Best Shoe Brands In Pakistan

Shoes are a necessity for every person on the planet. They are as old as humankind. They have been a symbol of status. Shoe making industry has always been massively profitable. Today there are hundreds of shoe brands that make shoes in different shapes, materials, style and colouring. The best brands of shoes have become … Read more

Best Investment in Pakistan

It is a famous saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Today, the investment and banking industry has matured and people are more confident to invest in various fields that help them save and earn some money. There are some trustworthy avenues where people can save money for the rainy days. We need … Read more

Best Jobs in Pakistan

Your job determines how successful you are in life. Your success is usually measured by the salary you get through your work. We get professional education to be successful through a job or business. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best jobs that are highly paid in the market. … Read more

Best Laptop Brands in Pakistan

Laptops have become an indispensable element of everyone’s lives. They are in homes as well as offices around the world. Most people need laptops for work while others use them for entertainment purposes like playing games, watching movies and videos etc. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, new and updated models that give high … Read more

How to Choose Tubular Battery? Step-by-Step Guide

A tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery that has a larger size than a flat plate battery. Tubular batteries are the best inverter batteries for areas that face long but fewer power cuts. They have a longer service life and are more suitable for long power backup requirements. They require maintenance and fewer … Read more

How to Solve Low Voltage Issues in Home Inverters?

We don’t normally use stabilizers with home inverters unless you face extreme power surges frequently. These are some ways to solve low voltage issues in home Inverters. Home inverters usually come with a built-in safety setup such as an additional fuse and high voltage tripper to safeguard the internal components from accidental double voltage or … Read more

Things You Should Avoid with Home UPS Inverters

Power cuts have been a problem forever especially when the scorching sun soars overheads when power cuts mean more sweat. The best solution to this problem is to install the best inverter at your home. An inverter is a device that stores energy (electricity) as a backup in the batteries when there is power and … Read more

Easy Step to Validate Exide Battery

Today, duplicate batteries are the biggest challenge for buyers who have limited knowledge of batteries. Now scammers have made duplicates for every battery. It is our responsibility to help you find a genuine battery from authentic battery dealers. The best way to avoid buying duplicate batteries is to buy directly from the battery dealer outlets … Read more

10 Points to Consider Before you Buy Inverter UPS

Are you thinking about buying an inverter UPS to counter the deadly combo of high degree centigrade temperature and load shedding? If that is the case, here are 10 points to consider before you buy inverter UPS.  Keeping the following 10 crucial points in mind while purchasing an inverter UPS will help you make the … Read more