Read more

Easy Step to Validate Exide Battery

Today, duplicate batteries are the biggest challenge for buyers who have limited knowledge of batteries. Now scammers have made duplicates for every battery. It is our responsibility to help you find a genuine battery from authentic battery dealers. The best way to avoid buying duplicate batteries is to buy directly from the battery dealer outlets … Read more

10 Points to Consider Before you Buy Inverter UPS

Are you thinking about buying an inverter UPS to counter the deadly combo of high degree centigrade temperature and load shedding? If that is the case, here are 10 points to consider before you buy inverter UPS.  Keeping the following 10 crucial points in mind while purchasing an inverter UPS will help you make the … Read more

Most Common Inverter Problems and Their Solutions

how to solve low battery back up problem in inverter An inverter is an essential device that provides continuous supply of power. A battery is the main component of an inverter. It extends the efficiency and life of the inverter. Regular battery and inverter maintenance and servicing ensures optimal performance of the power back-up system … Read more

Tubular batteries vs Normal batteries

Tubular batteries vs Normal batteries If you are going to purchase the inverter battery, you might wonder what is the difference between Tubular battery and other batteries (normal battery). Also, you might be wondering which one of them is better and which one to choose to connect with the home UPS and inverter. In this … Read more

Exide Gel Battery Review

Gel batteries are becoming more and more popular for UPS systems. They are different from the flooded lead acid batteries. The regular flooded Lead acid batteries require top up with distilled water at least once in three months. People often fail to maintain their inverter batteries which damages the cells and results in battery failure … Read more

Factors That Can Damage and Reduce Life Span of Battery

Batteries are the core elements of any UPS system. Availability and efficiency of the batteries are crucial for preventing downtime of equipment. At the same time, batteries are the most fragile, vulnerable, and prone-to-failure parts of UPS systems. They require proper maintenance and care to make sure they have maximum battery life. If a battery … Read more

Top 8 Government Universities in Lahore

Lahore is also referred to as the “City of Colleges” but the city also houses some top private and public universities in Pakistan that provide quality education. Government universities are the number one choice of many students for a number of reasons. In addition to providing high quality education and learning opportunities, government universities are … Read more